The Top 2 Self Soothing Myths BUSTED (We Hate #2!)

Self Soothing Myths

Google the phrase ‘self soothing’, and you know what you’ll find? You’ll find an assortment of the most contradictory articles you can imagine. You’ll find articles offering you tips on how to help your baby learn to self soothe, as well as articles telling you that self soothing is impossible for babies, and that teaching a baby to self soothe will lead to permanent emotional and psychological damage.

Gotta love the internet, right? 😉

But seriously, what’s a well-meaning parent to make of all this? As loving moms and dads, we want the best for our children. So what does that mean for self soothing? Is self soothing a great thing to promote in your home (since a baby who can self soothe is a baby who is on the road to sleeping through the night), or is self soothing dangerous, and something that selfish parents inflict upon their little ones?

Miriam115As usual, we’ve got answers! Miriam Chickering, registered nurse, lactation consultant, and Baby Sleep Site® sleep consultant extraordinaire, is joining us today, sharing her expert wisdom, and helping us to de-bunk 2 of the most common (and most obnoxious!) self soothing myths. Read on for information on why babies CAN, in fact, learn to self soothe, and why helping a baby learn to self soothe isn’t the dangerous, cruel act some would have you believe it is.

MYTH #1: Babies aren’t capable of self soothing.

Not so – babies absolutely can learn gradually, over time, how to soothe themselves! Keep reading for Miriam’s explanation:

“Babies can absolutely self soothe – in fact, babies as young as a week old are capable of sucking on their fists when distressed or hungry. While this can be taken as a hunger cue, this is also the baby’s way of regulating and decreasing stress. It’s an instinctual behavior. But pretty soon, the 3-4 month old baby will, in a very coordinated and deliberate way, suck his fingers to help himself get to sleep. So, on all counts, infants absolutely can decrease their stress without outside help.

So, the question becomes not, ‘Can my baby self soothe?’ but, ‘Does my baby need additional soothing beyond his existing self soothing abilities in order to sleep?’

Now, to answer this more accurate question, we need to first understand the complex factors that lead to good sleep regulation in infants. ‘Behavioral sleep intervention’, or sleep training, is generally not all that effective when used alone, especially in babies 6 months and under. Why? Because in many cases, with young infants, their sleep (or lack thereof) is driven by non-behavioral factors.

See, babies are able to fall asleep more easily if certain conditions are met. For example, your baby will fall asleep more easily if she has a full tummy, is warm (but not too warm), feels safe, and is beginning to feel tired (but not over-tired). None of these factors are part of conventional sleep training methodology (unless, that is, you’re working with my colleagues and me – we’re all about holistic sleep coaching!), but they’re all key components in helping your baby sleep well!

The truth is, your baby’s feeding and sleep schedule, any medical concerns, your bond with your baby, your child’s temperament, and your parenting philosophy ALL play a part in how your baby regulates sleep. Once the conditions are right, and ‘the stage has been set’ for sleep, then and only then should parents address how baby is falling asleep.

What do I mean by how baby is falling asleep? Simply this – think about what your baby needs in order to fall asleep and then stay asleep (I don’t mean stay asleep for 12 hours, necessarily – just stay asleep for a 2 or 3 hour chunk). If your baby wakes often throughout the night, and has a hard time sleeping independently, even after you’ve addressed all the ‘setting the stage’ factors (like schedule, sleeping environment, etc.), then your baby almost certainly has what we call a limiting sleep association. A limiting sleep association is any activity you do that helps your baby fall asleep (and stay asleep) that isn’t sustainable for the entire period of sleep. Think rocking/nursing/patting/holding in arms (after all, we parents aren’t machines who can do these activities indefinitely!). Note that these are different than healthy sleep associations (like having a darkened room, white noise, etc.) – good sleep associations are those things that your child associates with sleep, but that don’t require ongoing work from you throughout the night.

In cases where there is a limiting sleep association present, our job is to gradually wean baby away from the limiting sleep association, and to help baby learn to fall sleep independently. And how does a baby learn to do that? You guessed it…by self soothing to sleep!

Now, I should point out that we do not expect an infant to self soothe the way an older child or adult would. If you consider the ways that you regulate your stress and emotions, it’s obvious that you wouldn’t expect your baby to do the same! And in this way, the ability to self soothe is something that grows and matures as your child grows and matures. However, when the surrounding conditions are favorable, a baby can learn the skill of going to sleep without a limiting sleep association – in other words, a baby can learn to self soothe to sleep.”

MYTH #2: Babies who “self soothe” aren’t really self soothing – they’re just giving up.

Oh, this one really gets our goat…fortunately, it’s not true! Read Miriam’s thoughts on this especially-frustrating myth:

“When people say this, they usually mean that when a baby stops crying after sleep coaching, he hasn’t actually learned how to self soothe and fall asleep independently; rather, he has learned that no one comes when he cries, so he might as well give up and not cry at all. In other words, it is assumed that he has been exposed to a TOXIC amount of stress.

What’s toxic stress, exactly? Toxic stress results from frequent and prolonged abuse and/or neglect. According to Harvard University’s Center on the Developing Child, this kind of prolonged activation of the stress response systems can disrupt the development of brain architecture and other organ systems, and increase the risk for stress-related disease and cognitive impairment, well into the adult years.

Scary, right? This myth is especially cruel because it’s downright frightening. Fortunately, you can put your mind at ease, because in loving, healthy families, this simply will not happen.

Now, let me clarify – does toxic stress happen? Yes, when children are exposed to prolonged abuse, neglect, and adult violence. There have actually been a number of studies done over the years that support this concept:

BUT – does toxic stress occur when thoughtful, loving parents adequately ‘set the stage’ for sleep and then take a holistic approach to sleep coaching, and to helping their babies learn to self soothe? According to Harvard and the American Academy of Pediatrics – no! Even if that sleep coaching process involves some crying (for instance, if the parents use a check-and-console approach to helping their baby learn to self soothe and fall asleep independently) – in no way is that child’s controlled crying in a loving, nurturing, supportive environment even remotely similar to a neglected child crying in an abusive, violent environment. To call these two scenarios similar, and to allege that in both cases, the child is experiencing toxic stress, is ludicrous.

So here is the deep, deep flaw that busts this myth: anti-sleep coaching proponents take all of that toxic stress research, and use it to ‘prove’ that sleep coaching is cruel, and that babies don’t actually self soothe, but merely give up and continue to experience emotional and psychological distress. But this is simply not true; if you are teaching your baby to self soothe and fall asleep independently in a loving and nurturing environment, then there is no way that your baby is going to experience toxic stress!

So what’s really happening when sleep coaching works, and a baby learns self soothing? The baby has not been exposed to toxic stress, and has not learned to simply ‘give up'; rather, that child has learned the skill of going to sleep without relying on a limiting sleep association. You, the parents, are now able to sleep because you are not required help your child fall back to sleep every time she wakes.

One last point – lots of the self soothing myth perpetrators claim that even after babies learn to fall asleep independently without crying, they stay stressed. There was a 2012 study that seemed to indicate that babies who were left to cry during sleep training had elevated levels of cortisol – a stress hormone – in their brains. However, this is another myth we need to bust; as I tell all my clients who ask me about it, that study was profoundly flawed. If you’re interested in learning more, this article offers a great analysis of the many flaws in that study.”

Parents, I hope that Miriam’s thoughtful responses to these 2 trouble self soothing myths has set your mind at ease, and has given you confidence in your efforts to help your children sleep well. Here’s the main thing to remember: your baby is a complex and unique little being; for that reason, it’s key that you take a holistic approach to sleep coaching. What’s a holistic approach? It’s one that takes into account ALL the factors that influence your child’s sleep – including feeding, scheduling, sleep environment, health and development, temperament and personality, and more – and address those along with any limiting sleep associations. We at The Baby Sleep Site® are committed to using this kind of holistic approach to sleep with every client we serve – and we can help you begin your journey to holistic sleep coaching, too! Our expert sleep consultants are standing by, ready to get to know your family and your unique situation, and to craft a Personalized Sleep Plan™ that’ll help your whole family get the sleep you deserve.

Browse our list of consultation package options here.

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Your turn, parents! We know that this is a touchy subject for some, and we’re eager to hear your thoughts and opinions. Share below, and let’s get the conversation started!

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Healthy Sleep Habits: Why Not All Sleep Habits Are Bad

Healthy Sleep Habits

If you’ve been a reader of The Baby Sleep Site® for awhile, then you know a thing or two about sleep associations, don’t you? You’ve no doubt read our sleep association blog post, and have learned all about how certain habits that your baby associates with sleep (like nursing to sleep, or rocking to sleep, or being held during sleep) can cause big, huge sleep problems that affect the whole family.

And you’ve no doubt learned that sleep training is the process of gently weaning your baby away from any negative sleep associations, and teaching your little one how to fall asleep independently, without ongoing help from mom or dad.

But what if I told you that not all sleep associations are bad? Sleep associations tend to get a pretty bad rap, but that’s not necessarily fair. I think when most of us hear ‘sleep habits’, we tend to think about bad habits – but the truth is, good, healthy sleep habits do exist, and what’s more, they are key in helping your baby or toddler sleep well.

