Ready to Begin Your Sleep Journey?   Yes! Show Me How
Ready to Begin Your Sleep Journey?   Yes! Show Me How

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  1. Shweta Gupta says

    My dd is 14 months old, started daycare at 13.5 months. She is on 2 naps at home, and she sleeps happily for 2 naps and in the night. However, at daycare, they only give one nap to this age group and because of this, she is getting very cranky, overtired, always rubbing her eyes, night wakings has increased so much, early morning wakings. What should I do? So she was following 2-3-4 sleep pattern at home, however at daycare they only put her to sleep after 4-5 hours for wake time. Their logic is that in this way she get overtired and sleeps within seconds but if they try to follow 2 nap schedule for her, it takes time a good amount of effort to put her to sleep! I am very worried about her .

    • Debbye @ The Baby Sleep Site says

      Hi @Shweta – Thanks for writing to us, and sorry to hear that your daughter is struggling with the daycare’s set schedule! You’re not alone here! We hear very often about daycare’s transitioning to one nap a bit early and hear about the sleep challenges that this can cause! This article should help:
      Do feel free to put her to bed extra early on the days where she only has one nap, to help combat the over-tiredness! I hope that things smooth out, or that the daycare will work with you Shweta! Good luck!