Is Your Baby Sick? Try These 5 Remedies

Smiling baby not sick anymore

When babies are sick, it can mean long sleepless nights for everyone in the house. What remedies can you use to treat your babies with mild illnesses such as a cold, fever, or flu? How do you help your sick baby sleep? And, how can you protect your baby from getting severely ill? If you’re …

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Should Parents Keep a Humidifier in the Baby’s Bedroom?

Should Parents Keep a Humidifier in the Baby's Bedroom?

There are lots of questions about using a humidifier in a baby’s bedroom. Which kind of humidifier is best? Cool mist, warm mist, a vaporizer? Then, of course, there’s the all-important question of if parents should even have a humidifier in their baby’s bedroom at all. Learn everything you need to know about humidifiers and your baby or toddler!

Is Expecting Self-Soothing Expecting Too Much?

Is Expecting Self-Soothing Expecting Too Much?

Expectations can be tricky things, can’t they? On the one hand, setting expectations helps to shape behaviors. (Both our lives and the lives of others.) And setting healthy boundaries is a good thing. (Again, in our lives and in the lives of others.) But expectations can also backfire on us, can’t they? Unhealthy expectations can turn …

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What Pajamas Do Babies and Toddlers Sleep In?

Occasionally, we have clients email us with what they think is a “silly” question. What should my baby sleep in and/or wear to bed? They want to know what we recommend by way of pajamas, sleep sacks, etc. for babies and toddlers. This is a great question! We, new parents, tend to be overly worried …

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Nursing Baby To Sleep: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Nursing Baby to Sleep. The Good, Bad, & the Ugly

Let’s be honest here. We’ve all done this. Your baby is crying at 2 am. You know that offering a quick feed would silence those cries and put that baby right back to sleep. What do you do? Simple. You feed that baby to sleep! Feeding a baby to sleep is one of the quickest …

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Baby Rolling Over In Sleep? Here’s How To Help

Baby Rolling Over In Sleep? Here's How To Help.

It’s so exciting to watch your young infant grow and develop and learn new skills, isn’t it? For most parents, the first major mobility milestone we squeal over is watching our babies learn to roll over. You know what I mean, right? That first time you see your baby arch her back, lift her head, …

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Baby Teething and Sleep: 3 Proven Tips

Baby Teething and Sleep

Baby teething can be a tough issue for parents to deal with. While some babies and toddlers seem to just sail through the teething process with minimal pain and fuss, other babies spend days in discomfort and pain. And, of course, discomfort and pain usually translate to NO SLEEP FOR ANYONE. Learning about baby teething …

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