Healthy Sleep Habits: How Babies and Toddlers Form Sleep Habits

If one thing is true, it’s that babies and toddlers tend to form habits with lightning-fast speed. Do something consistently enough, for several days in a row, and your little one will come to see that as the norm, and will expect it. We as parents can use this in our favor; it’s this trait in our children that allows us to teach good habits and to build positive character traits. For example, if we consistently require that our child say “please” before we hand them a snack, or help them with a task, then it won’t be long before that child says please habitually.

But this can backfire, too. Sometimes, things that we DON’T want to become habitual actually do – you allow your child to watch TV for 2 hours each morning while he’s sick with the flu, and he comes to expect 2 hours of TV time EVERY morning, even after he’s healthy. And the same goes for sleep – sometimes, we do things that we mean to be temporary (like nursing to sleep after every night waking, or holding the baby for every nap), and then suddenly, BOOM – our child has come to understand that this is standard, and should happen every day (or night).

Good vs. Bad (or Healthy vs. Unhealthy) Sleep Habits

So how can we distinguish healthy sleep habits from unhealthy sleep habits? First, it’s important to remember that there is no “script” for sleep – one family’s huge sleep problems are another family’s norm. And things that some parents consider problematic (like nursing to sleep 5 times a night), other parents don’t mind doing at all – or even do intentionally. So keep in mind that NOTHING about your baby’s sleep is a problem until it’s a problem for you.

Keep in mind also that every baby is different, and that means sleep needs differ from child to child. Your child may be completely rested after 3 or 4 nighttime wakings, or with naps that are on the short side – while another child may be overtired and cranky if even one daytime nap is off.

Now, as for what makes a sleep habit healthy vs. unhealthy – in general (after taking your parenting preferences and your child’s sleep needs and temperament into account), sleep habits that heavily involve you “doing” something tend to be less healthy than sleep associations that require little to no work from you. Here are some examples to illustrate this idea:

  • FEEDING: If your baby needs you to feed him all the way back to sleep after every interrupted waking at night and during naps, that’s probably an unhealthy sleep habit. But if your baby simply needs you to feed him until he’s drowsy, that’s very likely a healthy, manageable sleep habit.
  • ROCKING: Same as above – if you have to rock your baby all the way to sleep every time she wakes, that’s probably unsustainable for you, and therefore is an unhealthy sleep habit. But if you simply need to rock until drowsy, that may very well work for all of you.
  • PACIFIER: If you have to replace the pacifier for your baby every single time it falls out, that’s an unhealthy sleep habit – but if your baby can replace the pacifier himself, and doesn’t need you to help when it falls out in the middle of the night, then the pacifier can actually be a healthy sleep association.
  • COSLEEPING: If you are co-sleeping out of desperation, because it makes it easier to nurse your baby all night long, but you don’t actually WANT to share a bed with your baby, then this is most likely an unhealthy sleep habit. But if you are cosleeping intentionally, and have worked to ensure that both you and your baby are getting enough sleep, then this can be a healthy sleep association.
  • LOVEY: If YOU are your child’s lovey, and that’s standing in the way of you getting the sleep you need, then that’s an unhealthy sleep association – but if your child’s lovey is something like a blanket, or a small stuffed animal, then the lovey is a great sleep association, as it allows you child to soothe and settle without your help.

Why Healthy Sleep Habits Matter

I know that for some of you, what I’m saying here is nothing new. But here’s why this distinction between healthy and unhealthy sleep habits matter: your child will always have sleep habits. There is no such thing as habit-free sleep. So your goal in sleep training is not simply to wean your child away from unhealthy sleep habits and associations – it’s to replace those with healthy sleep habits that allow your child AND you to get more sleep. What exactly those healthy sleep habits look like is, of course, entirely up to you. For instance, some families introduce the pacifier as a healthy sleep habit, while others are working to wean away from it because it’s a negative sleep association. But it’s key to remember that your child will always have habits surrounding sleep – wearing certain jammies, for instance, or doing the bedtime routine in a certain order, or stroking a special blanket before falling asleep.

And really, when you think about the way you fall asleep – is it any surprise that your child needs healthy sleep habits? I don’t know about you, but I have lots of little routines and habits surrounding my own sleep – for instance, I absolutely cannot sleep unless I read for at least 10 minutes before bed. You probably have your own little unique pre-bed habits and rituals as well. True, some of us are probably more habit-driven than others, but even preferring one sleeping position to another, or sleeping on the same side of the bed, is a kind of sleep habit. So is it any wonder that our little ones need the same?

The key is simply to ensure that your baby or toddler’s sleep habits are actually encouraging and helping sleep, and not disrupting it. And if that process is proving daunting or difficult for you, remember – we can help! Our team of expert consultants is ready to offer you compassionate, caring support that is 100% personalized to your unique situation. We will craft a Personalized Sleep Plan™ specifically for your family, that walks you through every step of night weaning, in a way that matches your goal and parenting style.

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Tell us about your little one’s sleep habits – healthy or unhealthy? Any tips to share about how to help little one’s build healthy sleep associations? Share them below!

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The Most Amazing Sleep Stories of 2014 – Family Features from The Baby Sleep Site

It’s Family Features time again, parents! For the next few weeks, we are taking a look at three families and their amazing sleep stories. Meet Nadia, Yeyin, and Suki – three mamas just like you, who were feeling exhausted and utterly overwhelmed by their babies’ sleep problems. That is, they were feeling overwhelmed and exhausted, until they found The Baby Sleep Site®. Read on, and enjoy these beautiful stories!

Meet Suki, and Hear Her Story!

Suki2Suki’s little guy, Ethan, is just adorable (look at that smile!), but his sleep? Not so adorable! The 4 month sleep regression hit, and things got bad, fast. After a brief attempt at CIO, which failed completely (Ethan AND Suki were crying!), Suki and her husband decided to contact The Baby Sleep Site®. Keep reading to find out what happened next!

The Baby Sleep Site: So, Suki, let’s start by hearing from you about what Ethan’s sleep was like before you contacted The Baby Sleep Site® for help.

Suki: In two words? NOT GOOD. Ethan was by no means a perfect sleeper as a newborn, but we expected that. He co-slept with me for the first 2 months, and he fed on demand (I breastfeed) pretty much around the clock. But then, when he was 2 months old, we were able to successfully transition him into a crib. And a few times, Ethan had longer stretches of sleep (about 4-5 hours) at night, after he moved to his crib. So we had hope that things were getting better! Then, the 4 month sleep regression hit.

The Baby Sleep Site: Oh, no – I take it things took a turn for the worst after that? The 4 month sleep regression usually has that effect!

Suki: Suki3Definitely. We had to go back to co-sleeping, for one thing; it was the only way I could get Ethan to sleep. We tried to do everything we could to keep Ethan from forming bad sleep habits that would interfere with his sleep – we tried to put him down drowsy but awake, and to comfort him by patting and rubbing him when he woke up, without picking him up out of his crib, but nothing worked. My Ethan is a persistent little guy and not adaptable AT ALL, so when he woke up, he just got angrier and angrier if we tried to pat him. Same with drowsy but awake – as soon as we’d lay him down, he’d wake up and then get mad if we didn’t pick him up. It was rough!

The Baby Sleep Site: This does sound rough! It must have been hard on you and your husband.

Suki: It was! And to make matters worse, Ethan wouldn’t take a pacifier or a bottle, and he hated being swaddled, so we really were limited in how we could comfort him. AND, his nursing was out of whack – he would eat little meals during the day, and then nurse a whole lot at night. His pediatrician suggested that I space out his daytime feedings to allow for 3 hours between each feeding, but that backfired – it meant that he ended up nursing even more at night!

The Baby Sleep Site: Boy – you and your husband must have been at your wits’ ends!

Suki: Yes, we really were. We actually tried letting him cry, to see if that would help, but it was terrible. He cried for almost an hour, and then I ended up crying, and we just couldn’t do it again. I lean more towards attachment parenting, in many ways, and I knew that we needed a gentler approach that would involve less crying, but I didn’t know how to get there on my end. And my friends and family weren’t much help – they kept telling me that I just had to accept the fact that Ethan was a bad sleeper, and wait for him to outgrow his sleeping habits. This is actually a very common Chinese mentality. But I knew I didn’t want to just “wait” for Ethan to become a better sleeper, so I reached out to The Baby Sleep Site® for help. I had my husband’s support in doing so, but that was it – no one else understood my desire to sleep train. I told my consultant, Shaye, that she and Nicole were my last hope!

The Baby Sleep Site: So what happened after you purchased your consultation package, Suki?

Suki: I received my Personalized Sleep Plan™ quickly, along with a note from Nicole. After lots of hard work, we started to see progress! We managed to move Ethan back into a crib, and we started making progress with his night waking and his daytime schedule (he’d always been really inconsistent in his morning wake time and naps, but Shaye gave us some great tips to work on that).

The Baby Sleep Site: Fantastic!

Suki: Well, yes – but then we had setback. Ethan’s frequent night waking returned; he was up 5-9 times each night again!

