Ready to Begin Your Sleep Journey?   Yes! Show Me How
Ready to Begin Your Sleep Journey?   Yes! Show Me How
Ready to Begin Your Sleep Journey?   Yes! Show Me How

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  1. Mary J says

    Babies can usually start rolling by around 2-3 months old. If they are swaddled while rolling onto their front side, they might not be able to push their face up or roll back over to their backside…so how can you justify advising parents to swaddle at 6+ months, knowing that it’s a safety hazard?

    • Danielle says

      Hi Mary,
      Thank you for your comment! Safety if of utmost importance to us, as we are all parents too! As we mention in the article, we do recommend parents immediately stop swaddling as soon as it becomes a safety hazard, such as when a baby is breaking out of the swaddle or rolling, since the swaddle can then become a suffocation hazard. Although many babies roll early at 2-3 months as you mention, an equal number do not start rolling until much later, 6-8 months-old, and so those families may choose to swaddle for longer. Each baby and family is different, and we must all make the best decision for our baby. I hope this helps!

  2. Nicole says

    Hi! My baby is 4 1/2 months and we started to transition her out of the swaddle (one arm out) because she started to get out of her swaddle and is starting to roll from her back to her side in bed. We taught her to self soothe and fall asleep after being put down awake before when she was fully swaddled. She would fal asleep within 5 minutes of being put down. We are on day four of sleeping with one arm out and she just screams and cries when we put her down to sleep. We try to not pick her up and calm her while she is still in the crib, but nothing works. I’m finding myself desperate and going back to old habits in desperation for her to sleep such as picking up and rocking and nursing. Any advice?

    • Janelle Reid says

      Hi @Nicole, thanks for writing to us. I’m sorry the transition out of the swaddle has been difficult for you and your little one, but this too shall pass! Hang in there! This is similar to breaking any other habit so if you found a method that helped her self soothe that worked (other than using the swaddle) you may try going back to one of those techniques. Here is a link to a free guide as well that will provide additional tips for helping her sleep:
      I hope you all adjust soon! If you need more help, let us know! We have a ton of additional resources I’d be happy to point you in the direction of.

  3. Bobbi Jo says

    My baby is 6 weeks old and “let’s” me swaddle her during the day and can stay asleep while swaddled for 1-3 hours, although she fights it the entire time she is awake, and I have to swing and shoosh until she wears herself out and passes out. Does that sound like I should keep swaddling her?

    Nights are a different story: no matter what she will fight the swaddle (free her arms) and cry until she is absolutely hysterical (and I am, too) and it is impossible to console her. Should I stop swaddling her at night?

    • Janelle Reid says

      Hi @Bobbi Jo, thanks for writing to us. Some babies to take a while to get the hang of the swaddle, while others hate it from the start and never like feeling constricted. If she will sleep without it, you are not putting her at risk by leaving her out of the swaddle (and if you’re concerned about her getting cold during the winter you could get warmer pajamas, and perhaps a sleep sac which is a safe “wearable” blanket) if that’s what she prefers. You also could try swaddling her with her arms out, this is an options some parents do to help transition their baby out of the swaddle to get use to more freedom, but you could do it now if she preferred it and you really want to swaddle. Sorry for not a clear cut answer, but hang in there! You will eventually find something that works for both of you. If you need more help, please let us know! We have tons of resources available to help you with your sweet growing baby girl!

  4. Constance Lewis says

    My son is 16 weeks old. He sleeps 11-12 hours at night now but is still swaddled. He breaks out almost always once a night and cry’s until we reswaddle him. We have tried to let him fall back to sleep on his own but most of the time does not. He is starting to try and roll from back to front as well. Help! What should we do to stop the swaddle i think it’s a sleep crutch now

    • Janelle Reid says

      @Constance Lewis – Thanks for stopping by the Baby Sleep Site! That is amazing your son has been sleeping such long stretches for you. 🙂 It is can definitely be scary getting rid of the swaddle in fear of it messing everything up! As the article mentions, it may be rough, but you will have to teach your son how to fall asleep without it. Here’s a link to another article with some tips as well as some links to transitional swaddle products that may help if you choose to slowly wean him:
      Good luck!!

  5. Thea says

    We swaddled my daughter for the first month then it stopped working, at about 2 months, recently we’ve been having trouble getting her to sleeo on her own so one night after more than 24 exhausting hours of her waking up every 20-30 minutes I tried swaddling her again and she fussed for maybe 2-3 minutes before she fell right to sleep and slept for 6 hours. We have still been swaddling and she’s 12 weeks, 3 months on October 19.

    • Neosha says

      @Thea – Thank you for stopping in to our sleepy little village and for your comment. I’m glad to hear that your little one is enjoying her swaddle still and sleeping better for it! We find that many babies do enjoy this close, cozy feeling for several months after birth. Best wishes that she keeps sleeping well for you. Please keep reading and commenting on our blog!

  6. Emily says

    We were convinced that our baby hated swaddling. But, we started again after having a rough time putting her down and she became very easy to put down. Can put her down awake and she will put herself to sleep. No pacifier or anything. Now at 4 months, she wakes up a lot with her arms wrestled out of the swaddle and in her mouth and falls asleep instantly when reswaddled. But I think it’s time to break her of the swaddle as I don’t like getting up 5x a night to fix her swaddle.

    • Constance Lewis says

      Same here! What can we do?