Top 50 Mom Blogs You Need To Check Out So You Know You’re Not Alone

blankAs a new mom, it’s easy to get overwhelmed, confused, and frustrated. You can feel all alone wondering how you will become the best mom you always envisioned. And, with so much advice on the internet, it’s really easy to get even more overwhelmed and confused.

So, we decided to help all you new moms out by putting together a list of the best mom blogs (besides this one!) that will give you advice, inspire you, make you laugh, and definitely help you feel less alone.

Without further ado, here are the top 50 best mom blogs in no particular order:

Mama Knows It All is run by Brandi, a mom-of-two who’s been blogging for years and years! We love her commitment to positive self-esteem for girls and women, especially as the founder of Courage to Earn: A Community for Brave Entrepreneurs, which has a membership of over 5,000 women digital entrepreneurs. Her blogs range from everyday household tips and tricks, to raising black children in California, and everywhere in between!

Tech Savvy Mama was born out of Leticia’s passion for sharing technology and educational resources for today’s families trying to incorporate technology into their family lives in a considered way. She is a trained technology specialist and has two older children, living in the Washington D.C. area. Leticia has regular columns in online publications like and Babble, and is one of our go-to blogs about kids and technology.

The Realistic Mama is run by Alicia, who makes her living blogging and has a lot of tips and tricks for others who want to do the same, or just make some extra money on the side. We also love her blog for inspiration on organizing the house, getting kids involved in family life, and living well.

Your Modern Family is a huge resource on parenting, running a household, kid’s activities, and financial tips, plus recipe and travel ideas. Becky Mansfield, the founder, is a mother-of-four who worked a teacher and play therapist before transitioning to at-home parenting. She’s also the author of the best-selling book, Potty Train in a Weekend, which many of our clients have raved about!

Pregnant Chicken was started in 2010 by Amy Morrison, who has two young boys and lives near Toronto. Pregnant Chicken is all about pregnancy, birth, and newborns, and has tons of great resources on everything from finding the right carseat, breastfeeding for beginners, a list of the best baby naming sites, and more. Like The Baby Sleep Site®, Pregnant Chicken is all about finding and using the support of your village, and that’s why we love them!

Mama By the Bay is run by Kim Simon, who is the mother of two young boys and co-author of the anthology Mothering Through The Darkness: Women Open Up About The Postpartum Experience. As a former crisis counselor, survivor advocacy is a passion of hers. Her writing on parenting, domestic violence, and postpartum depression has been featured on The Huffington Post, Good Housekeeping, Cosmopolitan, Scary Mommy, and many more.

Mama Knows It All is “A pregnancy and motherhood resource for the modern mom.” Founded by Nina and her husband Brian near Houstin Texas, Baby Chick is a giant resource focused on pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum & parenting journey. Nina has trained in baby planning, birth doula care, postpartum doula care, massage therapy, childbirth education, newborn care education, infant massage instruction, prenatal fitness education, and her wealth of experience shines through Baby Chick. In the past, Baby Chick has been featured on sites like Red Tricycle, thredUP, Rank & Style, and more.

Thrifty Nifty was founded in 2010 by Janessa, a wife and mother of 5 young children in the West Virginia area. Janessa started the site to provide quality reviews of family-friendly products, but over time, the blog has expanded to cover everthing about babies, pregnancy, and family life. She is a wonderful resource for families who have suffered miscarriages, and has also posted her home birth experiences of all five of her children. Check out her homeschooling resources too!

Hello Bee is an online community that is a wealth of information for everything parenting from trying to conceive to discipline. The community is run by “blogger bees” that are real-life parents sharing their own experiences to help us become better parents. The community includes a blog updated several times a day, an interactive forum of parents, and even a classifieds page to help pass on baby gear.  We love Hellobee for the support and inspiration it provides today’s modern parents! Need a DIY craft for your little ones or need to figure out what to feed a picky toddler? They can help!

Fatherly was started in April 2015 is a top digital brand for the modern father and parents in general. We love that they strive to help empower fathers through a challenging but very rewarding journey called parenting. Fatherly was named one of Oprah’s favorite websites and won the 2017 Webby Award for “Best Parenting Site on the Internet”.

