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  1. Nika says

    My son will be 10 months in a week.

    5.30am wake up
    6.30am – formula (8oz)
    7.30-8.30 nap
    9.30 – formula (4oz) + 1banana cut into very small pieces mixed fith 1spoonful of organic yogurt
    11.00-12.30 nap
    12.30 – formula (4oz) + jar food (4oz)
    3.30 – formula (8oz)
    3.30- 4.30 nap (not every day, some days no nap in the afternoon)
    7.00pm -bath, baby cereal (3spoonfulls) mixed with 4oz formula and 2oz jar fruit
    7.15pm sleep until 5.30

  2. Sara says

    I’m wondering if my 11 month old gets *too* much sleep. On an average day she sleeps just under 18 hours total. Here a a very regular sleep schedule for her:
    wake-up: 7:30am
    nap: 9:00-11am
    nap: 1-3pm
    bed: 6:00pm – 7:30am

    Do I need to be concerned? Should I schedule an appointment with our pediatrician? She is baby #4, and although we *love* how great of a sleeper she is, I’m wondering if it’s excessive.


    • Nicole says

      @Sara I can understand why you are concerned since that is a lot of sleep at this age, which doesn’t leave as much time for learning or exploring. It is on the high end of sleep needs, but if she is happy and healthy when she is awake, it is probably okay and she will likely change as she gets older. I would definitely mention it to her doctor, though, to be on the safe side. Good luck!

  3. Angela says

    My daughter will be 1 July 9th. I am trying to have her on a good routine, but it varies depending on what time she wakes up and if I can get her back down after she wakes up. Here is a “good day.”

    4:30-5:30 She wakes up.
    She might go back to sleep with me next to her until about 6:30 or 7:00
    7:00 nurse
    7:30 Breakfast (oatmeal with fruit)
    10:00 nurse and nap (1 or 2 hour nap)
    12:30ish nurse and lunch
    2:00 nurse and nap (about 1 hour 30 min)
    3:30 snack
    5:30 nurse and dinner
    6:30 start bedtime routine
    7:00 nurse and put her to bed (she tends to fall asleep about an hour after I put her down….)
    Sometimes she gets only 9 hours of nighttime sleep and struggles during naps and becomes a downward spiral. I nurse so much because I have had 3 breast infections and will slowly wean her off after she is 1.

    What do you think about the early waking and struggle during naps? I sometimes have to nurse her to sleep during naps or rock her so she can sleep. Though, she falls asleep by herself at night.

    • Kimberly says

      Hi Angela,
      From what you’ve posted here, it looks like she is probably getting enough nap time. Not sure what you mean when you say she struggles during nap…are they too short or is she waking multiple times? Her wake up time is too early and most likely she’s not really done sleeping for the night but is having a hard time learning to resettle when she wakes or goes through light sleep cycle at that time. The first thing to work on would be the early wakings and working to help her learn to fall back asleep on her own or with minimal help from your at that time. I would recommend reading over this post about early waking and consider checking out Nicole’s book on shifting schedules. https://www.babysleepsite.com/waking-too-early/

  4. Kimberly says

    @ Gina- When you say she’s not rested and still after waking from her naps, how is she if you let her get up? Is she still cranky? If you wanted to try moving her to one nap, be sure to do the transition over a period of days and also keep in mind that there might still be some days where she does two naps.

    @ Candy- it sounds as though their last night might be too late and sleeping until 5 doesn’t give them enough time to be tired enough to go bed by 8:30 or 9 am. I would try adjusting their schedule to match more closely the one Nicole has posted here. I would also recommending checking out this post on sleep associations to help with the nap/swing issues. https://www.babysleepsite.com/sleep-training/sleep-association/

    @ Allie- Babies thrive on schedule and consistency. A more consistent schedule would probably improve things dramatically for you but it will take the effort of all his caregivers. Maybe sit down with your boyfriend and his mom and go over what schedule you’d like your son to be one and stress how important it is for all you that you stick as closely as possible to the schedule.
    Crying when going to sleep or being to bed is common. Reassure him when you put him down by patting and shushing or maybe a few minutes of rocking to get him drowsy but be sure to put him down drowsy but awake so he falls asleep on his own.

    @ Karen- if he’s sleeping good at night and still getting close to an hour for each nap, I wouldn’t worry too much unless you think he seems over tired. Not taking as much bottle at daycare is common, as long as he’s eating enough at home, then again, it’s probably okay.

  5. Karen says

    My son is almost 11 months old and this is his typical schedule (I should mention that I work full time and he is at daycare 8 hrs a day M-F)

    5/5:30am nurse then back to sleep
    7:30am wake and nurse
    8/8:30am breakfast
    10am 3.5oz bottle of bm then cheerio snack
    10:30/11am nap (about 45 minutes)
    12pm 3.5 oz bottle bm then lunch
    2pm 3.5 oz bottle bm then cheerio snack
    2:30/3pm nap (about 45 minutes)
    5pm nurse and dinner
    7:30pm nurse and bed

    I know he takes short naps at daycare but his night sleep isn’t horrible and he is still in an infant room where the lights are on and all the babies are playing around him! Any tips for getting longer naps at daycare? He naps for 1-2 hours 2x a day on the weekends at home.

    My other question is, he is starting to refuse some of his bottle at daycare or only has some of the bottle. Since I get 4 good nursing sessions at home is this ok? Or should I cut back on the snacks at daycare?

    Thanks for any input!

