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Dreaming of the Future Scholarship Awards

The Baby Sleep Site® is dedicated to helping make dreams come true, whether it’s a baby sleeping through the night or helping you graduate from college. We are proud to have provided these $1,500 scholarships. Here is a list of previous winners:

Spring 2021

DerekWe are happy to announce the winner of our Spring 2021 Dreaming of the Future Scholarship, Derek Molina. Derek impressed us with his accomplishments despite challenges and his ambition to be an ED or ICU nurse. We also really enjoyed and appreciated the humor in his essay regarding being a single father and how this has impacted his sleep. We are thrilled to help Derek achieve his dream and help pave the way for his daughter’s bright future!

Fall 2021

MicahWe are happy to announce the winner of our Fall 2021 Dreaming of the Future Scholarship, Micah Healy, who dreams of making a career on the technical side of the entertainment industry. We loved reading about his passion and experiences working on the set for local productions of The Lion King Jr., Beauty and the Beast, and Shrek The Musical. Micah’s work ethic stood out amongst hardships and trials. As with many, the pandemic has slowed his progress but it hasn’t stopped him and we are thrilled to help him achieve his dreams!

Spring 2022

MaiyaWe are thrilled to announce the winner of our Spring 2022 Dreaming of the Future Scholarship, Maiya Duvall! She not only impressed us by being in the top 5% of her class with stellar grades but she also showed great growth in character and maturity. We enjoyed reading about her journey to realizing her dream to be an animator, and her letters of recommendation clearly showed how Maiya would benefit from our scholarship and why she deserved it. We look forward to hearing about the great things Maiya will do in the future!

Fall 2022

Scholarship Winner - DevonWe are thrilled to announce the winner of our Fall 2022 Dreaming of the Future Scholarship, Devon Woodfine! He has ambitious plans in Biomedical Engineering inspired by personal experiences within his family and he is striving to increase the representation of Black professionals in STEM fields. Beyond being a phenomenal student himself, he has been an active leader in multiple organizations to improve math and science competency in underperforming schools. His accomplishments are already impressive, we look forward to seeing what he does in the future, and we are ecstatic we can help him achieve his future dreams!

Spring 2023

Scholarship Winner - ChelseaThe winner of our Spring 2023 Dreaming of the Future Scholarship is Chelsea Lindsey! We are excited to give this award to a single mom who is pursuing her Master’s degree in Public Administration. She makes a point of doing her schoolwork in front of her children to set a good example, showing them where hard work can take you. We look forward to seeing Chelsea succeed and are honored to help her achieve her dreams!