Cup of Jo is a lifestyle website for women which began as a weekend hobby for founder, Joanna “Jo” Goddard. It is for those moms who also want to explore new things, travel, and who are style-conscious. What we love most is the unique subjects written about and a variety of perspectives from different women and even some from dads. It’s like a breath of fresh air after being cooped up in the house all winter!

Mommy Shorts was started in the fall of 2013 by Llana. She lives in NYC with her husband and two girls. Mommy Shorts is a smart funny interactive blog including real-life interviews with mommy celebrities on “The Mommy Show”.  We love Mommy Shorts for its candid look at parenting while hitting on important topics throughout the parenting journey.

Cherish 365 was started in 2008 by former journalist Jennifer Borget as the blog, Baby Making Machine. Through her journey of pregnancy and then motherhood, the blog was rebranded in 2017 as Cherish 365. Jennifer shares her stories, thoughts, and lessons learned through life as a millennial mom. Cherish 365 also includes several great photography and videography tips to help parents capture the beauty of parenthood. We love the positive outlook that Jennifer brings in her blog by helping parents cherish every day with their families!  Cherish 365 has won several awards but recently was awarded the esteemed Iris Award for Mom Blog of the Year in 2018.

First Time Mom and Dad was started by April McCormick and her husband. April and her husband are a down to earth, loveable couple that shares their funny and honest options on the parenthood journey.  We love that their blog gives practical tips for parents on everything from traveling to current events in a fun spin!

Uplifting Families was started in November 2011 as an online community helping parents seeking valuable research on things like parenting in general, pregnancy, marriage, and product reviews on everything needing for a growing family. We love how Uplifting Families is truly dedicated to uplifting parents to be the best they are through their parenting journey!

A Baby on Board is written by Gill Crawshaw who lives in London with her husband and two girls. A Baby On Board is a “blog for parents, in and beyond the baby bubble” as it started when Gill was expecting her first child but now has grown to parent two growing girls and what that looks like in the modern world. Gill chronicles the ups and downs of parenthood in honesty and supportive way. We also love Gill’s tips on home decorating for the modern family!

Swaddles N Bottles has all the information you need on pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding, pumping, and taking care of a newborn. Caroline started the site to make the transition to motherhood “as easy and beautiful as possible.” We especially love their baby gear hacks and organization advice!

Mom Smart Not Hard wants to make the journey to motherhood as smooth as possible by focusing on you, and how you can make the most of your pregnancy time to prepare for the transition to becoming a mother! We love their free email courses on prepping for baby, nesting, and nursing information too!

Imperfectly Perfect Mama is run by Elna, a mom of twins! She shares posts from a community of mamas who want to “help you be a loving, sharing, inspiring, hopeful, funny and wonderful mom.” The site is a great resource for parenting kids with anxiety or sensory processing disorder, too!

Fennell Seeds is run by Carolyn Fennell, who has twin boys and a little girl. As a self-described procrastinator who sometimes has trouble getting motivated, Carolyn collects all sorts of ideas and support to keep up with her super-active family and household. She has great articles on how to be a present, engaged parent, and how to help siblings be respectful ad engaged with one another!

Confessions of Parenting is all about the real struggles of becoming a parent and raising a child – let’s face it, parenting is hard! Michele is a mother of five children ranging from ages 1 to 14, and has a degree in Marriage and Family Studies. She shares some clear, direct advice about marriage, divorce, blending families, and becoming the parent you want to be.

Babywise Mom Valerie is a mom of 4 who used the On Becoming Babywise to successfully sleep coach all four of her children, and who has continued to use the book series to guide her parenting as her children get older. The blog is meant to offer a quick way find answers to questions you may have while implementing the Babywise series, and Valerie has it all organized to a T, so you can find anything you need quickly and easily.

Mommy With a Chance of Showers With a background as a special education teacher, Michelle’s blog has a focus on development and play-based learning. We also love that Michelle writes about to make childhood less hectic and more simple. Her blog is chock full of great information for any parent who desires more play, less work and wishes they could slow life down just a little.

