Top 5 Nursing Night Lights for Breastfeeding Baby

It’s the middle of the night and your sweet little bundle of joy does what any baby is supposed to do… wakes up! You jump up ready for action and you can’t.see.a.thing. Your nursery lighting has failed you. As soon as your feet hit the floor, you hear a yelp of pain and realize you’ve accidentally stepped on your dog in your haste to get to your whimpering baby!

This is a true story – it happened to me when my firstborn baby was a few weeks old.

I would try so hard to navigate the dark in the house during night wakings to ensure that I didn’t wake everyone up even more by turning on an overhead light, or my bedside table lamp. Every time I attempted to use the light from my cell phone, it would cut off at the worst time, or it was just too bright. Plus, trying to finagle holding a baby and nursing that baby all while holding a cell phone proved to be a bit of a challenge! 😉

After the dog experience, I knew it was time to start researching options for night lights that would emit a softer light in the night so that I was able to still see my baby and ensure a proper breastfeeding latch, but not have a light that was too bright and overstimulating for the wee hours of the morning.

My research led me to nursing lights and other nursery lighting! Have you heard of them before? Don’t let the term “nursing light” fool you! These lights are not just exclusive to nursing families. They can be used during any bottle feeding time or non-feeding wake-up time as well. Some can even be used as a regular night light for toddlers.

There are a variety of different nursing lights out there that you can use, but here is a list of our Top 5 Nursing Lights, in no specific order:

Nursery Lighting

The RTSU Bedside Lamp isn’t an actual “nursing” lamp, but it can conveniently be placed on any surface and turned on just by touching it. What we love about this is that you can adjust the brightness just by tapping it more than once. It’s rechargeable as well as wireless, which makes it very easy to move around the nursery. Fully charged, it will last for 1.5 hours which means you likely won’t need to charge it daily.

This Lepro Smart Table Lamp has it all! You can control it with your touch, with an app on your phone, or with Alexa/Google Assistant! It has a timer and 16 million colors too.

Nursing Night Lights

This night light by JolyWell is great for breastfeeding at night or for nightlights for toddlers. The touch control and timer are especially handy! And we love the calming color choices this light offers.

This rechargeable touch light can be put up on any wall. You control the brightness by how long you hold your hand on it and can turn it on and off with a quick touch. What’s really nice is that it has a memory feature. Once you find the perfect brightness level for your baby so you can feed the baby, it will remember it the next time. Very convenient! Sometimes it’s the smallest thing that can make a big difference.

The Hatch Baby Rest is a nightlight but it also has a sound machine and an app to control it remotely. You can customize the color, brightness, sound, and volume level. Also, you can set it to turn off and on automatically based on your family’s sleep schedule. That means this device can grow with your child if your toddler is waking early, for example.

As you can see, there are quite a few different options for a nursing light and these are just a few of our favorites! This guide should help you find the right fit for your family and help you get back to sleeping and dreaming soon!

Hope these nursing night lights help make your nights a little “brighter!”

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