Why We Chose a Montessori Style Bedroom For Our Toddlers

Hello! I am Noelle of Oh Happy Play. In recent months I have become the go to for all things floor beds and Montessori style bedrooms when I showcased my two daughters’ new rooms on my blog. I am so happy to have a chance to share just why we chose a Montessori style bedroom for our toddlers with you!

montessori bed

Montessori teaching in general is a philosophy by Dr. Maria Montessori that education should be 100% child-centered so when it comes to using that mentality in a toddler’s bedroom you have to do just that. So therefore, the room must be 100% child-centered. Everything in the room must be safe for the child to explore on their own, freely and independently. Everything must be in the child’s reach and at their level.

montessori bedroom

One huge component of a Montessori style bedroom is the “Floor Bed.” This goes along with the educational aspect of Montessori education by guiding the children rather than teaching them because by having that sense of freedom you are instinctually teaching them their own bodily sleep ques. My first was transitioned by 16 months to her floor bed and we are currently in the process of transitioning our 17 month old now. I have found that it is actually pretty hard for the modern-day parent to conceptually get the idea of a floor bed because most children are in cribs until nearly 3 years old. Most parents think they will mess up their children’s sleep patterns by giving them this freedom but what they’re actually doing is teaching their children something even more valuable. If you want to know more about floor beds in general feel free to read this post dedicated to the idea and benefits of floor beds!

But as to WHY we chose this style bedroom, let me give you my reasons why:

Aside from the fact that I was raised with the Montessori method I knew I wanted to do the best I could to help my children, help themselves. I have two little girls and I want to make sure they learn responsibility and independence at a very young age. A Montessori style bedroom does just that. It’s a place that is truly their own with everything in reach and accessible to them.

  • Their bed is at their level and it’s a place they can crawl into whenever they feel like they need a break.
  • Their clothes are at their level so they can partake in outfit changes.
  • They have few distractions so when they are in their room for bedtime they can focus on their body’s natural rhythm and sleep cues and are not distracted by electronics.
  • The toys that are in the room are open-ended toys that truly foster their imagination.
    montessori bedroom

  • By being given an independent environment, they learn to be responsible for themselves.

Just like anything in parenting, not all solutions work for all kids but a Montessori bedroom is one thing to consider when you have young ones. I firmly believe that the benefits of a Montessori style bedroom will bode well for our children far more in the long run. To give them confidence in themselves and freedom to learn is so beneficial when they’re this young and moldable. And as always, help them to help themselves.

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6 thoughts on “Why We Chose a Montessori Style Bedroom For Our Toddlers”

    • Thanks for reading @Darwin Montessori! We hope our information is helpful and that you’ll keep reading and enjoying! : )

  1. I too have had 2 floor beds for both my children. Both are sleepwalkers & began so at 9mths (dtr) and 13 months (son). For safety I had to do so as they were injuring themselves nightly with sleep standing/falling/walking in the crib. It has worked out fabulously. When obtaining a mattress I purchased full size, so I could lie down and read to them/feed night bottles, as they lulled to sleep. The room is designed for sleep and not play. Books, comforting items are only allowed and dressers (all attached to walls for safety). I have a few cubes on the floor, 1 with a few toys, for room time outs and to entertain them while caring for the other child. Safety is the utmost concern and didn’t want my kids falling out of bed, if raised. They are very restless sleepers too. In summation, do what feels right to you as the parent, even if you get negative feedback from others. It was the right decision for us! 🙂

    • Hi Lori,
      Thanks so much for visiting and sharing your experiences! It’s so wonderful that you found a system that worked for your family 🙂

  2. Such a great concept. Floor beds really do foster independence and creativity. Tiny humans need a nice mattress too!

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