Newborn Sleep Schedules By Week, Newborn Sleep Patterns, and Tips for Better Sleep!

newborn sleep schedules

Looking for a newborn sleep schedule? Newborns need 14 to 17 hours of sleep a day (8 hours during the day and 8 at night). They can’t stay awake longer than 1 to 2 hours at a time and newborn sleep patterns change rapidly. If newborns generally eat, poop, and sleep around the clock in …

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Baby Not Sleeping? You Might Be Surprised to Learn Why!

It’s no secret that we at The Baby Sleep Site are dedicated to helping parents help their children to gently fall asleep independently, and take long restorative naps. If your little one is waking up in the night or mid-way through their nap, chances are they need to let go of sleep associations or adjust …

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How To Get My 14, 15, or 16 Week Old Baby To Sleep

Previous: How To Get My 11, 12 or 13 Week Old To Sleep Congratulations! You’ve just completed your “4th Trimester” otherwise known as your baby’s first 3 months ex utero and helped your 11, 12, or 13 week old sleep. What does this mean? For many babies it means they begin waking up more at …

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Quick Tip: How To Tell If A Nap Transition Is Approaching

How To Tell If A Nap Transition Is Approaching

Picture this. You’ve just settled into a nice, predictable daytime sleep schedule, you’re feeling good about life, and then, before you know it, your baby gets a little older and blows your perfectly-crafted routine to pieces. I’m positive a lot of you know exactly what I’m talking about (even those of you who’ve never been able …

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4 Tips To Prevent The End Of Daylight Saving Time From Ruining Your Child’s Sleep

Daylight Saving Time tends to be a big topic here at The Baby Sleep Site®; we start getting e-mails in the Helpdesk up to a month before it ends, asking for suggestions on how to help babies and toddlers ‘fall back’ and adjust to the time change. After working with many, many, many families to …

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Bedtime: Everything You Ever Wanted To Know

Everything You Need to Know About Bedtime

Bedtime – depending on your situation, this word either sounds like music to your ears or sends a shiver down your spine! Most of us know from experience just how tough bedtime can be. Far from a calm, gentle wind-down before sleep, for some families, bedtime is alternately a battle of wills, a scream-fest, a …

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2 Quick Tips For Making Tough Daycare Nap Schedules Work

You don’t have to have school-aged kids at home to enjoy the back-to-school season! But we here at The Baby Sleep Site® know that back-to-school season can be tough – if you have older kids, you have to work on reeling in your summertime schedule and get more serious with bedtime and morning wake-time, for …

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10 Must-Know Baby and Toddler Nap Facts (#7 May Surprise You!)

10 Must-Know Baby and Toddler Nap Facts

We’ve written quite a bit about baby and toddler naps here on the blog, so if you’ve been following our site for a while, you’ve had the chance to read a lot of baby and toddler nap tips and tidbits. But, some of you are new moms or new to The Baby Sleep Site® and …

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