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  1. Ann M Bowen says:

    My son is 2 months old and he just received his shots. He went right to sleep before getting out of the building. He slept 5 hours and now he will only sleep in my arms. Everytime I lay him down he wakes up in 5 minutes. Is this normal?

    • Neosha says:

      @Ann M Bowen – Thank you for reading and for sharing with us. It’s not uncommon for drowsiness to occur after immunizations, for sure. If it’s concerning to you, though, please follow up with a call to your little guy’s healthcare provider so that he/she can go over the side effects of the shots your son received. We’re sending you all the wellest of wishes!

  2. Beth says:

    My baby just had his 6 month shots. He slept great overnight, all 12 hours, awake only a little for dreamfeed. However, he’s been acting sleepy, so I try to put him down, but once he’s in the crib he wakes up. I’m inclined to just hold him to sleep as I’d rather have him sleep than not, but don’t want to get any bad habits forming. I figure once he’s back to his normal self I could expect his naps to get back to normal?

    • Janelle Reid says:

      Hi @Beth, it is definitely normal for some babies to be a little tired or have cold-like symptoms after a vaccine, as I’m sure your doctor mentioned. I would guess things will pass quickly, but of course if you have any concern be sure to reach out to your doctor. Hopefully things should go back to normal quickly! I find when my kids get over a cold or something we often do have a little rough patch with naps or nights, but with consistency and sticking to the old routine things usually bounce back in a few days. I hope your experience is the same, let us know if things don’t level out and you need help!

  3. Brenda says:

    My two month old has his shots today and is very cranky and doesn’t want to eat. His pediatrician gave him Tylenol right after his shots. Please,help….will the Tylenol hurt him? And why doesn’t he want to eat? Before his shots he ate right on time. Thank you

    • Neosha says:

      @Brenda – Thank you for reading and for sharing with us. Baby shots and vaccinations can be nerve wracking as you worry about side effects and such, we know – we’ve all been there right along with you! If you’re concerned about the Tylenol your ped gave him or any side effects he may be experiencing, please consider discussing it with his ped or getting a second opinion to be reassured that what was done was appropriate and his side effects are normal. I know many of us moms here at The Baby Sleep Site have used Tylenol in our infants when we’ve found it appropriate but all babies are different. Hang in there, Brenda!

  4. Jennifer says:

    My son just got his 2 month vaccinations at 10:30 this morning. He fell sound asleep within literally one minute after the shots and has been asleep for about 3 hours. After the shot he cried briefly, I didn’t even have time to put him to the breast before he conked out. He did the same thing after his last Hep B shot, as well. Why does he fall asleep so quickly??

    • Janelle Reid says:

      Hi @Jennifer, thanks for your comment! As the article mentions, it is common for some babies to fall asleep quickly after receiving a vaccine as your baby’s immune system is responding to it. If you have any concerns though, I would give your doctor a call to get their opinion. Thanks for using the Baby Sleep Site as a resource for sleep help!

  5. Araceli says:

    I am very concerned, my 12mo old got her vaccines (hepA and MMRV) on Friday, it is now Tuesday and she has been waking up crying with a high pitched cry that is beyond scary. Of course when i go to Dr. Google all that pops up is Autisim or brain damage due to the vaccines. Do you think this is normal? We do have an appt for her later today, i guess i am just trying to seek some comfort in knowing she will be okay.

    • Neosha says:

      @Araceli – Thank you for stopping by our sleepy little village. I’m so sorry to hear your little girl is waking crying like this after her vaccinations. I know how worrying and concerning it can be. Disrupted sleep or sleepiness are all common as is discomfort due to the pain/achiness/soreness at the injection site. We would definitely recommend you call her healthcare provider, or discuss with them when you see them, for feedback on if her behavior is normal for it being several days after her shots. I know they’ll be better able to give you some direction and guidance. I wish I could be of more help, but hang in there, Araceli!

  6. Caitlin says:

    My 10 week old had his 2 month shots last week. The first night he was up every hour. The five nights after he slept a long stretch of 5-7.5 hours! Before that he usually did a four hour stretch, followed by 2-3 hours. However, six days after the shots he is waking around every hour again. It’s been three nights of this. How long do vaccines impact their sleep? Was the five nights of good sleep just due to the vaccines? I’m feeling exhausted!

  7. My little one is not sleeping well The night after vaccination. I hope he gets back to his regular schedule within a couple days. It’s so heartbreaking to hear him cry randomly without any reason. He also spit up the biggest one we have ever seen, makes me really not like vaccinations at all.

    If you are not sending your child to day care, is it possible to just extend the vaccination schedule for even longer?


    • Jessica Diller says:

      @Sam I’m sorry that your little one is having trouble sleeping after his vaccinations. If you have questions about the vaccination schedule, I recommend speaking with your child’s pediatrician, who can help you best determine what is right for your child.

  8. Sonja says:

    I don’t want to get into the vaccine debate but I do want to say each time have had my 8 month old immunizations the nurses always say, “Oh this should help him sleep.” Do I have the only child who sleeps worse for several days after the immunizations? Its crazy but I so dread them because naps and night sleep are always worse.
    But I guess it makes sense that he would sleep worse if that is how he responds to being ill. SO now I really dread sicknesses 🙂

    • Emily DeJeu says:

      @Sonja – I don’t think your baby is the only one who sleeps worse after immunizations! For some, it can certainly put kinks in to their sleep schedule. Like with when your baby is sick, offer comfort to get him through the rough day or so, but once he’s better, try to get back to your regular routine to avoid creating any sleep associations that could linger after. Thank you for commenting and sharing!

  9. Chris Hickie, MD, PhD says:

    I am very disappointed that you would cite anything by Dr. Robert Sears. He simply made up his “vaccine schedules” without testing. He hasn’t done any monitoring of his made-up schedules since he first stuffed them in his annoyingly parent-pandering “vaccine books”. It is no small wonder that there have been outbreaks of measles and pertussis in and around Dr. Sears’ practice area–because he has directly contributed to a drop in the vaccination rates there. Sadly he’s also done this nationwide. FYI, his “tips” on how to prepare your baby for shots have no scientific or clinical testing behind them either–he just made that up, too. Again, it is very disappointing that you give this quack of a pediatrician (and I say this as a pediatrician who truly despises Sears for all the lies and games he plays) any time on your web site. Sears is a menace to public health and deserves to be stripped of his license to practice medicine for the damage he has caused in the last decade to our public health system–Chris Hickie, MD, PhD.

    • Emily DeJeu says:

      @Chris – Thanks for your comment and sharing your viewpoint about Dr. Sears! We agree that every parent should make sure they are informed before they make decisions about immunizations.

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