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Your Child’s Custom Sleep Schedule

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Your baby’s schedule at

Wake Up:
First Nap:
Second Nap:

Third Nap:

Fourth Nap:

Fifth Nap:

Sixth Nap:


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The above schedule is designed to guide your baby or toddler’s naps; for that reason, it does not contain feeding information. However, we know that feeding and sleep go hand-in-hand, and you may wish to see feeding times woven into your sample schedule. We provide a more robust schedule maker, including extended wake-time options AND suggested feeding times for babies and toddlers of all ages, in our VIP Members Area. To access this full-service schedule maker, become a VIP member today! You’ll receive instant access to the members-only schedule maker, as well as access to e-books, teleseminars, case studies, weekly chats with a sleep consultant, and “ask the author” on any page.

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The custom schedule above is a great start toward getting your baby or toddler’s schedule on track and improving sleep. But solving your child’s persistent sleep challenges can be a tough task – lots of parents find they need help. And that’s just what we at The Baby Sleep Site® provide! When you connect with one of our caring and compassionate sleep consultants, you’ll receive a Personalized Sleep Plan® – it’s like a short sleep training e-book written just for your family! (And yes – it will contain a personalized sleep schedule!)

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