Sleep Training Services: 7 Must-Know Tips for Hiring a Professional

7 tips for hiring a professional sleep consultant

Sleep training services have become more popular but how does it work and how do you find the right professional sleep consultant? Here are 7 must-know tips to find the right fit based on my 15 years of experience as a pediatric sleep consultant. Why Sleep Training Services? When your baby is not sleeping, it …

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Sample Baby Bedtime Routine, The Perfect Recipe

the perfect recipe for a baby bedtime routine

With a consistent baby bedtime routine, it’s often easier to put your baby to bed and your baby is more likely to sleep better at night. But, what should your bedtime routine include and what does it look like? Learn the perfect recipe and see a sample based on my 15+ years as a baby …

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Sleep Training Newborns: How To and When

How and When to Sleep Train a Newborn

When your newborn isn’t sleeping at night or napping during the day, the entire family is exhausted! You might be considering sleep training your newborn. But, how should you sleep train a newborn? Is it the same as an older baby? And, when can you start? This article will answer these questions based on my …

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When to Move Baby to a Crib and 5 Tips How to Transition

When to Move Baby to a Crib and 5 Tips How to Transition

The most common age to move a baby to a crib is 6 months old, on average. However, there are several factors to consider when deciding when to transition your baby to a crib. This post will discuss these factors so you can decide the best time to move your baby to the crib and …

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How To Handle When Your Baby Is Standing in the Crib and Won’t Sleep!

How To Handle Your Baby Standing In the Crib

If your baby is standing in the crib, it’s likely they aren’t sleeping. Babies and toddlers of all ages stand up in the crib and cry sometimes. In this article, you will learn when standing in the crib starts and how to handle it. When Do Babies Start Standing in the Crib? On average, babies …

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SNOO Smart Bassinet: Is It Really Worth It? And, Alternatives

SNOO Smart Bassinet: Is It Really Worth It?

The SNOO Smart bassinet has a built-in swaddle that keeps baby safe and automatically starts moving when the baby is crying to keep your baby asleep for longer periods of time. But, is the SNOO worth it? We will explore the pros and cons of the SNOO and help you decide if it’s right for …

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Can THIS Pacifier Help Your Baby Sleep? – Chicco PhysioForma Pacifier Review

PhysioForma pacifier

The PhysioForma™ pacifier by Chicco is supposed to be an improved type of pacifier, but aren’t all pacifiers basically the same? My team of sleep consultants and I were sent samples of the PhysioForma Pacifier to see what we thought from a sleep perspective. Could this new type of pacifier actually help your baby sleep? …

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