Ready to Begin Your Sleep Journey?   Yes! Show Me How
Ready to Begin Your Sleep Journey?   Yes! Show Me How

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  1. Val C says

    Thank you so much! I will email you my data and charts whatever happens. My baby’s sleep has had some problems so maybe the data will be of interest. Thank you for your website!

    • Janelle Reid says

      @Val C, Thank you! We are glad the Baby Sleep Site has been helpful to you and your family!

  2. Val C says

    Hello. I am also tracking my baby’s sleep (4 months so far) and I am interested in getting Beth’s data for comparison. I can give you or her my data also (I have not yet analyzed it but have CSV files). Ideally, I would appreciate Beth’s the raw data in whatever format (Excel, plain text, Access, or any other format).

    Is there any way you could put me in touch with Beth or send her my email?

    I plan to use the data in a local data science club for an informal presentation.

    Thank you!

    • Neosha says

      @Val C – Thank you for stopping by our sleepy little village and for your comment. We will see if we can get in touch with Beth to share your information with her. Thank you again for your comment and please keep reading!

  3. Emily DeJeu says

    @ Laura — hmmm…good question! It’s true that the morning nap is generally the most restorative, but in young infants who are taking multiple naps per day, we usually say that the first morning nap and the first afternoon nap are most important. So I wouldn’t see this as necessarily a problem, especially if she seems like she’s getting enough sleep. Could it be that she’s taking her morning nap too early? Maybe she’s not all that tired at morning nap time?

    As for the naps getting worse – that’s not surprising, actually. Nap and night sleep use different parts of the brains, so sometimes, kids who are champ night sleepers are not so good at naps, and vice versa.

    Have you downloaded our free nap guide before? If not, you can find it here: Maybe be a good place to find some answers. Hope that helps!

    Thanks for commenting, Laura – and glad you liked the article! I love this one myself 🙂

    @Stefanie Byrd – sounds like your experience bears out what the charts show — that sleep tends to organize itself around the 6 month mark. Isn’t that interesting? In one sense, as you say, it seems frustrating, but on the other hand, I find it comforting — good news for all those parents of young babies who are at their wit’s end and wondering what they are doing ‘wrong’. Nice to know that it’s just biology, and not a failure on mom and dad’s part! 🙂

    Thanks for commenting, Stefanie! 🙂

  4. Stefanie Byrd says

    VERY interesting! Also encouraging. I’ve been trying to put my baby on a schedule for the past couple of months, but only recently has it seemed to work to go by “the clock.” She is 8.5 months old (born two months prematurely). Previously, we had more of a rhythm and I just knew how long she could tolerate being awake, so after being awake for about 2 hours, I would put her down for a nap (in the beginning, it was only 45 min–even at 4 months!). It’s so nice to be getting to the point where I can have something a little more predictable! She is my 3rd child and our “sleep journey” has been quite different this time around with her being born early. Even though I really wanted to treat her according to her actual age, her pattern has more closely matched a baby of her adjusted age, which would be 6.5 months now. That means we had to endure frequent night wakings and inconsistent sleep a little longer than the average! Oh well, totally worth to have a healthy, thriving baby girl 🙂

  5. Laura says

    Great article , thank you for posting. I consider myself quite nerdy for this sort of thing, but the app I was using to chart crashed and I lost everything ! So I resorted to good old reliable pen and paper to track my DD’s sleeping from around 4 months. I found that she usually had a shorter 30-40 min nap around 930 another at 11 and then a longer 2hr nap starting between 2 or 3 ish.
    DD is now 8 months and has dropped the 11 o’clock snooze but has never slept for more than 30 minutes at 9 and generally sleeps better in the afternoon.
    Is this bad?
    I know every child is unique, but I’ve read in so many places how that morning nap is the more important one.
    She is not a great sleeper or napper, although we have just done some sleep training and her night sleeping has gotten better (but naps have gotten worse)

  6. Emily DeJeu says

    @ Amanda — Glad to hear you found the article helpful, but sorry you’re feeling frustrated! It sounds to me like your daughter could be going through the 4 month sleep regression; it sometimes starts closer to 3 months. That’s a common trouble spot for parents. You can read more about it here:

    Thanks for the comment, Amanda! And don’t hesitate to contact us if you need more support as you work through this regression stage.

  7. Amanda says

    This article has been very helpful for me. I have a 3 month old who has been an amazing sleeper from day ONE and developed a great bedtime around 10. The past three weeks she has been having very weird sleep patterns in the night. Randomly waking up, so I started feeding her at midnight without waking her and putting her back down. She was then sleeping through the night again. Until last night… she woke up 5 times and every time would not let us put her down with out rocking her (usually we can put her down and she just goes to sleep) as soon as we put her down she would wake up. Today she took one good nap and that was it. Tonight I put her to bed and she woke up 20 minutes after… I gave her gas drops, and tyelnol because she was violently pushing out I felt like she was hurting.. and now she is asleep still.. fingers crossed it stays that way. But I just do not know what to do! I feel like she will never sleep through the night again and am just exhausted. Any advice?