  6. Allie says

    I forgot to mention that at about 7:30pm – 8pm I feed him a full bowl of cereal before I start to get him ready for bed. I try to get him nice and full. If anyone could give me any help on trying to get him to sleep more? Also, is anyone else having the prob. where your child cries everytime you put him/her to bed? He never used to do this up until 2 months ago. Also, is there anyone whose child cries when they can’t see you? Everytime he’s in his jumper or playpen, if I run into a different room real quick and he can’t see me he starts screaming. But when I leave for work he could care less? Anyone else have this with their 11 month old?

  7. Allie says

    My son is 11 months old and this is his schedule sometimes:

    8-8:30am- wake

    8:30am – bottle (he drinks about 5oz.)

    10:30am – cereal

    11 am – nap (1 to 2hr.)

    1pm- fruit and veggie

    3pm – bottle (5oz)


    7pm- bottle (6oz)

    8-8:30pm- bed

    He BARELY ever sleeps! It drives me crazy and this is something that JUST started. He used to take at least 2 hr naps sometimes 3hr but idk what happened. It’s hard to because I do not have a SET schedule. I have 2 part time jobs and the hours always change. So between me, my boyfriend, and my boyfriends mother my son’s schedule is always different cause everyone does things differently. And when my son goes to my bf’s mothers house he never sleeps there and she doesn’ t make him sleep or attempt to try to get him to sleep. So I would just like to get my child to have a schedule. I never even heard of babies taking 2 naps a day. I guess if it’s only for an hr each nap maybe that makes more sense.

  8. Candy says

    Hi there,

    I have 11 month old twin boys. Im not sure where to even start. When they were little I read something somewhere that said for babies not to nap where they sleep at night so that when they went into their crib they knew that it was time to sleep for a long time. Well, we started letting them nap in swings around 3 months old. It was also a way for us to control their napping so they were at the same time and gave us a bit of a break. One sleeps fine at night and wakes around 8, the other is up at all different times throughout the night. weve tried feeding him, co-sleeping (which he doesnt seem to like he tosses, turns and whines the whole time Here is their schedule as of now:

    8-8oz bottle
    9-cereal with fruit
    1030-nap(in swing) til 12:30
    12:30-wake and 6oz bottle
    1:30-lunch, jar of fruit and jar of meat/veg
    3:30-nap(in swing) til 5
    5:30-6 oz bottle
    6:30-dinner-jar of veg and jar of meat/fruit
    8:30-8oz bottle

    so, here are my problems:

    I want them to stop napping in swing, but I need the one baby sleeping better at night. thats usually when I nap as well, the only way i survive, lol

    neither have seemed very tired at bedtime, and sometimes we are still working on them going to bed at 1030pm, weve always been big on letting them put themselves to sleep, which they eventually do. We would like for them to have an earlier bedtime, but we are nervous to put them to bed any earlier in fear of them waking up even earlier and waking more then the one already does. We re afraid of letting our bad sleeper cry to much in fear of waking the other

    also, we cant seem to get them to feed themselves or drink from a sippy, any suggestions?

    I look forward to hearing from you

    a tired mom:)

  9. gina says

    Hi Nicole!

    It’s Gina, again! My daughter turned 1 years old on Valentines Day. Now, the issue the length of her naps. Before she was taking forever to fall asleep. She now goes right to sleep but it doesn’t last long, only 45 to 60 minutes. This happens for both morning and afternoon naps. She has about 3 1/2 hours of wake time between sleep. I can deal with hour naps, but what I don’t like is that she wakes up hysterical and not rested. I know she’s still tired but she wont’ go back. I’ll go in there once to give the Nuk and let her know it’s okay. Then I’ll try to let her cry it out for about 20 minutes….which I hate!!! Not sure what to do, any chance she could be ready to go down to one nap? Or, should I hang in and let her cry it out a bit and try to extend her sleep?

    Thank you!

  10. Naz says

    Hi Nicole

    I have read everything above and see the good advice you give, i do hope you can help me. Im really concerned about my little girl, she is going to be 12 months on 10th March. Ive written her schedule below then what my concerns are –

    5am – Wake up 4oz Bottle then back to sleep
    7am – Wake up 4oz Bottle
    8-8.30am – Breakfast – Half a weetabix with whole milk( always leaves a few teaspoonfuls) and usually bit of toast
    10am – Snack – 1 or 2 baby biscuits
    11am – Nap with 4oz bottle
    12.30pm – Wake up
    1.30pm – Lunch
    2-4.30pm – Has various snacks – Half a banana, some baby crisps, little bits of whatever anyone else is eating if its suitable (she really enjoys eating what we eat!)
    4.30pm – Nap with 4oz botle
    6.00pm – Wake up
    6.30pm – Dinner
    7.00pm – Snack – usually melon or pear or yogurt.
    8.15pm – Bathtime
    8.30-8.45pm – Bedtime with 4oz bottle

    Im really worried that maybe im over feeding her solids and thats why shes not drinking as much formula. I was breastfeeding untill 2 months ago then i had to stop because i stopped producing milk. Shes always taken formula when my mum has had her and so the transition from breast to bottle wasnt difficult. Shes gaining weight at a steady rate and is so active crawling everywhere all day long. i think i need to adjust her nap times aswel but dont know where to start. About a month ago i got her into a really good rouitine of falling asleep by herself, feeding her giving her a kiss and leaving her to sleep! It was great after months of her falling asleep on the breast or in my lap! But then she got the flu and started waking up at night really congested and so to comfort her i would pick her up. Now she wont go sleep unless i stay next to her untill she falls asleep. Also after the flu she started going through seperation anxiety, crying if i go out of sight! If i try to leave her to sleep she cries and cries. What do i do please help.

    Thank you.