Ready to Begin Your Sleep Journey?   Yes! Show Me How
Ready to Begin Your Sleep Journey?   Yes! Show Me How

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  1. Shikha says

    My 25 month old has been fighting his naps and now bed times too. We did sleep training with him where he cried to sleep… it was so hard, esp living with the grandparents and now we feel like he needs to cry to sleep again…. it’s running my patience thin too because I’m not well rested either so I’m becoming less responsive to his needs in a loving way… what a vigorous cycle… he needs my patience during this time, but not sleeping has made it hard on both me and my son….

  2. Gana says

    Hi – I have a slightly different problem with my 21 mo daughter. She was sleep trained beginning 5 months and it worked out well. Until about 2 months ago, she would fall asleep on her own within 15-20 mins and sleep through the night. Her original sleep schedule was 7:30 – 7:30 (12 hours). A completely different story the last 2 months. She stays awake for up 1-2 hours playing/singing/jumping in the crib. Additionally, she’s had night wakings that last upto 2 hours as well where she just entertains herself. While she doesn’t cry or show any sign of stress, I am afraid she’s regressing with her sleep habits. She sleeps no more than 8-9 hours at night and another hour at nap.

    We initially thought it’d be a temporary phase. But there is no sign of improvement at all. We switched her bedtime around to earlier and later. None have worked out.

    Is it sleep regression or something far deeper like losing sleep association habits?

    • Debbye @ The Baby Sleep Site says

      Hi @Gana –
      Thanks for writing to us! So sorry to hear that your toddler has been struggling with sleep for 2 months now! That can feel like an eternity – we understand that! It may have started with the 18-month sleep regression, and is still lingering and lingering! You might want to check out the tips on this page:
      You might also want to take a good look at her nap and night sleep schedule and adjust things if she’s getting too much or not enough sleep in her naps too. Here is a link to all of our free sample schedules:
      I hope that things smooth out Gana! If you find that you need more help, please contact us for more info about one on one help with an expert!

  3. Catherine says

    My 23 month old is suddenly giving us an issue with sleep for the past 4 weeks! It started right after he started going to a 2’s program so I’m not sure if it’s because of change? He used to have no problem, would run to his crib happily when it was nap or bed time. It started off with him screaming for nap and bed time and now we’ve worked through it and that’s a lot better but he is waking in the middle of the night screaming! Is this a 2 year regression and this too shall pass? It’s been 4 weeks!

    • Danielle says

      Hi Catherine,
      Thank you for using The Baby Sleep Site as a resource! I’m so sorry to hear you’ve been struggling with this for over a month! Based on your description, it does sound like the 2 year-old sleep regression, but it could be compounded by a scheduling issue or something else, too. My favorite article on the 2 year-old regression is this one:
      It’s succinct and covers all of the changes your son is going through, and how you can adapt to each change. I hope it helps, but please get in touch if you need more support!