The Baby Sleep Site: Bummer – that must have been discouraging! :-( What did you do?

Suki: I let Shaye know right away, and she reassured me that we would work on a plan to deal with the night wakings. That alone brought me so much comfort; I knew Shaye would be there to help me through this setback, just like she’d helped me through the others! And she certainly did – she identified that Ethan was going through his 8/9/10 month sleep regression, and that was likely the reason for his wakings. And she created a new day-by-day plan for me to address his night wakings. And you know what? That did it! I put her suggestions and schedule into practice, and sure enough, Ethan’s sleep began improving!

Suki1Now, Ethan wakes WAY less at night, and his naps have lengthened to the point that each one is over an hour long! Ethan still put up a bit of a fuss at bedtime, and my next task is going to be to work on getting shortening the time between when we put him down for bed, and when he actually falls asleep. But overall, we have made SO much progress.

To be honest, going from waking up 15 times a night, and co-sleeping with him in the same bed (and kicking my husband out) when he was 5 month old before getting help from Shaye and Nicole, to where we are at right now… I can’t thank The Baby Sleep Site® enough! Shaye and Nicole have been a Godsend to me and my family, and now, I am really enjoying every moment as a mom! I know I will not have these precious moments without The Baby Sleep Site®’s help. I think I would still be weeping every night while holding Ethan in my arm if I didn’t decide to get help! Truly, The Baby Sleep Site® has brought happiness and joy to my family!

The Baby Sleep Site: Oh, Suki – this is so wonderful to hear! It means the world to all of us here at The Baby Sleep Site® to hear stories like yours – as our sleep consultants always say, it makes the long work hours worth it. :-) Now, before we wrap up – any parting words for our readers?

Suki: I want to say this, because I’m sure it will resonate with a lot of people reading this: at first, I was really unsure about paying for sleep advice. But I’m soooooooooooo glad that I did it! Ethan has come such a long way, thanks to Shaye and Nicole’s help. I have already referred 4 of my friends to The Baby Sleep Site®, and all of them are now getting enough sleep that we can get together and have some mama dates!

Fantastic, right? Thanks to ongoing support from Shaye and Nicole, and to their ability to personalize the sleep help to fit Suki’s parenting style and Ethan’s sleep need, Suki’s whole family is sleeping better. And you can, too! Remember, you can have your own sleep coaching success story, just like Suki’s – all you have to do is take that first step, and contact us for personalized sleep help today!


This week, we’re introducing you to Yeyin, a beautiful mom of a beautiful daughter who was exhausted beyond measure when she came to us for help. She had tried everything – everything – she could think of to help little Haera sleep, including turning to a local sleep consultant, but nothing worked. That’s when Yeyin connected with Nicole, who gave her one incredible tip that changed Haera’s sleep immediately…keep reading to learn more!

The Baby Sleep Site: Yeyin, tell us a little bit about your situation before you contacted us for help.

Yeyin: Our daughter Haera was such a bright and beautiful newborn, and despite some issues of my own (I suffered from Post-partum Depression after Me & 1 month Haera KimHaera’s birth) and some sleep issues of Haera’s, by the time she was 5 weeks old, Haera was sleeping on her own. She was also sleeping 4-5 hour stretches at night. We were told that exclusively breastfed babies woke more often at night, but not our baby. When she did wake for a feeding, I could put her straight into the co-sleeper crib and she’d drift off to dreamland. She was sleeping soundly and peacefully. It was such a dream, and we were so happy to be the lucky ones!!

Well, fast-forward 4 weeks later, our 9-week old baby girl suddenly declared she was no longer a sleep-through-the-night baby, and it felt like it happened overnight. She began to wake up every 30 minutes to an hour, and her 4-5 hour stretches turned into 2 hours. Her naps suddenly became 30 minutes on the dot. At first, we thought it was a phase, but her sleep wasn’t getting any better, it was only getting worse.

The Baby Sleep Site: Oh, yes, that sounds familiar – so many families tell us a similar story! Sleep is okay for the first 6 or 8 weeks, and then it all falls apart.

Yeyin: That was sure true for us. Around this time, I started to search the Internet for answers. We never read one book about baby sleep nor did we know that so many even existed! We didn’t think it was something we had to READ about. We didn’t know baby sleep was any different from our sleep. We thought babies slept when they were tired and stayed awake when they were not. We knew nothing about sleep cycles, sleep associations, overtiredness, optimal wake windows, tired cues, the number of naps per day, appropriate nap durations, etc. We… knew… nothing.

I learned a lot in my research, but Haera’s sleep wasn’t getting better. We had resorted to holding her for ALL her naps (every… single… one…). The routine always started with a really long rocking and ssshing session that progressed to a careful transition into the rocking recliner. She slept on top of our chests. We used the pacifier and reinserted it constantly. We rocked the chair when she stirred. For nighttime, I went to bed with Haera between 5:30-6PM and had her nursing ALL night long in the most uncomfortable positions. She would sleep for 30 minutes, then wake for 2 hours, then sleep for 30 minutes to 1.5 hours and wake, then nurse, then sleep then wake if she became unlatched, etc. I’d try to use the pacifier, which worked about 25% of the time. It went on like this for 2.5 months.

My husband and I never saw each other, and the only way we communicated each other was through texting… By the time he came home from work, I was already “in bed” with Haera. Steve has been the most supportive husband and father, but there was only so much that he could do to help. Haera felt that she needed ME to sleep. I was beyond stressed, and at the time, I thought I was doing what any mom or dad would do. Desperate times called for desperate measures. Needless to say, my dedication to Haera’s sleep turned me into a very unhappy, frustrated person.

The Baby Sleep Site: Oh my goodness, Yeyin – this sounds horrible! No wonder you were feeling so desperate! What did you do next?

Yeyin: I finally contacted a local sleep consultant when Haera turned 4 months. She gave us instructions on how to approach our first night of cry-it-out leep training, and I couldn’t do it. I had a full-blown panic attack and came very close to vomiting from all the anxiety. So, I had to leave the house and implored Steve to stay with Haera. She cried for TWO HOURS until she couldn’t cry any more. The second night, she cried for an hour, and every night after that she cried, and cried, and cried. This accounts only for the crying that was at the beginning of the night, too. There was so much more crying in the middle of the night.

Me & 5 month Haera KimHow could this be okay? I asked myself this every single night. I hated myself for making my baby cry. I hated everything about the sleep training we were doing. Fast-forward 10 days: I was done. I was done with sleep training. The crying never got easier, and we did everything CONSISTENTLY. We couldn’t rely on our sleep consultant anymore, and I found myself unable to letdown while nursing anymore from all of the anxiety. I just couldn’t listen to our baby cry ANYMORE, so we stopped following the strict rules and guidelines. I was done, done, done. I didn’t go back to co-sleeping, but I went back to responding to my baby, picking her up, comforting her, nursing her, etc.

But, after ONE WEEK, I was in despair again. The crying before bedtime improved, but the crying following the first night waking (after 30 minutes to an hour of sleep) was particularly blood curdling. I just didn’t understand why our little one was crying so much after having gone to bed somewhat peacefully. I still had so many questions and doubts, but I didn’t want to go back to our original sleep consultant. Our philosophies and expectations just didn’t match up.

The Baby Sleep Site: This must have been such a hard time for you, Yeyin. Please tell me that the next move you made was to contact us!

Yeyin: It was! I finally decided to reach out to The Baby Sleep Site®. I had been perusing their website long enough to be aware their philosophies, and I had nothing to lose with their guarantee. This proved to be the single most effective, and BEST, decision I made with regards to Haera’s sleep.

I had signed up for the 30-day unlimited email package. It was the best value for us because I knew we needed extra time to work on Haera’s sleep, and the “unlimited” emails and responsiveness was something I felt would fit our family’s needs the best.

We were assigned to Nicole who graciously and kindly wrote to us that very evening and gave me some quick advice: Try to change her schedule THAT night. It was simply a moving her bedtime later and treating her current bedtime as a nap. She needed a bit more time to author our Personalized Sleep Plan, but skimming through our initial history intake form, she suspected that Haera was treating bedtime as a fourth nap and then waking up crying for such a long period of time because she was actually AWAKE. It broke our hearts. Why didn’t our first sleep consultant help us with this? She was the one who actually told us to pull bedtime to an earlier time and to “expect a lot of crying,” while Nicole told us to do the opposite and with much, much less crying. From the very start, through a simple email, Nicole changed our lives forever. Our sweet Haera no longer had to suffer through such an incredible and overwhelming amount of crying.

The Baby Sleep Site: Yep, Nicole’s pretty great like that! So you were off to a good start….what happened next?

Yeyin: Within a day or two, our Personalized Sleep Plan™ arrived, and it was so thorough and warm. The name of the publication service is justifiably and well named because it was indeed a sleep plan PERSONALIZED to our philosophies and to Haera’s needs. I still use our Personalized Sleep Plan™ today for advice and strategies.

From that day forward, I corresponded with Nicole each and every day. Haera needed a lot of work. We made a lot of progress in the beginning with changing Haera’s schedule, and then there was the “tweaking” we needed to do based on Haera’s temperament. Nicole has such an amazing skillset: To be in sync with babies. She explained what sort of temperament she suspected Haera had and based our sleep coaching approach to Haera’s individuals’ needs. The most awesome thing about Nicole is her empathy. She would say things like, “Me, too,” and that was all the validation I needed to feel sane and motivated to keep going.

Me & 6 month Haera KimSometimes (a lot of times), I would vent and write to Nicole in the middle of the night worried and wondering about why Haera was so inconsistent, strong-willed, etc., and Nicole would reply back every day and say she was sorry to hear we were having a bad day, BUT to keep on going and to hang in there! She was the best cheerleader I could ever ask for, and never ever did I ever feel second priority. I always felt like I was her one and only client, and I know that’s not the case. I can’t imagine how incredibly busy Nicole is juggling her responsibilities to The Baby Sleep Site, her clients, and her family! She is an amazing woman!

So, with Nicole’s help, we worked on bedtime and naptime. We went from me going to bed in the worst-case scenario (i.e., going to bed with our little one at 5:30PM, rocking/swaying/walking her in the middle of the night for HOURS, nursing all night long, popping in the pacifier when I couldn’t take the soreness of nursing anymore) to the BEST-CASE scenario (i.e., sleeping through the night with a feeding or two in the middle and no more dreamfeeds). We rearranged Haera’s schedule and shifted more of her day sleep to her night sleep. It turned out we were holding her for her naps for TOO long during the day, which interfered with how much she could sleep at night. We would have NEVER figured that out without Nicole’s help. Although Haera was still waking up at night, Nicole assured us that this was all within normal range. She was waking due to hunger and not because of an association, and learning that Haera was “within normal” relieved some of the built up pressure and made everything a bit more manageable.

The Baby Sleep Site: Awesome!!! Your progress is especially amazing, considering where you started.

Yeyin: It is! Today, Haera’s sleep is far from perfect, but the one of the most important lessons I’ve learned from Nicole is that THAT IS OKAY. Haera’s temperament is not built like other babies who adapt well, who are consistent, who only fuss and whimper and do not wail out and scream their little, beautiful heads off. Haera is one-of-a-kind. So, although her sleep isn’t a model example of what an ideal sleeping baby should look like, Haera has made stark improvements from where she was to where is today. ALL babies are different, and Haera is no exception.

In all of the countless emails Nicole and I have exchanged, the most significant and poignant lesson I’ve learned was that I WAS NOT ALONE. This lesson alone has made the dealing with all the hardships, listening to all the hysterical crying, surviving all the sleep deprivation, and wondering if it would ever get better more bearable. In fact, sometimes I feel quite liberated in knowing that I am not alone. I was kinder to myself and allowed myself to feel frustrated, down, and upset and know that I am still a good mom! Nicole has always made sure to remind me of that!

Although I’m not in correspondence with Nicole right now, I still have email packages that I have bought to use for future use, so my time with Nicole and the Baby Sleep Site is far from over. During the time I am not in contact with Nicole, I use the resources in the Members Area section to help me navigate through the various changes Haera has been experiencing in her current 8/9/10 month regression-related sleep. The teleseminars and case studies were particularly helpful in guiding me in Haera’s current sleep situation.

The Baby Sleep Site: You are one prepared mama, Yeyin! I love that! Okay, before we wrap up – any parting words for our readers?

Yeyin: What else can I say about Nicole and The Baby Sleep Site? They RESCUED, REVIVED, and SAVED our lives… but most importantly and most tenderly, they saved our sweet, darling Haera.

Amazing! Thanks to ongoing support from Nicole, and her caring, compassionate advice, Yeyin’s whole family will be sleeping easier this holiday season. And you can, too! Remember, you can have your own sleep coaching success story, just like Yeyin’s – all you have to do is take that first step, and contact us for personalized sleep help today!



Next up, we have Nadia and her cutie-patootie little guy, Isaac. Nadia has been a client of The Baby Sleep Site&reg’ for 11 – yes, that’s eleven – months. So to say that she’d had experience with our consultation process would be a bit of an understatement! 😉 Today, Nadia’s family is sleeping well, but that was by no means the case 11 months ago…back then, Nadia and her husband were losing their minds over how to get Isaac to sleep. That’s when they decided they need professional help with Isaac’s sleep. Keep reading to find out what happened!

Baby Sleep Site: Nadia, tell us what Isaac’s sleep was like before you contacted us.

Nadia1Nadia: I first contacted the site for help back in November of 2013. My son, who was about 3 months at the time, suddenly became a cat napper-he needed to be rocked to go down for a nap, which usually consisted of holding him, bouncing or walking, and carrying him in a sling.  Sometimes we had to carry and bounce him in the car seat. It was weird, because up until he was about 6 weeks old, he napped 2-3 hours at time for his naps. Then, all of a sudden, he would be up, on the dot, at the 30 minute mark. You could set your clock to it! He’d wake up cranky and fussing. It drove us both nuts!
And bedtime was even worse.  I would rock or nurse Isaac down and he would fall asleep for the first 30 minutes, and sleep very deeply – but then he’d wake up. I would re-rock him down, often in a sling, swaddled, and he would drift off again.  I would sit with him another 30 minutes to ensure he was deeply asleep.  Then, and only then, I would transfer him out of the sling into the bed, where he would sleep for approximately 4-5 hours, wake up to nurse, and I would have to start the process all over again.  Simply put, it was exhausting for us all.

Baby Sleep Site: Nadia, this does sound tough. :( I know so many of our readers have been here – but that doesn’t mean it’s easy when you’re the one dealing with the sleep drama, all night and all day! 

Nadia2Nadia: Exactly! That’s when I decided I needed help, and I contacted The Baby Sleep Site®. Nicole whipped out a wonderful plan for Isaac, which required that first, he learn to go to sleep on his own. The plan worked, and within short 3 days, Isaac was falling asleep on his own! Nicole and I worked and tweaked the plan almost daily. I would write her daily updates (I had an unlimited e-mail package), and she would offer a lot of suggestions and support. Eventually, bedtime became a breeze – Isaac would fall asleep on his own and sleep peacefully until it was his time to nurse. And we worked on slowly weaning Isaac away from his night feedings, too.


The Baby Sleep Site: How awesome, Nadia! So excited that you’ve made such good progress!

Nadia: We really have! It took awhile, but the work has been worth it. Nicole went as ‘fast’ or ‘slow’ as I wanted through the whole process.  She also supported me through the transition from nanny, to a large daycare center, to an inhome daycare center, through a move to a new house, and finally, through a transition to an inhome daycare center #2. And that doesn’t even count al the help she gave me in dealing with illness and teething! She truly was there for me through it all – every day, I would email and every day, she would email me back. All told, I purchased months worth of unlimited email packages, and it was all worth it!

The Baby Sleep Site: Oh, Nadia – that’s so wonderful to hear!  

Nadia3Nadia: Now, after all of our work together, Isaac’s sleep is wonderful. He goes down by himself after a quick bath and nursing session at 8, and he sleeps the whole night! He takes on long, 2.5-3 hour nap in the afternoon (no more 30-minute cat-naps!). He is a happy boy, who is very active, and loves to hang out and talk to himself in his crib, without calling for mama.  I am now sleeping much better too! Looking back, I realize now that I learned so much from Nicole. Had it not been for her never-ending support and words of encouragement, I would have lost it by now. No joke. :) Nicole saved my baby’s sleep, my marriage and my sanity. I could not have done ANY of this without her, and I would recommend her to any mother who is struggling like I was. Throughout all of the ups and downs that the last year has brought, sleep-wise, knowing I had an expert to consult with every day was my piece of sanity – and it was worth WAY more than any the money I spent on my consultations! What she does for exhausted parents – and what she did for me – is priceless.

Wow, right! Talk about a big change! Thanks to unlimited support from our team of consultants, Nadia and her family are looking forward to a peaceful, rested holiday season. And while most families won’t need months of unlimited support, how nice it is to know that if that’s the kind of help YOU need, we offer it! We really will go as fast or as slow as you’d like, and we’re willing to stick with you through every step of the sleep coaching process – even it if happens to take you months to reach your goals. 😉

Remember, you can have your own sleep coaching success story, just like Nadia’s – all you have to do is take that first step, and contact us for personalized sleep help today!


10 Bedtime Story Books You Can Turn Into Sleep Training Tools

Bedtime Books Sleep Training Tools

We’ve already said a lot (A LOT) on this site about bedtime – including when exactly bedtime should happen. We’ve also written a ton about bedtime routines – what bedtime routines should (and shouldn’t) look like, why a bedtime routine is key to sleep coaching, and more.

But here’s a part of most parents’ bedtime routines that goes overlooked as a sleep training tool: the bedtime story book. Sure, most of us probably spend at least a few minutes reading to our little cherubs before tucking them in at night, but have you ever stopped and thought about how you can turn the bedtime story to your (sleep training) advantage?

You can.

