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Welcome to The Baby Sleep Site®

Congratulations on taking the first step toward a better night’s sleep! Here at The Baby Sleep Site®, we are passionate about helping families solve their baby and toddler sleep problems, creating the foundation for a lifetime of healthy sleep habits.

Who do we help?

Tired families around the globe turn to us to help solve their babies’ sleep problems. Whether it’s your 1st or 5th, our team is here to help.

How do we help families?

We understand that each family is different and has their own preferences for how to approach teaching their child to sleep. With this in mind, we have created a wide variety of resources, products, and services including free baby and toddler sleep guides, a free weekly newsletter, weekly articles about baby and toddler sleep, a series of e-books on baby sleep, napping and schedules and toddler sleep as well as personalized baby sleep consultation services.

Articles & Guides

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E-Book Bundles

Get smart! E-Book Bundles include downloadable E-Books, Case Studies, Audio Courses, & more.

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VIP members receive everything in the E-Book bundles, PLUS additional Quizzes, Downloads, Expert Chats, & MUCH more!

Personalized Consulting

Tired of figuring it out by yourself? Get one-on-one help! Our consulting packages provide a Personalized Sleep Plan® customized to fit your unique situation.


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Personalized Sleep Consultation Services

If you have done extensive research, have tried different approaches and methods that have not worked, or you are just too tired to read and come up with a plan, then consider our personalized baby and toddler sleep coaching services.

When you purchase a consultation package from The Baby Sleep Site®, you will receive a Personalized Sleep Plan® you can feel good about! The Personalized Sleep Plan® is a customized plan specific to your family’s history, your family’s philosophies, your baby’s temperament and personality, and your specific goals. In many ways, you are receiving a small book written just for you and your family! As part of your consultation package, you will also receive follow-up support designed to aid you as you implement the plan at home.

  • We offer a wide variety of packages for sleep consultation services by email or by phone.
  • Email us for recommendations about which service or product might suit your specific situation.
  • Request a copy of a blank Personalized Sleep Plan® to see just how comprehensive the sleep plans are and what information is included. Email us to request a copy.
  • Read our FAQs here for more information.

The Baby Sleep Site® VIP Members Area

bss_email_featprod_memberspic-CROPPEDEvery baby is unique, and every situation is different. That’s why it helps to have a wide variety of resources at your fingertips. The Baby Sleep Site® VIP Members Area provides just that!

Every valued member of The Baby Sleep Site® enjoys…

  • …unlimited access to all Baby Sleep Site® paid e-Books.
  • …weekly chats with one of our Expert Sleep Consultants.
  • …audio courses on important topics, presented by Founder Nicole Johnson.
  • …an “ask the author” option on every page! (Type your questions and one of our experts will reply!)

VIP Membership is one of our most affordable solutions for sleep help – there is a membership option to fit every family in need of sleep solutions!

The Baby Sleep Site® E-Book Packages

We offer a variety of baby and toddler sleep products and resources for those of you who want to learn more about how to help your child sleep better with more of a do-it-yourself approach.

Free Guides and Resources

If you are just getting started learning more about baby or toddler sleep, we offer the following free guides and resources: