5 Reasons Why Your 8 Month Old Won’t Sleep

Children are a joy but when 8-month-old babies won’t sleep, it is exhausting! As a sleep consultant for over 10 years, I have found there are 5 primary reasons 8-month-olds won’t sleep including a sleep regression, teething, hunger, separation anxiety, and schedule problems. Learn about each reason in more detail below! 8 Month Old Sleep …

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15 Month Sleep Regression: Why It Happens and How to Get Through It

Babies and toddlers go through several sleep regressions during the first two years. Just when you thought your baby would sleep through the night and take great naps, another sleep regression seems to hit. During one of these exhausting time periods, your baby will wake frequently at night, wake too early for the day, and/or …

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How Long Does the 4 Month Sleep Regression Last? And, How to Shorten It

The 4-month sleep regression is an exhausting time in a family’s life. Your baby might be waking every 1-2 hours all night and taking short naps. And, if your baby is going through this, you’re probably asking yourself how long the 4-month sleep regression lasts. Based on my 10+ years as a sleep consultant, it …

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Baby Insomnia or Split Night: Why It Happens and How to Fix

Baby insomnia is when your baby is awake in the middle of the night for 2-3 hours at a time. It is sometimes called a “split night” and usually lasts for weeks or months. This post will explain why baby insomnia happens and ways you can fix the problem based on my 10+ years as …

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Baby Sleep Cycles By Age Chart

Understanding how your baby sleeps can help you get your baby to sleep through the night, take better naps, thrive, and be happier! Part of understanding how babies sleep is understanding how their sleep cycles work. This post will explain baby sleep cycles by age and provide a chart for guidance based on my 10+ …

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How Do I Fix My Baby’s Early Waking?

Ready to welcome the bundle of joy in your life? A word of advice- parenthood will be one of the most rewarding yet frustrating phases of your life. You’re always tired and cranky. The numerous diaper changes, lullabies and sleepless nights- it is one hell of a rollercoaster! All this can take a toll on …

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Why Spending Time Outdoors Can Improve Babies’ Sleep

Welcoming a baby into the world is perhaps one of the most wonderful moments a mother will ever get to experience. But once your newborn goes home with you and settles into their crib, one common concern is their sleep. In fact, a survey published on Parents Magazine reveals that half of all parents with …

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The 6 Month Sleep Regression Myth

Baby Sleep Regression Cheat Sheet

We have all heard of the 4 month sleep regression, but is there a 6-month sleep regression? In my experience of over 10 years as a sleep consultant, there isn’t really a 6-month sleep regression so much as some other growth and development going on that may or may not impact your baby’s sleep. In …

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