Now, that’s not to say that you have to choose special “sleep-focused” books at bedtime – there’s a lot to be said for simply reading a good book to your kiddo, regardless of whether or not it mentions sleep! Reading is hands-down the best way to establish early literacy, and it makes for pretty fantastic parent-child bonding time, too.

But if you’re sleep coaching, you no doubt want to utilize every tool at your disposal to help the process along – and the bedtime books you choose can be powerful tools indeed. Read on for details!

10 Bedtime Books You Can Turn Into Great Sleep Coaching Tools

Unknown-6 BOOK: Goodnight Moon – by Margaret Wise Brown

SUPER-SHORT SUMMARY: A bedtime book classic! Little bunny bids “good night” to everything in his room, before peacefully drifting off to sleep himself.

WHY IT’S A GREAT SLEEP TRAINING TOOL: Have a toddler who’s fighting off bedtime? Saying “good night” to the things she encounters as she goes through her bedtime routine is actually a powerful way to help signal that it’s time to go to sleep. It’s also a way for your toddler to mentally reassure herself that everything else in her life (and in her room) is going to sleep too – so she’s not missing anything. 😉 And this is a great book for babies, too – the simple illustrations and primary colors provide great visual appeal for infants!

Unknown-5 BOOK: A Book of Sleep – by Il Sung Na

SUPER-SHORT SUMMARY: A wide-awake little owl swoops through this beautifully-illustrated book and watches all the other animals settle down (and snuggle down) for sleep.

WHY IT’S A GREAT SLEEP TRAINING TOOL: If you have your own “wide-awake” little watchful owl at bedtime, this book is a great resource! As your child watches how all the animals sleep in their own special way, it can provide big reassurance that bedtime really is for sleeping. And if your toddler has a unique bedtime arrangement (maybe he has to sleep with three or four of the same special stuffed friends each night?), then he can take pride in knowing that just like the animals, he has his own special way of sleeping. Babies will love this book, too – especially if you’re working on teaching your baby animal names and sounds.

Unknown-4 BOOK: Sleep Like A Tiger – by Mary Logue

SUPER-SHORT SUMMARY: A feisty little girl lets her parents know in no uncertain terms that she is not – positively not – tired. Her loving parents convince her that bed really is the place for her, and a colorful parade of animals follows, as these ingenious parents convince their little one to “sleep like a tiger”.

WHY IT’S A GREAT SLEEP TRAINING TOOL: Who among us HASN’T had a bedtime-avoider on their hands? The “I’m not tired!” line is a favorite among most toddlers. Well, this book is a great choice for the bedtime avoider in your house. Through this story and it’s gorgeous illustrations, your toddler will learn that it’s okay to have a feisty spirit, but that bedtime can be an exciting and imaginative time, too!

Unknown-3 BOOK: Where Do Diggers Sleep At Night? – by Brianna Caplan Sayres

SUPER-SHORT SUMMARY: An adorable look at where the big “diggers” sleep at night – this one is quite similar to Good Night, Good Night, Construction Site.

WHY IT’S A GREAT SLEEP TRAINING TOOL: For the wee truck-lover in your life! If you have a little one who loves heavy machinery in your home, this book is sure to be a hit. As your child watches the beloved trucks and diggers go peacefully to bed, odds are bedtime will start to seem more appealing to your little guy or little girl, too!

Unknown-2 BOOK: Tell Me Something Happy Before I Go To Sleep – by Joyce Dunbar

SUPER-SHORT SUMMARY: Little Willa is scared to go to sleep – good thing her big brother Willoughby is there to tell her something happy before she goes to sleep!

WHY IT’S A GREAT SLEEP TRAINING TOOL: Bedtime fears and fear of the dark are very real for toddlers – and it’s very possible that at some point during the sleep coaching process, your little one will suddenly become scared at bedtime. This book is a great solution to that problem! Willa’s “happy thoughts” before bed can become your child’s – or, after the book is done, come up with some happy thoughts of your own! As for babies, they’re sure to love the snuggly bunny characters in this sweet little book.

Unknown-1 BOOK: It’s Time To Sleep, My Love – by Nancy Tillman

SUPER-SHORT SUMMARY: Mama animals gently put their babies to sleep in this fantastic book, complete with gorgeous, lush illustrations.

WHY IT’S A GREAT SLEEP TRAINING TOOL: It can really help your little one to know that when it’s her bedtime, lots of other things are going to bed, too – including animals! The soft, lilting rhymes of this book will lull even the youngest babies to sleep, and the message that everything around the world is going to bed can go a long way to helping your baby or toddler settle down and fall asleep without a fuss.

Unknown BOOK: Simpson’s Sheep Won’t Go To Sleep! – by Bruce Arent

SUPER-SHORT SUMMARY: Simpson’s sheep need to go to sleep – but they just won’t! Between yakking and stalling and needing to “go”, these sheep are pro bedtime stalkers.

WHY IT’S A GREAT SLEEP TRAINING TOOL: Have a bedtime staller on your hands? Then this is the book for you! By the end, you and your toddler will be rolling over the sheep’s stall tactics, and will be chanting together, “Go to sleep, sheep!” This is a great way for toddlers to see how silly bedtime stalling can look from a different perspective, and will hopefully help you make progress towards smoother bedtimes yourselves.

Unknown-7BOOK: Sleep Is For Everyone – by Paul Showers

SUPER-SHORT SUMMARY: This little books presents great, basic information about why living things need sleep, and takes a look at how animals sleep, how people sleep, how sleep affects our brains, and more.

WHY IT’S A GREAT SLEEP TRAINING TOOL: Have a little budding scientist at home who constantly asks, “But why?” I can relate! If your little one just needs to know the “why” behind why she has to go to sleep, you’ll want to grab a copy of this book. It presents the basics about why sleep is important in a straightforward, easy-to-understand way. This book will definitely help convince your little bedtime skeptic that sleep matters, and that can help make sleep coaching even easier on both of you!

Unknown-8BOOK: Bedtime – by Elizabeth Verdick

SUPER-SHORT SUMMARY: Watch a toddler go through his bedtime routine with his family, from brushing teeth to taking a bath to lullabies and snuggles.

WHY IT’S A GREAT SLEEP TRAINING TOOL: Toddlers will be reassured that yes, bedtime is normal and everyone is doing it when they watch the character in the story go through his bedtime routine with mom and dad, and snuggle down happily into bed. Modeling good bedtime behavior and cooperation is a great way to help show your toddler exactly what’s expected of him at bedtime, and this book does exactly that – it provides a positive model of what bedtime should look like. A great tool to add to your sleep coaching arsenal! And babies can get a lot out of this book, too – after all, it’s never too late to start modeling good bedtime behavior, and establishing a strong bedtime routine! Note that this book is one in a series called “Toddler Tools” – check out their other books on meal-times, nap time, clean-up time, and more.

Unknown-9BOOK: Nursies When The Sun Shines – by Katerhine C. Havener

SUPER-SHORT SUMMARY: An adorable breastfeeding toddler learns that nighttime is for sleeping, and that “nursies” happen when during the day, when the sun shines.

WHY IT’S A GREAT SLEEP TRAINING TOOL: A FABULOUS book for co-sleeping parents who are working on weaning an older baby or toddler away from nighttime nursing. A client actually recommended this one to us awhile back, and said it was a lifesaver in her home! If you are working on night weaning as part of your sleep coaching, this book will be a great tool for you – it’s designed to help even young toddlers understand when it’s time to nurse, and when it’s time to sleep.

Get Sleep Training Help From The Baby Sleep Site®

A great arsenal of bedtime books can be a big help in your sleep training endeavors – but you’ll need more than bedtime stories to help your baby or toddler learn to fall asleep peacefully at bedtime and sleep through the night. You’ll need us! Let our team of expert sleep consultants craft a Personalized Sleep Plan™ just for you, that’s personalized to your family and that’ll walk you through every step of sleep coaching.

Browse our list of consultation package options here.

Once you make your choice and purchase, you will immediately receive an e-mail with your Helpdesk login information. You’ll be able to login and start your Family Sleep History form right away – it’s that simple!

Want more information about how personalized help works? Check out our FAQ page here, and get answers. You can also take a tour of the Helpdesk.

This is by no means an exhaustive list – we want to hear about your favorite bedtime books! Share your recommendations in the comments below, and help us expand our list!

bss_email_featprod_memberspic-CROPPEDOur Members Area is packed with exclusive content and resources: e-Books, assessments, detailed case studies, expert advice, peer support, and more. It actually costs less to join than buying products separately! As a member, you’ll also enjoy a weekly chat with an expert sleep consultant. And the best part – members receive 20% off all sleep consultation services!
bss_ebook_masteringnaps_leftIf you’re looking for ways to get your baby or toddler into a healthy sleeping routine during the day, I encourage you to explore Mastering Naps and Schedules, a comprehensive guide to napping routines, nap transitions, and all the other important “how-tos” of good baby sleep. With over 45 sample sleep schedules and planning worksheets, Mastering Naps and Schedules is a hands-on tool ideal for any parenting style.
bss_ebook_3stepsystem_leftFor those persistent nighttime struggles, check out The 3 Step System to Help Your Baby Sleep. Using the same unique approach and practical tools for success, this e-book helps you and your baby sleep through the night.
bss_ebook_5steptoddler_smalFor those persistent toddler sleep struggles, check out The 5 Step System to Help Your Toddler Sleep. Using the same unique approach and practical tools for success, this e-book helps you and your toddler sleep through the night and enjoy a better daytime schedule.

