Ready to Begin Your Sleep Journey?   Yes! Show Me How
Ready to Begin Your Sleep Journey?   Yes! Show Me How

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  1. Jana says

    I’d just like to point out that the term “food sensitivities” is outdated. There are two types of allergies – the ones that cause immediate reaction (Ige) and the ones that cause delayed reaction (non-ige). So, for example, a baby can have cow’s milk protein allergy, which could be ige or non-ige. Lastly, there is also lactose intolerance (which is a reaction to sugars in milk and it is quite rare in babies and children).

    • Debbye @ The Baby Sleep Site says

      Hi @Jana – Thanks for writing and for sharing this information with us! I have shared this with our editor who will review this post and update it as needed! Again, thanks for sharing this!

  2. [email protected] says

    Food Allergies is such a critical topic, thanks for sharing such useful information, it helped me a lot with my boy.

    • Janelle Reid says

      @[email protected] – We are so glad to hear the article was helpful! 🙂

  3. Emily DeJeu says

    @ Angela Nelli — just wanted to jump in and say thanks for reaching out to Yann like this! Very, very kind of you to share your experience, and to offer some advice. 🙂

  4. Angela Nelli says

    @Yann – Yann your situation sounds almost identical to ours! Have you had a blood test done to test for specific allergies? We had one done on our daughter and it has made a world of difference. Since I’m still nursing I now know specifics to cut out of my diet. It was so difficult for me to try and figure out what was bothering her because sometimes there is a delay with exzema reaction. Also, I discovered an amazing product called ScratchMeNot. It’s changed our life! The combination of eliminating the proper allergens from my diet and using these anti scratch sleeves has been so wonderful for us. I was at my whits end not being able to go out in public easily, not having our daughter in her crib (she’d scratch until her whole forehead was mutilated and bloody!) I was so emotionally, physically, mentally exhausted! I’m almost thinking that if your daughter is still itching so bad there’s an allergen still affecting her that you sent aware of. My daughter is now 8 months and we had the bood test done at about 6 1/2 months so you should be able to request them. Our pediatrician did not run the tests we went to an allergist. Good luck!! I hope you can find some answers and relief. I have tears in my eyes as I write this because it brings back all the emotion of what I went through! And seriously try the ScratchMeNot if your daughter is hurting herself. A little pricey but worth every single penny! I bought 3 to rotate between wearing and washing.

  5. Emily DeJeu says

    @ Caroline Ehlers — I’m so sorry to hear that your grandson is struggling like this 🙁 That must be hard for the whole family!

    As to what to do about these health problems, we really can’t make any specific recommendations, since we’re not healthcare professionals. It sounds like the health issues are disturbing his sleep, and you’re right in thinking that those health issues will need to be addressed by a healthcare professional first, before you begin working on sleep.

    Once those health concerns have been addressed, your grandson’s parents may want to start working on better sleep; if that’s the case, they can check out our free guide on baby sleep (

    Hope this helps, Caroline! Thanks for commenting. 🙂

  6. Caroline Ehlers says

    My grandchild also has this reflux problem. He is 3 months old and very difficult. He has slime in his throat which the doctor says is from the reflux and struggles to drink sometimes. He is extremely difficult and cries a lot. We were told by the doctor to not lie him down flat by rather let him sleep in his push chair. He struggles a lot with wind and has recently started with teething, his gums are swollen and we are not getting any sleep at night, it is too awful. What can we do? Panado does not work for him.

  7. Emily DeJeu says

    @ Yann — this sounds hard 🙁 But I’m glad to hear that you were able to get a diagnosis; sometimes, having the right information makes a world of difference in helping our little ones stay healthy.

    Thanks for sharing these details about your experience, Yann! 🙂

  8. Yann says

    My daughter is 15 months old. She was born with reflux was prescribed reflux medication since 6 weeks old. Then she was covered with eczema. We then found out that she has multiple food protein allergy, including dairy, egg and nuts plus soy intolerant. I was on a very restricted diet for long time. No social life. She still wakes every night from severe itch. She was put on antihistamine, steroid cream and we have tried various methods to help her sleep but I think her real problem is not sleep association but severe discomfort. I have come to term to accept her condition and give her lots of love and cuddle when she wakes while I cover her with lots of moisturiser and emollient.