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“I really want to thank The Baby Sleep Site® for being an amazing resource of help, providing comfort and a solution. I have shared the site with many of my friends who have since had babies and are dealing with similar sleep issues. The more you talk about it, the more you realize that most babies have sleep problems! I really wanted to share my personal story with you because I didn’t know there was a solution for me out there, and I hope this may help someone. We have recently transitioned to a toddler bed, and some issues are creeping back up again with our bedtime routines and night wakings. However, I am not worried about losing my mind, because I know exactly where to turn!”

Hello and Welcome

Hello there! I’m Nicole Johnson, baby sleep coach & owner of The Baby Sleep Site®. After struggling and working through what seemed like an endless time of sleep trouble with my own baby years ago, I made it my mission to help tired parents just like you solve their babies’ sleep challenges in a way that fits each child’s personality, and each parent’s parenting style. Today, The Baby Sleep Site® is filled with invaluable resources to help you and your baby or toddler get on the right sleep track, whether that’s helping you teach your baby to sleep through the night, providing details about how to get on a regular nap schedule, creating a plan to wean off the breast/bottle, or explaining how to set limits that reinforce good sleep habits.

I know that one solution will not work for everyone. That’s why the Baby Sleep Site® team offers many services, from my e-books, articles and our blog, to customized baby sleep consulting that addresses your unique sleep needs. With our personalized sleep consulting services, we are able to get to know you one-on-one, write a Personalized Sleep Plan™ – a ‘manual’ – just for you, and work with you to ensure emotional support and successful implementation.

Living without sleep and feeling uncertain about what to do can be so stressful. Just know, you are not alone! I’ve been there, as have lots of other parents around the globe. We’ll work together to develop a plan that will help your baby or toddler become a good sleeper and give you back your confidence!

All the best,
Nicole Johnson