5 Sleep-Friendly Crib Toys For Babies

In past articles, we’ve established that crib toys don’t have to be bad for your baby’s sleep, provided they are ‘sleep-friendly’ toys. Remember, in general, sleep-friendly crib toys do not light up or make noise, and (with the exception of board books) should be relatively soft, and have rounded edges. (Of course, you know your baby best – if your baby does just fine with noisy, light-up toys in the crib, then carry on! 😉 )

With that in mind, here’s a list of 5 fantastic, sleep-friendly crib toys that will pull double-duty: they will entertain your baby as he winds down for sleep, or just after he wakes up, but they will not overstimulate him or interfere with naptime or nighttime sleep.

5 Sleep-Friendly Crib Toys

Flensted Swallow Mobile

SwallowsI love this elegant, understated Flensted Swallow mobile. Done up in muted colors, this mobile is as simple as it gets – no lights, no batteries, no sound. Very sleep-friendly! According to Amazon reviewers, the swallows are lightweight and stir in even the slightest breeze, so if you run a fan in your baby’s room, that should provide just enough movement to interest your baby without overstimulating him.

Baby Elephant Teether

Peter RabbitThis Elephant Teether is too cute. It’s an adorable elephant your baby will love, done up in a combination stuffed animal and teether toy! The soft, plush body makes a great lovey, while the teething ring is made of hard, textured plastic – perfect for teething little ones! It’s available in other animals as well.

Crib Mirror

Mirror Often, a young baby’s favorite sight to behold is herself! And this Sassy Crib and Floor Mirror will allow her to do just that. The mirror can be attached to the side of the crib or propped up on the floor during tummy time. It comes with a few attached toys – a spinning black-and-white ball and a bee that can be rotated. For most babies, this will provide enough stimulation to hold their interest for a time without overstimulating them and making sleep difficult.

Fabric Books

Book I’m a bookworm, and I love for my kids to be surrounded by books at all times. That’s why I always loved to keep a few fabric books in their cribs. These two adorable choices – Who Do You See and Fuzzy Bee – make excellent crib additions. There are plenty of textures included here, to keep baby’s interest, but the books themselves are cuddly and soft enough to make them very sleep-friendly crib toys.

Mommie’s Melodies Soother

Sleep Sheep The ultimate sleep-friendly crib toy! The Summer Mommie’s Melodies Soother, Lamb is the only noise-making item on our list – and that’s because the noises it makes are lullabies, nature sounds, and womb sounds, which can actually drown out other distracting noises and help baby relax and fall asleep. This cute little baby sheep is totally huggable and comes with 6 soothing sounds. And it also allows you to secure it to the side of the crib, stroller, etc, ensuring that it doesn’t become a SIDS risk.

What are your baby’s favorite crib toys? Leave your recommendations in the comments section below!

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4 thoughts on “5 Sleep-Friendly Crib Toys For Babies”

  1. The Lully bear is a wonderful sleep aid. It has a ‘classic teddy bear’ look, just like how the Peter Rabbit Teacher is a classic. It sings popular lullabies and comes with a personalised certificate too!

    • Hi Emily – Thanks for sharing a sleep friendly bear that you like, and thanks for reading!

  2. @Meagan — I can totally see putting some of their mobiles in other rooms – they’re so, so pretty! And based on the reviews I read, they move with even slight air currents, so they’re almost alway in motion. These just seem so relaxing and soothing to look at, to me – glad to hear that’s true from someone who actually has one! 😉

    Thanks for commenting, Meagan – your comments are always awesome! 🙂

  3. The Flensted website has a TON of wonderful mobiles. We have the swallows in OUR bedroom… They were hanging over the bassinet when my son was in here with us, and now they are waiting for the next baby…. Mainly we kept them in here because they fit so well, they’re just as nice for a grown up room as a baby room… and they are really never still in a drafty cape cod house.

    We have the black fish mobile hanging in the bathroom over the changing table. I think that’s my favorite. We’ll pick out another for over the crib of the new baby… We never found one that fit my son’s Nintendo/Mario bedroom.

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