Mama The Fox In addition to the fantastic giveaways you can find on Danielle’s blog, you’ll also find a variety of articles about healthy living, simple green living, recipes and product reviews. We’ve worked with Danielle and know her to be a very conscientious blogger who wants to be sure to give accurate and honest information about her posts.

Hint Mama What can we say about Hint Mama? We’ve worked with Jennifer many times over the years sharing baby and toddler sleep hints. Her blog is the ultimate blog for hints and hacks about all things parenting, babies and kids. We guarantee that when you check out her articles, you’ll think to yourself, “Huh, why didn’t I think of that?”

Reality Moms is a website dedicated to ending mommy wars and encourage moms to be “real.” Instead of encouraging perfect Instagram pictures, the site wants to show the reality of being a mom, which isn’t always good and definitely not perfect. The founder, Joey Fortman, struggled through PPD and made it her mission to help moms find a place they could be themselves.

The Mom of the Year is all about uplifting moms with hope and humor. Much of this blog is dedicated to being the “mom of the year” by saving money, homework help for kids with ADHD, and even how to get your husband to wear matching PJs for those holiday pictures. There’s also an emphasis to take some “me” time with their monthly online book club. From getting the most of family day trips and vacations to how to host a sleepover, you can learn a lot from this blog by founder, Meredith.

One Sharp Mama was founded by Victoria Sharp who now shares anything and everything to help make parenting easier. She is very candid about her journey to motherhoood through infertility and you can find much to read about fertility, pregnancy, parenting, and organization (as a self-described person with a touch of OCD).

The Pragmatic Parent is dedicated to helping you become a better parent with practical and positive strategies for every day problems. And, you can even find awesome freebies available through the website. To be the best mom you can be, this is a must-read!

See Me and Liz was founded by Tanya, a former Pediatric Speech-Language Pathologist turned blogger. This blog is dedicated to inspiring parents, caregivers and educators to encourage children to learn through play as well as develop their language. This is a very unique approach to helping your children thrive.

Every Day Above Dirt is a Good Day strives to help moms find the good in every day. The blogger, Lindsey, gives you parenting tips and activities to do with your children with a little health and fitness mixed in. Lindsey is the first to admit she’s not perfect, she’s real, so you can feel less alone in your desire to be “perfect,” too.

Cape and Apron is a blog founded by Alice Bolte who strives to help stay-at-home moms accept that not every day will be perfect, but “you got this!” The website is dedicated to be a source of support for new moms such as how to prepare for baby, what actually happens when you deliver a baby, and even how to do cloth diapering if that’s what you’d like to try. Alice says moms today are superwomen and we think she’s right!

Mom Dot is a blog with recipes, crafting, making slime, and product reviews, which saves us busy moms time, our most precious commodity. The craft ideas are very well done and the recipes yummy!

5 Minutes for Mom is run by Janice and Susan, identical twins who both became mothers. We have worked with this blog several times and it is meant to inspire and bring moms from all walks of life together. From crafts and recipes to parenting tips, you will find a library of information to help you becomes the mom you aspire to be. We can’t say enough good things about 5 Minutes For Mom.

Modern Day Moms is an all-around great blog for mom. It has parenting tips, craft projects, meal planning, and funny and entertaining stories about raising children. It has a thriving community on any social media platform you prefer, so you can find your tribe.

A Day in Motherhood is a blog by Lori Pace, which chronicles her life as a single mother of three daughters. She also shares recipes and pet tips!

Living Well Mom is a blog dedicated to moms getting healthy. But, how do you get healthy? It can be overwhelming and that’s what this blog is all about. It gives you a path to get healthy one day at a time even if you aren’t perfect all the time. Erika is the first to admit she isn’t perfect, but she’s trying and helping other moms along the way with practical tips for living well.

Rockin Mama started as a way to chronical the owner’s first year mothering her son, but blossomed into a blog about travel, food, recipes, crafts/DIY, and more. NICU nurse by day, blogger by night. And, if you love Disney, be sure to check out the numerous Disney posts. They won’t disappoint!