Disclosure: The Amazon links above are affiliate links. If you opt to purchase one of these books, The Baby Sleep Site® may receive a small commission from your purchase. This will not affect your purchase price. We only recommend those products that we feel are good resources for our readers.

Get To Know The Moms Behind Some Of Our Most Exciting Summer Sleep Stories!

Family Features Sleep Miracles

It’s the last week, readers – the last week to meet another incredible mom in our Family Features stories! Over the past few weeks, we’ve met Jenny, Vikki, and Whitney, and learned how, with the help of The Baby Sleep Site® sleep consultants, they helped their babies learn to sleep independently, through the night, and nap well. Scroll down to read their stories, if you missed them.

Today’s final story is brought to you by Jennifer. And let me tell you – Jennifer’s story is awesome. See, we weren’t the first sleep consulting organization she contacted. Jennifer had worked with THREE other sleep consultants, trying to solve Maddy’s persistent sleep struggles, and NONE of them had been able to help her. NONE. Not surprisingly, she didn’t hold out much hope that her Personalized Sleep Plan™ would help much, either, but she bought it anyway, just to try.

I’m happy to report that Jennifer was wrong about her Personalized Sleep Plan™. It proved to be exactly the solution she needed. Read on, and learn how Jennifer, with the help of her consultant Liz, finally found sleep coaching success!


Meet Jennifer, and Hear How, After 3 Sleep Consulting Failures, She Finally Found The Help She Needed At The Baby Sleep Site®

(written by Jennifer Smith)
WashingtonIMAGE1Oh, how I remember the day I signed up for the personalized sleep plan on The Baby Sleep Site. Tears rolled down my face as I hit the payment button. I had just read the testimonials of other parents and knew, without a doubt, that I would never, ever be in their company. After Maddy’s severe colic finally abated, we had a window of about three weeks where she slept just like all the books said she would.

And then, it stopped. She would only sleep if she was on me in the baby bjorn and I was moving, or in my arms and I was bouncing on the exercise ball. I remember bouncing as my husband left for work early in the morning; when he returned late in the evening, I was still there, still bouncing. Thank heavens for my iPad, my Netflix subscription, and “30 Rock.”

The worst, though, was when neither bouncing, nor the baby bjorn, nor vigorous gliding would work. Hour upon hour of screams and cries. We re-read every book and tried every method. When that didn’t work, we contacted sleep consultants. Two fired us because their methods should have worked but didn’t. The third just stopped responding. I spent long days checking and consoling Maddy through naps she never took. At night, it would take at least 90 minutes and sometimes more than three hours of absolute misery for her to find the sleep we so desperately wanted her to get. I tried to remember my mom’s advice: “if mom isn’t relaxed, baby cannot be relaxed.” But nothing seemed to work. Until we found co-sleeping. Relieved, we gave ourselves over to it. It wasn’t restful, it was completely disruptive to our household, but at least Maddy was sleeping and we were getting more sleep than we were used to.

And then that, too, stopped working, and we were back to square one.

When I confessed to my husband that I had engaged yet another sleep consultant, I sobbed. “It’s just more good money after bad, but I can’t live like this any longer. I have to have something, even if it’s just false hope.” If that sentence reads dramatic, you’re getting sleep. Sleep deprivation, as my friend told me, is the thief of perspective. It is also the thief of joy. We loved Maddy desperately, and we desperately needed her to sleep so we could get the rest we needed.

When the personalized sleep plan arrived, I devoured it and felt a huge rush of relief. I showed it to my husband, who also took heart. It was helpful, understanding, and clear. Context was provided for all the suggestions and there was enough wiggle room for us to tailor it to our specific parenting styles and abilities.

WashingtonIMAGE3As we proceeded, guess what? It didn’t work. And so I dropped it. Having been dismissed before, I just didn’t have the heart to be turned away again. But I came back because I had to—I just had to try again. That’s when we found out that “generous” doesn’t begin to describe The Baby Sleep Site’s email support. I explained what happened to our consultant, Liz, and she picked it right up, asked questions, conferred with me, and together we tweaked the plan. In the ensuing weeks, I emailed over large issues and very small questions. I mean, I wanted ALL MY BASES COVERED so I asked every single question I could come up with—sometimes more than once. Liz responded in a timely way and always addressed both the questions asked and those that were implied—the questions I was too sleep-deprived to form. The kindness and care Liz showered on us surprised me. With other sleep consultants, they were certain and directive. “Do this, and Maddy will sleep.” But the suggestions didn’t always work. And sometimes, we proved fallible (as people—sleep-deprived or otherwise—are prone to be). Liz walked me through every little detail, cheered us on for every success, and reassured me with every misstep.

With the counsel of Liz and The Baby Sleep Site, Maddy went from co-sleeping to sleeping through the night in her own crib with the least amount of tears of any sleep training program. What seemed to me an insurmountable mountain was summited one step at a time. I really felt roped to Liz and knew that she had my back if I slipped or was unsure. The directions from her were so helpful and clear that every night, I knew going in exactly what to do. When Maddy had trouble clearing a new hurdle, and I started to feel helpless, I just reminded myself, “your only job right now is to do x.” Knowing that Liz was keeping an eye on the big picture allowed me to just do the next thing. I didn’t have to worry about how on earth Maddy was EVER going to sleep in her crib ALL NIGHT. I just had to do x. I just had to do y. And then, as the successes started piling up, I became more confident. And as I became more confident, so did Maddy.

It’s hard to put into words just how much our lives have changed. I become quite emotional when I think about it. My husband and I can now talk without Maddy present—a huge gift. He and I can sleep in the same bed all night long. By ourselves. Instead of trying to figure out how to make it through another day, I am rested and happy when I hear Maddy stirring in the morning. We can think about expanding our family. I can read a book, or a magazine, or watch a show.

A few weeks after successfully sleep training Maddy, she became ill with a bad cold. She was terribly congested and could only find rest if I held her upright in my arms. Once she was well again, who was happy to get back to their respective sleep spaces? EVERYONE.

I thought our case was hopeless, I really did. With the help of The Baby Sleep Site, I am another proud member of the satisfied client list. And I am as well-rested as any mother of a strong-willed and independent 18 month-old can be.

WOW – just wow. Jennifer’s story is proof that our sleep consultants really can help just about any baby sleep – even a baby who has baffled three other sleep consultants! And they will do it in a supportive, non-judgmental way that leaves you feel encouraged and empowered instead of defeated and abandoned. And as Jennifer’s story shows, it’s not an overstatement to call a consultation with The Baby Sleep Site® life-changing. In Jennifer’s case, it absolutely changed her life, and saved her from spiraling even further into exhaustion and despair. A consultation with a Baby Sleep Site consultant really is an investment – in your baby’s (and your) health, in your sanity, in your relationship with your partner, in your overall quality of life…this is more than just a purchase. It’s an investment in your family. And we hope it’s an investment you’ll consider making today!


Meet Whitney, and Hear How She Took Her Daughter From Screamer To Sleeper!

Meet Whitney, a loving and engaged mom whose daughter was a decent sleeper for the first 18 months of her life. Sure, she’d wake up once, or maybe twice, during the night, but it wasn’t anything Whitney and her husband couldn’t handle.

But then a double-ear infection struck, and everything fell apart.

Keep reading to find out how, with unlimited help from Nicole, Whitney and her husband were able to help their toddler re-learn how to sleep – and to start sleeping through the night for the first time in her life!


The Baby Sleep Site: Welcome, Whitney! So – you had a tough little sleeper at home before you contacted The Baby Sleep Site, right?

Whitney:Berlinandmom6mos-1 You bet! In terms of sleep, things had gotten so out of hand in our household that we weren’t sure what we needed more–a baby sleep expert or an exorcist! For most of her life, our daughter had “only” been waking once or twice a night–but at 19 months she came down with infections in both ears. By the time she was well again we had completely undone any sleep progress we had made–she was now waking up 4 or 5 times a night and screaming for a half hour at a time.

The Baby Sleep Site: Holy cow, Whitney – I understand the urge for an exorcist! How discouraging, especially since you’d enjoyed 19 months of decent sleep. So frustrating!

Whitney: It really was. After three weeks of this, my husband and I were tense, cranky, and exhausted to the point where I was hesitant to get behind the wheel of the car, I was so tired. Of course, we got lots of (conflicting) advice, which we did our best to follow–until the sheer exhaustion and confusion wore us down. We knew that we needed a clear, consistent road map–and fast. I posted a desperate message on Facebook and a friend pointed me to The Baby Sleep Site.

The Baby Sleep Site: Woohoo! We love it when we hear about referrals like that – so awesome to see moms helping other moms, and spreading the word about The Baby Sleep Site! So, once you visited the site and saw what we had to offer – what did you think?

