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  1. I chose to use the Baby Led Weaning (BLW) approach (as described by Gill Rapley in her book and videos) to introduce my son to solids. We started at 6 months with a slightly steamed carrot stick and now, 2 months later he has had over 40 different foods! Using the BLW technique we sit him in a high chair that pulls right up to our dining table and we put food, generally the same food we are having, in front of him and he feeds himself. For dinner last night we all had cod, rice and broccoli and breakfast this morning was oatmeal with raspberries, yogurt and a pear. This approach has been amazing for our family. It’s healthy, easy, cost-effective and fun. Messy, absolutely. Worth it, definitely!

    • @ Kelly Stellato – Thanks for these details! It’s nice to hear exactly how you approached this. One of the things that sounds most appealing to me about BLW is the fact that baby can eat pretty much what the rest of the family eats (within reason, of course, and accounting for any food allergies and/or sensitivities). Nice way to expose kids to a variety of flavors and textures from a very early age, and to start expanding their palates.

      Thanks for sharing your story, Kelly! Much appreciate 🙂