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Do you need sleep help right away? Are you looking for a custom sleep solution on a budget? Do you find yourself wishing you could get a sleep plan at 3 a.m.? Then the Express Sleep Plan® is for you! Why wade through stacks of baby sleep books, when you know that most of the information won’t apply to your child anyway? Books don’t account for your family’s lifestyle, your parenting preferences, and your unique sleep challenges. Our Express Sleep Plan® does. What’s more, the Express Sleep Plan® is available 24 hours a day, and can be downloaded instantly – no waiting!
When you purchase your Express Sleep Plan®, you will be prompted to complete a brief, simple online survey about your sleep situation. Once you submit your answers, your plan will be generated instantly and will be available for you to download and print immediately – it’s that simple! Even better, we recommend you consider purchasing the package that comes with personalized help from an expert baby sleep consultant, enabling you to ask questions or receive encouragement!

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