Whitney: Honestly, at first we were hesitant to hire a sleep consultant. It seemed like such an extravagant luxury…and things weren’t really that bad, were they? Well, we went through one more night of screaming–and got in touch with a consultant the next morning!

The Baby Sleep Site: Ha! I love that – you’re right that sometimes, in the light of day, things seem more manageable, but then when you’re up all night again the next night, it’s back to feeling desperate. Totally understandable. So, tell us – what package did you buy?

Whitney: We opted for the unlimited 30-day e-mail package and sleep plan, which turned out to be a godsend. Nicole held our hands for the entire journey. She began by taking a thorough history of our issues and goals. Then she sent us a lucid, frogB-onBugstep-by-step plan to remedy the various individual problems that were collectively contributing to our daughter’s poor sleep. We could tell she had a lot of experience with frustrated, sleep-deprived parents–the way she communicates is so clear, gentle and easy to follow.

Thanks to our e-mail subscription, we were able to reach out to Nicole any time day and night (I sometimes emailed her multiple times during the night and by the next morning she would have answered every single email!). She validated our frustrations and offered genius advice. Because she had spent so much time getting to know how we work as a family, all of her suggestions were tailored to us (for instance, she knew that I couldn’t stand more than a few minutes of crying at a time, and she knew that we were willing to take several weeks to get to our goal if need be). Above all, she offered humor, empathy and a hearty dose of encouragement to get us through the roughest patches.


The Baby Sleep Site: Yep – that sounds like Nicole! Her heart is huge – especially for sleep-deprived parents. 😉 Tell us, Whitney: after a few weeks of working with Nicole on an unlimited basis, what happened?

Whitney: Today, I am astounded at how far we’ve come. We wrapped up our consultation a few weeks ago, and the past few weeks have been some of the best of my life. Nope, angels haven’t descended from the sky and I haven’t won the lottery–but my husband and I have been sleeping (drumroll, please…) 8 or 9 hours a night–really! Now that we’re replenishing the sleep debt, we’re finally communicating like the loving, compassionate couple we were before. We’ve also had the energy to cook, clean, go to the park and play with our daughter–and even catch up with our friends. In short, we have gotten our lives back. At almost 21 months old, our daughter is now truly sleeping through the night for the first time in her life!! The results are incredible–she’s much more cheerful during the day and has blossomed under our eyes. Signing up with The Baby Sleep Site has been one of the best investments we have ever made!

Pretty amazing, right? Whitney’s story is further proof that it’s never too late to sleep train – even if your toddler has never slept through the night a day in his life, we can help. And, it’s also proof that sleep can fall apart with any setback – that’s why it’s great to have us as a trusted resource to turn to! And did you catch that last line? Whitney referred to her consultation purchase as an investment. That’s really what this is, readers. A consultation with a Baby Sleep Site consultant is an investment – in your baby’s (and your) health, in your sanity, in your relationship with your partner, in your overall quality of life…this is more than just a purchase. It’s an investment in your family. And we hope it’s an investment you’ll consider making today!


Meet Vikki, and Hear Her Sleep Coaching Story

Readers, meet Vikki! Vikki’s little Lyla was a pretty good sleeper early on, and she was a GREAT napper! But then the 4 month sleep regression hit, AND Lyla began to learn how to break free of her swaddle…and at that point, Lyla’s great sleeping habits were history. First night sleep started to suffer…then nap sleep…and pretty soon, no one was sleeping much at all. Add to this the fact that Lyla was one of those babies who just actively fought sleep (as Vikki described it to me, Lyla fought sleep “like a little prize fighter”!), and you can understand why Vikki contacted us for help! She had tried sleep training on her own, but it just wasn’t working, and she knew she needed some personalized help. Fortunately, Vikki and her sleep consultant, Jen, were able to get Lyla’s sleep back on track. Read on to learn more!

The Baby Sleep Site: Thanks so much for sharing your story with us today, Vikki! Let’s start by getting a better sense of what brought you to The Baby Sleep Site® in the first place. You mentioned to me that sleep really started to suffer when Lyla was a few months old – before that, sleep was better, right?

Vikki: Yes. From the time she was about 6 weeks old, Lyla was sleeping in The Meldrums 2013_4-3her crib, swaddled. And she was sleeping through the night, all on her own, from 7-8 p.m. until about 6 a.m. It was great! But then, when she was about 3 or 3.5 months old, she started to break free of her swaddle on a regular basis. We knew that wasn’t safe, so we stopped swaddling her. At that point, all hell broke loose!

The Baby Sleep Site: Oh, no! That must have been frustrating for you and Brian. :( Now, you tried to do some sleep training you your own at this point, right? When Lyla was about 4 months old? Tell us about that.

Vikki: Oh, boy – where to start! Well, to begin, Lyla used to be a world-class sleeper. She would fuss very little, and had a great nap schedule. But then, once the Great Swaddle Break of 2013 took place, she got fussier. We tried nap training with her when she was about 4 months old, and it actually went very well – by the time she was 5 months old, she’d go down for naps drowsy but awake and not fuss at all.

The Baby Sleep Site: Wow – that’s great, Vikki!

Vikki: Vikki MeldrumWell, it would have been great – if it had lasted! Unfortunately, everything fell apart once we started trying to work on nighttime sleep training, when Lyla was about 5.5 months old. It was a nightmare. We tried various hybrids of sleep training methods – we did the check-and-console method, we tried picking her up to calm her and then putting her back down in her crib for sleep, we tried Ferberizing – nothing worked. Lyla just screamed and screamed and screamed. For hours. Finally, things got so bad that she started clawing at her head and neck, and actually drawing blood. At that point, I threw in the towel and did whatever I needed to in order to help Lyla fall asleep. That’s when I started rocking/walking/feeding her to sleep at night and for naps.

The Baby Sleep Site: Vikki, this must have been awful for all of you!

Vikki: It was heartbreaking to see her so upset. Lyla is normally such a happy, engaged, adorable baby – the only time she really wailed was when it came to go to sleep. Honestly, she would just fight sleep – it was so frustrating!

The Baby Sleep Site: So this was about the time that you reached out to The Baby Sleep Site, correct? Tell us a bit about the start of your consultation.

Vikki: I filled out my sleep history form and sent it off to Jen, my consultant. This was on a Thursday night – by Monday afternoon, I had my Personalized Sleep Plan™ waiting in my inbox! I was honestly so excited about it – I knew it was just what Brian and I needed. Brian and I read over the plan together and then got to work putting into practice at home.

The Baby Sleep Site: Great! So, tell us about what happened once you started using Jen’s recommendations at home.

Vikki: The plan was pretty gentle in nature, which I liked – I know we would have to expect some crying, but I didn’t want Lyla to have to endure long stretches of crying, especially since we knew from our past attempts at sleep training that it wouldn’t go well! So, we started off by gradually weaning Lyla away from her need to breastfeed to sleep. Following the plan, I was able to get Lyla to fall asleep without breastfeeding pretty quickly, which was a huge victory! However, we had some setbacks early on, too. We quickly figured out that if I stayed in the room with Lyla while she was falling asleep, it just made things worse! After e-mailing back and forth with Jen, though, we came up with some modifications to the plan, and that really helped.

The Baby Sleep Site: Awesome! So glad you took the time to follow up with Jen and work with her on modifying the plan as necessary. That’s the beauty of the follow-up help that comes built in to the packages; it lets parents and consultants work together to continually improve the plan, and to adjust things that aren’t working well.

Vikki: Yes! We ended up making a few tweaks to our plan, based on what my husband and I were seeing with Lyla. One of those was to actually work on nights and naps at the same time – we started out trying to work on them separately, but we quickly realized that was confusing for Lyla. We talked it over with Jen, and everyone agreed that we should try sleep coaching for naps and nights together. That change to the plan ended up making a big difference! It still took Lyla awhile to learn how to fall asleep on her own, but once Brian and I began using the same approach at naps and at night, and stuck to it consistently, Lyla began to get the hang of it.

The Baby Sleep Site: Woohoo!

Vikki: Ha – woohoo indeed! I think the best thing about the consultation process with Jen was that, with her help, Brian and I realized that we needed to The Meldrums3set up ‘rules’ (for ourselves and for Lyla) about how we were going to handle Lyla’s sleep challenges. For example, going through this process made Brian and I realize that it was key for us to leave Lyla in her crib once we had put her down for sleep – picking her up to comfort her was only making things worse. Now, when she’s fussing in her crib, we get down on eye-level with her and offer hugs and pats through the crib slats, and talk to her, but everyone understands that she has to stay in the crib when it’s time to sleep. We have a few other rules like that, too, which have been a key part of helping us improve Lyla’s sleep. We worked closely with Jen and Nicole in developing these rules, and Brian and I have worked hard to stick to them and stay consistent. And it’s paying off!

The Baby Sleep Site: Okay, so speaking of ‘paying off’, let’s move on to the part that everyone is most interested in – did your consultation work? Is Lyla sleeping better now?

