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If you are looking to reach moms and dads of babies and young children, The Baby Sleep Site® offers the perfect platform. Drawing over 9 million website visitors per year, over 20,000,000 pageviews, and over 100,000 newsletter recipients, our audience is affluent and highly engaged.

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Renee“I partnered with The Baby Sleep Site® for a 3-month advertising campaign, and I was so pleased with the results! I certainly found success in our partnership. Amazon sales of my toddler bedtime book skyrocketed shortly after The Baby Sleep Site® featured my book in one of their Friday Feature emails. In the three weeks after that email went out, my page traffic and book sales spiked high enough that my book ended up being ranked 5,734 on Amazon, out of 8 million! And during the 3-month campaign with The Baby Sleep Site®, my site traffic was the highest it has ever been.

-Renee Frances, Author of A Visit From the Good Night Fairy

The Baby Sleep Site® offers a variety of competitively-priced advertising packages of all sizes – whether you’re a small start-up or a large, well-established company, The Baby Sleep Site® has a package that will work for you.

We also partner with select companies who share our goals and commitments. We take on new partners on a case-by-case basis.

Stephanie“The Baby Sleep Site® has been the best partner in our company’s history and we are so grateful to them! We sell baby products, so it is right in line with what their demographic is looking for and results in great traffic from their site to ours. We rely on and often refer our own customers to them because of the trustworthy and proven service they provide. Moms, who are the main buyers of a household, love and trust The Baby Sleep Site® and the products and services they promote. Anyone who is considering advertising or partnering with The Baby Sleep Site® should know that they will see an excellent ROI from very qualified buyers. Not only is The Baby Sleep Site® a great company to advertise with, it is run by a great group that truly takes care of their people. I couldn’t recommend them enough!”

-Stephanie Parker, Owner/Creator of the Zipadee-Zip

Chad“The Baby Sleep Site® linked to our Baby Shusher app in a blog post about great apps for baby sleep; after that article published, I saw a two-day jump in my app downloads: specifically, I saw a 66% increase on our PAID app and an 80% increase in free app downloads.”
-Chad Zunker, Creator of Baby Shusher™

Sleepy Bag“We worked with The Baby Sleep Site® to help get our 365 Sleepy Bag Kickstarter campaign funded. We definitely feel the campaign was a success. It helped us spread awareness and we also saw immediate conversions during our Kickstarter campaign, with helped us reach our funding goals.”
– Santosh Ghale, founder, 365 Sleepy Bag

Finally, The Baby Sleep Site® is always looking to build partnerships with bloggers who write family-focused content. We regularly exchange guest posts with bloggers, and have created an affiliate program that offers commission to influencers who help us advertise our products and services.

rookiemomsWe have worked with Nicole Johnson, baby sleep expert and real life mom, for years now. She never fails to deliver helpful, realistic guidance to help new parents down the often-frustrating path toward family sleep.”

-Heather Flett, Rookiemoms.com

DaniWhen my daughter hit the 10-month mark, I was so sleep deprived I could barely remember my own name. I was spending an average of 8 hours a day rocking her to sleep, and I was starting to feel more than a little sorry for myself. I had tried so many different sleep training techniques and strategies without success, but before I resigned myself to a lifetime without sleep, I decided to reach out to Nicole to see if she could help me. I had already learned so many fabulous tips and tricks from The Baby Sleep Site®, and after reading about Nicole’s sleep struggles with her own son, I decided to take the plunge and purchase a personalized sleep plan. And I’m so glad I did. Nicole worked with me to come up with a solution that I was comfortable with, and was on the other end of my computer cheering me on every step of the way.

Fast forward 4 years, and I am now the mother of a child who (mostly) loves to sleep, but I have not forgotten those nights when I rocked and bounced and walked her for hours at a time. That was a very lonely and difficult time in my life, and when I lifted myself out of it, I made a promise I would do whatever I could to help other moms and dads find their way back to a good night of sleep. I began by recommending Nicole’s services to a couple of friends, and when I saw what a difference she made in their lives, I asked Nicole if she would be willing to offer monthly sleep advice on my lifestyle website, Meraki Lane. I’ve since had numerous emails thanking me for the tips and tricks Nicole provides, and feel so blessed to be able to pay it forward by helping and connecting other parents to Nicole so she can help them as she once helped me.

The Baby Sleep Site® is, hands down, the only sleep resource a parent needs for every age and stage of their children’s lives, and I will be forever grateful to Nicole for giving me and my fabulous readers the tools needed to get a good night of sleep!”

Dani Ryan, Merakilane.com

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