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Baby & Toddler Sleep Regression Resources

Baby and Toddler Sleep Regression Resources

Sleep regressions can be one of the toughest sleep challenges parents face. Fortunately for you, we have compiled a page of all our sleep regression resources. Browse sleep regression articles by age, take our sleep regression quiz – and keep coming back to this page, as we’ll be updating it with more and more resources! (In fact, why not bookmark this page?)

General Sleep Regression Help

6 Week Old Baby

6 Week Sleep Regression, or Growth Spurt? Learn whether your 6 week old baby’s sleep disturbances are due to a sleep regression, or a growth spurt.

4 Month Sleep Regression

8, 9, 10 Month Sleep Regression

The 8/9/10 Month Sleep Regression. Learn why this regression happens at 8, 9, or 10 months, and how it is directly linked to all the physical development your baby is experiencing at this time.

11, 12 Month Sleep Regression

12 Month Sleep Regression (Sometimes 11 Months). Not all babies go through the 12 month sleep regression, but it can still be a tough one. Learn how it is connected to the transition from two naps to one.

18 Month Sleep Regression

2 Years

2 Year Sleep Regression: Common 2 Year Old Sleep Problems. Learn about common 2 year old sleep problems that are associated with the 2 year sleep regression, and how to manage the regression without creating new, unwanted sleep habits.

Sleep Regression Quiz

Sleep Regression, or Something Else? This quiz will help you determine whether your baby or toddler’s sudden sleeplessness is due to a sleep regression, or something else.