Vikki: In a word – yes! I am delighted to report that now, thanks to the sleep coaching we did with Jen’s help, Lyla is successfully going to sleep on The Meldrums 2013_4-27her own (and happily, for the most part!) for her naps AND for bedtime. What’s more, she is completely night-weaned now – and it only took me 10 days to get her to drop that last, unnecessary night feed! Getting Lyla to this point was definitely work, and the process wasn’t always smooth. There are still nights when, persistent little girl that she is, she protests at bedtime. But when I think about the fact that we went from having a little girl who screamed for hours and didn’t want to sleep, and would only fall asleep if I nursed her, to having a little girl who understands the rules, knows what to expect, and sleeps 12 hours a night and takes great naps – I have to say, I’m so proud!

Lyla’s quality of sleep is better, my brain is better, our household is happier, and our overall quality of life is so improved, thanks to the plan that Jen and Nicole created and all the support they provided. I honestly can’t thank them enough for their help – I am forever grateful!

The Baby Sleep Site: Awwww…thanks, Vikki! Stories like these are what all the hard work worth it. :) Sounds like your consultation experience with Jen was really, really positive.

Vikki: Yes! I especially loved how accessible Jen was through the entire process. I bought the Deluxe package, so I had three follow-up emails to use, but we exchanged more than three e-mails. When I would ask a quick follow-up question, or when I needed clarification on something in the plan (or even when I just needed some encouragement!), Jen would reply with a short email that she didn’t count against my 3 e-mail total. She ‘charged’ only for lengthier e-mails in which she was giving me new sleep advice. This really made me feel like we were in it together, and that I could approach her when I needed to without having to worry about using up my emails too quickly.

The Baby Sleep Site: I’m so glad, Vikki! Okay, as we wrap up – any final words you want to share?

Vikki: Can I say thanks one more time? Ha! Thanks again for being such an amazing, trusted resource. You guys rule!!

So that’s how Vikki was able to help her little sleep “prize fighter” learn to sleep through the night (12 straight hours, thankyouverymuch – pretty impressive!) and nap like a champ. Vikki couldn’t do it on her own, but she had the wisdom to realize that this didn’t mean she was doing anything “wrong” – it just meant she needed some expert hep! That might be just what you need, too – some expert, personalized guidance. Our sleep consultants are standing by, eager to help you tackle your sleep challenge. What are you waiting for? Get your Personalized Sleep Plan™ today!


Meet Jenny, and Hear How She Helped Alexis Learn To Sleep!

JennyPic1We’re kicking off our summertime Family Features by introducing Jenny. Jenny first approached us for help when her adorable little Alexis was just 10 weeks old. That’s fairly young to sleep train (although our consultants often work with parents of newborns and young babies), but you see, Jenny is a teacher, and she only had about 5 weeks of maternity leave left. And given the fact that she she was having to hold Alexis pretty much 24-7, and that Alexis was napping a ton and up often at night, it’s understandable why Jenny wanted to sort out Alexis’s sleep before returning to to the classroom!

However, Jenny’s consultation didn’t go quite as she expected. Her little Alexis threw her a few curveballs. But with the help of her consultant, Elaine, Jenny was ultimately able to make BIG changes to Alexis’s sleep. But don’t take my word for it – read on, and hear from Jenny herself!

The Baby Sleep Site: Jennifer, tell us what prompted you to purchase a consultation package from The Baby Sleep Site®.

Jenny: Alexis was very young when I bought my consultation package – she was just about 10 weeks old. The main reason I wanted to work on her sleep early was because, at the time of my purchase, I had about 5 weeks left before I had to return to my teaching job. I knew that once I started back to work, I would need more sleep, and I also knew that I needed a better daytime routine for Alexis, so that my mom (who regularly babysits Alexis) would have an easier time caring for her.

The Baby Sleep Site: Going back to work can definitely be daunting when you have a sleepless little one at home, that’s for sure! So what was Alexis’s sleep like before you started your consultation?

Jenny: Well, first of all, Alexis needed to be held pretty much constantly. That’s not unusual for a 10 week old, of course, but it was getting exhausting, having to hold her all the time. I always needed to hold her in order to her to fall asleep. Alexis also slept off and on a lot during the day (at random times, though – I was letting her pretty much nap on demand), and then she would be up a lot at night. I felt like she might be sleeping too much during the day, but I wasn’t sure.

When I went into the consultation with Elaine, I was really looking for a more structured daytime schedule (although I didn’t want anything rigid), and I was hoping that Elaine would help me to lengthen Alexis’s nighttime sleep. I knew Alexis obviously needed to keep feeding at night, and I actually really enjoyed the nighttime feeds – but I just wanted fewer of them! I loved holding Alexis too, but I knew that we couldn’t continue with me having to hold her all day long.

The Baby Sleep Site: Makes sense! Now, what happened once your consultation started?

Jenny: I was really excited about the plan after I first read it – it was so detailed! I started by asking some clarifying questions on a few points of the plan that I needed help with. Once I got her responses, I felt ready to start!

The Baby Sleep Site: Great! And what happened next, Jennifer? Did you start to see progress?

Jenny: JennyPic2Ha! Not really – the opposite, actually! Within 2 days of trying sleep coaching, Alexis’s sleep seemed worse. I was so discouraged at that point. I wasn’t sure if what was happening was normal – maybe things were supposed to get better before they got worse? I felt uncertain about whether to continue on with the Plan, to speed things up, or to slow things down. Fortunately, I was able to email Elaine and share my concerns with her, and she replied with a really encouraging email. She gave me some general pointers and loads of support, but she also gave me permission (in fact, she urged me!) to follow my gut. She also pointed out that I was starting sleep coaching pretty early, so it might be best to slow down or to stop altogether and just wait a bit longer to sleep coach. This was so comforting to me! Honestly, sometimes it is hard to sort through all the info that’s out there, and to just listen to my instincts.

At that point, I slowed way down in the sleep coaching. I didn’t want to push Alexis too fast. I took it slow for about 6 weeks. Then, not too long after I returned to work, I decided it was time to try sleep coaching again. Alexis had been through the 4 month sleep regression by that point, and her sleep was even more challenging. She was napping a lot during the day, but then restless at night. I had to hold her every night until she fell asleep, which made it tough to grade papers or write lesson plans, or to have any time with my husband. We were also co-sleeping every night, since that was the only way Alexis would sleep well. It finally got the point where I just couldn’t do it anymore, so I decided to pick up my Personalized Sleep Plan™ and try again.

The Baby Sleep Site: Fantastic! So glad you followed your gut, Jennifer. So – how did attempt #2 go? Better than attempt #1?

Jenny: SO much better! I was still using a gentle approach, the way I had the first time, but within 3 or 4 nights, we had made so, so much progress. I was putting her to bed drowsy but awake, and she was settling on her own, without much fussing at all, and falling asleep on her own. It was great!

A few weeks later, I decided to try working on naps (I had still been rocking her to sleep for naps up to that point). I wasn’t sure Alexis was ready, but my mom had been laying her down for naps awake for a little while, and she said it was going well. So one day, I laid Alexis down awake for all of her daytime naps. Sure enough, she fell asleep and slept great!

But that’s not the best part: that night, after three great naps, I put her down for bed awake, and SHE SLEPT 11 STRAIGHT HOURS IN HER CRIB! I couldn’t believe it! I hadn’t been trying for sleeping through the night at that point – I was fully expecting to feed Alexis at some point during the night. My guess is that, now that Alexis knew how to put herself to sleep, she was able to fall back to sleep on her own quickly when she woke during the night. It was so encouraging to see what a great sleeper she had become!

The Baby Sleep Site: WOW, Jennifer – talk about a big change! Seems like waiting to sleep coach was a great decision!

Jenny: Yes, it was! I literally went from holding her for every nap and every night (and not having any time to talk to my husband, do school work or house work), to co-sleeping during the 4 month sleep regression to putting her down awake and now actually have time to get things done at night and during the day (wow!). I thought it would take much longer since I held her so much, but she really amazed me.

The Baby Sleep Site: We are so, so happy for you, Jennifer. This is such an encouraging story – it’s a great example of why sometimes it makes sense to wait a few weeks before sleep coaching, especially with young babies. It does seems like, by getting your plan early, you were able to instill a good foundation with Alexis, and then that foundation paid off when, about 6 weeks later, you were able to sleep train her in about a week. Congratulations again! Any last words you want to share with our readers before we wrap up your interview?

Jenny: I would love to thank Elaine again! Elaine, thank you SO MUCH for developing a plan for us that was so detailed and matched my comfort level with crying (which was minimal). I also appreciate you encouraging me to follow my instincts about waiting. Thank you for educating me on this process and for helping Alexis become an independent sleeper. I also can’t thank you enough for giving me back some time during the day and at night to tend to the household and my lesson planning/grading. You truly have given me a gift! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

There you have it, readers – there may have been a few speed bumps along the way, and the pace may have ended up being slower than Jenny was anticipating, but with Elaine’s help, she was able to help Alexis create healthier sleep associations, and to get her little one sleeping soundly! And you can, too. Our sleep consultants are standing by, eager to help you tackle your sleep challenge. What are you waiting for? Get your Personalized Sleep Plan™ today!