How to Make Daylight Savings Work For You and Your Baby

How to Make Daylight Savings Work For You

In the Fall, I start getting Daylight Savings questions up to a month prior, but not in the Spring. Ironically, before you have kids, you look forward to Daylight Savings in the Fall because we gain an hour, but in reality, it only means your baby will wake an hour earlier (gasp!). Every March, here …

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Falling back with a baby?Easy as 1-2-3 1 On the Blog Are you and your baby ready to fall back? FreeThe end of daylight savings, when we “fall back” and move the clock back one hour, has parents like you worried at least a month in advance. Learn 4 tips how to handle the time …

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Nicole Johnson

About Nicole Johnson – President and Lead Sleep Consultant of The Baby Sleep Site Nicole Johnson is the founder of The Baby Sleep Site and has been the lead pediatric sleep consultant for over 15 years. She is available as a media source, for interviews, podcasts, and live events. She has personally worked with thousands …

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How to Get Back to Your School Sleep Schedule and Maximize Sleep

Summertime is fun-filled with trips to the pool, vacations, movie nights, and late bedtimes. Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. School starts soon and you might be wondering how to get back to a school schedule. This post will share tips to help your family start the school year out right! Why …

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Owls and Larks – Which Is Your Baby?

Is Your Baby an Owl or a Lark?

Is your baby an owl or a lark? How can your baby’s owl or lark tendencies impact sleep? These might seem like “birdbrained” questions, but they’re not! Learn more here!