Our Top 25 Sleep Resources

Top 25 Baby Sleep Resources

We know some loyal readers have been here for years (thank you!), but many of you reading right now have only been aware of The Baby Sleep Site® for a few months, weeks, or even days! To help out newer readers, we’ve tallied the numbers: here are our top 25 sleep resources you love most! Read on to learn more about our most popular service packages, DIY-options, and blog posts on baby sleep, toddler sleep, schedules, and of course, sleep coaching.

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  1. Most Popular DIY Resource: The Tired Parent’s 5-Step System to Better Toddler Sleep

    I’m willing to bet that if you’re reading this, your toddler isn’t sleeping “like a baby.” I promise you, there is relief at hand, and you can start getting it today! The Tired Parent’s 5-Step System to Better Toddler Sleep gives you a complete toolkit of strategies, advice, sample schedules, and sleep logs to get your toddler to love bedtime – so you can get back in control and you can both get the sleep you need. However, if you don’t have a toddler, yet, get ahead and don’t let months go by with little to no sleep. Grab The 3-Step System to Help Your Baby Sleep TODAY!

  2. Most Popular Membership Option: 3-month subscription

    If you’re interested in our e-Books but are having trouble deciding which one is right to you, may I suggest checking out the VIP Premium Members Area instead? You’ll have instant, around-the-clock access to all of our e-Books, as well as our full range of VIP-only assessment quizzes, do-it-yourself tutorials, audio recordings, live weekly chats with our expert sleep consultants, and “ask the author” where you can ask a question on any page and a sleep consultant will answer.

  3. Most Popular Consultation Package: Advanced Sleep Support Consultation Package

    Our Advanced Sleep Support Consultation package is far and away our most popular sleep consultation package. With this package, you will receive a comprehensive Personalized Sleep Plan® plus four follow-up e-mail conversations designed to be used for additional questions and support or to further refine your plan. This is a great package for growing babies with evolving sleep needs!

  4. A close second was our Premium Sleep Support Consultation Package.

    Some parents prefer to have more direct and personalized interactions with our consultants on the phone. Our telephone sleep consultations are designed just for those parents. This package is our most popular phone option, with 2 hours of phone consultations with your dedicated Senior Sleep Consultant, plus a Personalized Sleep Plan® or Executive Summary that includes a Day-by-Day Plan, Schedule, and any specific recommendations for your family. Use your follow-up e-mail conversations to give you further guidance, support, and the ability to troubleshoot. This option is great for families who have several sleep challenges, more persistent children, and/or expect upcoming changes may disrupt sleep.

Top 5 Blog Posts About Babies:

Baby sleep can be tough to figure out, what with all of the regressions, nap transitions, growth spurts, and more that can happen in the first year of life. Here are your top 5 most-read articles about baby sleep!

  1. How to Handle the Frustrating (and Exhausting) 4 Month Sleep Regression
  2. How To Survive The 8, 9, or 10 Month Old Baby Sleep Regression
  3. Newborn Not sleeping? 6 Reasons Why
  4. Sleep Regressions: Ages and Everything You Need To Know
  5. How And When To Stop Swaddling Your Baby

Top 5 Blog Posts About Toddlers:

It’s no surprise that the most popular resources on toddler sleep are all about sleep regressions! There are several over the toddler years, and getting through them in one piece is not easy. Here are your top 5 most-read articles about toddler sleep:

  1. 18 Month Sleep Regression Is One of the Hardest
  2. 5 Things You Need to Know About Your 2-Year-Old’s Sleep
  3. 3 Signs Your Toddler Is Ready To Stop Napping and How To Transition to Rest Time
  4. Toddler’s Weird Self-Soothing Explained
  5. How to Handle Your Toddler Climbing Out of the Crib

Top 5 Blog Posts About Schedules:

One of the most common questions we get here at The Baby Sleep Site® is “How do I get my young baby on a more regular schedule?” Did you know, we have an entire page devoted to baby and toddler schedules by age? Plus, here are your top 5 most-read articles about schedules!

  1. Newborn Baby Sleep and Feeding Schedules By Week
  2. Baby Sleeping More Than Usual? 3 Reasons Why.
  3. Baby Nap Chart: Learn How Long Baby Should Nap, and How Many Naps Baby Needs
  4. When Do Babies Drop to One Nap? 5 Signs to See Beofre You Switch
  5. 4 Month Old Baby Schedule

Top 5 Blog Posts About Sleep Training:

We want you to feel empowered to improve your family’s sleep according to your parenting philosophy and goals. That means we offer information about a variety of sleep coaching methods and approaches, to help you determine what will work best for your unique sleep situation. Here are your top 5 most-read articles about sleep coaching!

  1. 11 Cry It Out Dos and Don’ts (Plus How Your Baby’s Temperament Affects Cry It Out Sleep Training)
  2. 3 Signs It May Be Time for Night Weaning Your Baby
  3. 5 Common Sleep Training Methods – Your Cheat Sheet
  4. How Many Hours Can Baby Sleep Without Feeding?
  5. The Ferber Method Explained – Age to Use, Separation Anxiety, and Is It Harmful? (Plus Sample Session)

With over 300 articles on our blog, it’s hard to give you the best but this will get you going. Good luck and let us know if we can help in any way!

#1 Social Media Resource

The final resource you should check out if you haven’t already is our Instagram page where we share sleep tips, reels, cute babies, and more! We’d love to connect with you in a fun way.

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