How Much Do Newborns Sleep? The Answer May Surprise You!

Most people will tell you that newborns virtually sleep all day and night, waking up to only pee, poop, and eat. But, that’s not always the case! How much newborns sleep will depend on a variety of factors, mostly related to your baby’s temperament. The average amount newborns sleep is 14-16 hours in a 24-hour …

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Is it Okay for Newborns to be Sleeping on Their Side?

Is It Okay For Newborns To Be Sleeping On Their Side?

To reduce the risk of SIDS, we should place babies on their backs to sleep, unless your baby’s doctor advises otherwise. But, what if your baby rolls to their side to sleep? Is it okay for newborns to be sleeping on their side? Yes, it is okay for newborns to be sleeping on their side …

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