Tips to Help Your Toddler When Bringing Home a Newborn

Bringing home a new baby can be wonderful but also an adjustment to your toddler. Your toddler has to adjust to the new baby, might feel jealous at times, and in some cases show aggression toward the new baby. Today, we share tips to help your toddler adjust to life with a newborn. Toddlers Get …

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How To Prepare Your Toddler or Preschooler (And Yourself!) For A New Baby

Let me tell you a story… 6.5 years ago, I was gigantically (and I do mean gigantically) pregnant with my oldest child. I had gained almost 70 pounds, and the baby was pressing on my sciatic nerve, so I walked with a pretty pronounced limp. I was exhausted all the time, I couldn’t take deep …

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