GoGrowGo started out as a place to share all the things founder, Felicia, researched when she was pregnant alongside her pregnant friends. She shares products she finds as well as shares knowledge as a counselor and experiences as a mom. There is also a lot of DIY, recipes and craft ideas that are simple and fun! Since I’m not a crafty person, simple is what I need. We won’t say bye to you Felicia!

The Mommyhood Chronicles Melissa is dentist and mom to three adorable kids. Her blog has a focus on reviews and giveaways of family friendly products along with parenting tips with a dose of fun and humor. When you visit The Mommyhood Chronicles, you’ll definitely feeel how much Melissa loves her family, blogging and sharing information with other parents.

Pick Any Two Katie’s philosophy to parenting is that it’s about balance and recognizing that as moms, we really can do anything but that doesn’t mean we can everything. Her Pick Any Two mantra is about helping moms give up thinking they need to be Super Mom and instead focusing on prioritizing the essential and what is truly important. If you’re looking for some real parenting inspiration, we highly recommend Katie’s blog.

Happiy Ever Mom True to her tagline, Happily Ever Mom is blog all about playful learning and family fun. For those of you with a baby or toddler at home, you’ll find plenty of fun activities to do with your child that double as learning experiences. The other thing we love about Happily Ever Mom are the articles with tips for simplifying your life including some parenting hacks that we’re sure you’ll love.

The Stay At Home Mom Survival Guide Family travel on a budget, fun learning activities for young children and tips for self care, Jaimi’s blog is one of the best guides for stay at home moms that we’ve found. Actually, there’s plenty of information there for any parenting or family. The Stay-at-Home-Mom Survival is where you can find encouragement about motherhood, holistic living and wholesomeness.

Mom and More Mom and More is really just that! Plenty of stuff for moms including giveaways, product reviews plus tips like knowing when it’s time to ditch the iPad. We enjoyed the mix of parenting articles along with entrepreneurial posts about starting and maintaining a business. If you’re thinking of blogging as a business, be sure to check out her list of ideas and sites to help get you started!

The Not So Mom Blog Lab Tech by day, Experimental Mommy the rest of the time. Bridgette’s blog is a fun mix of articles about trends along with DIY tutorials. With categories like Toy Lab, Kitchen Science, Home Ec and Style Lab, we love feeling like we’re really “in the know” when reading the Not So Blog!

About a Mom Keto bacon wrapped brats with beer cheese sauce? Yes, please! This is just one of the yummy recipes we found on About a Mom and there were many more where that came from. About a Mom is a delicious mix of food, family fun and travel ideas. Living in Florida, she also has recommendations for fun things to do there which makes it an excellent resource for families who live or visit Florida.

Geek Mamas Geek mamas unite! If you find your parenting and life style tend to lean more to the geeky side, then you’ll definitely want to check out Geek Mamas. Just because we become parents doesn’t mean we have to give up who we are. Candy shares her love of all things geeky including cosplay and costume design. Her blog is a fun mix of mom life, geek stuff, getting crafy and healthy cooking.

The Soccer Mom Blog As parents we can all use a good dose of posivity now and then which is why we love Stacey’s blog. The Soccer Mom Blog is a great combination of positive parenting articles, creating healthy meals for your family, money saving tips, activities for kids and home hacks. There’s really something for everyone here!

Misadventures in Mommyhood Kristin Quinn’s blog is about all the feels and insanity that can come with mommyhood. She sees parenting as an adventure and a journey while also maintaining a good sense of humor about it. She also blogs about food, travel and life style topics. Misadventures in Mommyhood is a parenting blog we can all relate to!

Caffeine and Fairy Dust Maz, a mom of two (soon to be three!) from South Africa blogs about the perfectly imperfect life of a modern, working mom. We love her blog because her writing invites you in and makes you want to sit and stay awhile. Her writing gives an honest and real look at motherhood, parenting, marriage, and learning to embrace it all with grace.

Did we miss any of your favorites? Share your favorite mom blog below!

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