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Ready to Begin Your Sleep Journey?   Yes! Show Me How

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  1. Neresa says

    Hi, my daughter is soon turning 7months old after 4days.She started solid food little by little since she turned 4mos.old.And now she is pooping 5-6 times a day within 6days. I was just okay and think it is normal because she is started the solid food more than before.But now now I was wondering and a little worried if it still normal. And it because she has no stomach ache and she is happy everyday. What do you think you can advice to me. Thank you forward for the answer.

  2. Rahat banu says

    .hi, my name is rahat Meri beti abhi 6month 1wk ki hogayi. Her wgt is 6.4.birth wgt ws 3.7.Usko main sirf cerelac wheat feed karti hoo. Whenever i feed next movemnt she poop.It’s soft. I m very worried abt het food. Comparing to b wgt and now bahut kum hai wgt. Kuch b feed maro she poop. M very diaturb. Breastmilk bahut hai. She doesnt drink/eat cerelac properly and nothing.i had given cerelac rice 4times same prbm ws der. Now also same.ragi porridge i tried she didnt eat. Plz plz suggest me what to do

    • Kelly Stellato says

      Hello. I am so sorry to hear that you are having trouble with the introduction of solids. You mentioned that she doesn’t eat or drink properly. Unfortunately this could be due to so many things and we cannot provide medical nutrition guidance. I suggest that at this age you keep in mind that breast milk should be her main source of nutrition and not all babies start solids at 6 months. Some are just not ready. Please talk with her doctor about these concerns though. Good luck.

  3. Meena says

    I start solid for 6 month baby he frquently poop three or four times per day during this 15 day his poop is normal is it normal ir he has digest problem

    • Kelly Stellato says

      Hello Meena, yes, many babies poop a lot differently once food is involved. Many babies poop less often but some babies who digest things very rapidly will poop more often. Since you noted the poo is normal, just stock up on extra diapers!