Baby / Toddler Night Terrors and Nightmares: Part 2

nightmare night terror

Welcome to part 2 of the Night Terrors and Nightmares Series. If you are just joining us, you might want to start with part 1 where I go over night terrors in babies and toddlers. What are Nightmares? Nightmares are very scary dreams. They usually start as a normal dream and then they take a …

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Baby / Toddler Night Terrors and Nightmares: Part 1

Welcome to part 1 of my Baby / Toddler Night Terrors and Nightmares series where I will discuss the different types of night terrors and nightmares your baby or toddler can have, the age they start, the age they stop, the difference between the two and how you should handle each, because the way you …

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