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  1. Emily DeJeu says

    @ Sara – well said! Thanks for sharing the details of your experience. Will be very helpful to moms in similar situations 🙂

    @ Jennifer – so sorry to hear your little guy is struggling! I’d recommend taking him to see a doctor, so that you can get a proper diagnosis. We really can’t offer any medical advice, since we’re not healthcare professionals, and since we don’t know your situation. Best of luck to you, Jennifer!

    @ Erin – way to go! Glad you were able to figure out exactly what your little one’s food issues were. And thanks for sharing these details; I think info like this is so helpful to other parents.

  2. Emily DeJeu says

    @ Jill – wow! So glad you got this figured out, and that your daughter is sleeping better now. Thanks for sharing this story!

    @ Erin – oh, man, eating a restricted diet must be tough for you :(. But I’m glad you’re starting to figure this out! Hope that you get the allergies sorted out soon, Erin. Thanks for commenting!

    @ Susan – I’ve never heard of this, so thanks for sharing this info! Very helpful. And so glad you stood your ground with the doctor, and got your daughter tested. Thanks for sharing your story, Susan!

    @ Elizabeth Tapp – I was surprised to find, in my research, that so many odd symptoms are connected to food sensitivities and allergies. Makes them that much tougher to diagnose, as you’ve no doubt discovered! Good luck to you, Elizabeth. And thanks for commenting!

    @ Rebecca B – yes! I totally agree. There’s no easy way to diagnose food allergies and sensitivities, and much of the burden falls on parents to figure it out themselves. So glad you were able to sort out your little one’s issues! Thanks for commenting, Rebecca.

  3. Erin says

    My almost 1 year old daughter has had painful gas at night since about 3 weeks old. I ended up cutting dairy, egg, onions, broccoli, peppers, and anything spicy out of my diet. That reduced the problem. We then got her on a probiotic. That reduced the night screaming even more. We also used Colic calm anytime she woke screaming and gassy. That helped her settle quicker. When she turned about 9 months old and we had started her on solids, I noticed she was spitting up after eating puffs when she hadn’t spit up in a couple months. We then tried a barley cereal on her and she threw it all up an hour later. So we decided to stay on oatmeal. I had to get a different oatmeal because they were out of our original brand and after starting her on that she got diarrhea and was up all night again. We discovered the new oatmeal had wheat in it! I cut that out and the diarrhea and up all night stopped again. So now I know she has a dairy, gluten and egg sensitivity for sure if not allergy. I am going to ask her doctor about it when we go in for her 1 year appointment. Hopefully our discoveries will help others who are encountering the same thing! She only wakes 1 to 2 times a night now and it’s obvious she is hungry because she eats and goes back to sleep. She doesn’t fuss for anything else and can fall asleep on her own when she wakes in the middle of the night and isn’t hungry. I’m still nursing so I’m hoping when we get her on coconut milk she will sleep through the night like my first did (she woke twice a night to eat till she was on coconut milk. It seemed to stay with her longer than breast milk).

  4. Jennifer says

    Hi, i have a three year old son. He is growing so well and there is something that I’ve noticed about his stomach, its growing big and it is so strange. sometimes he suffers from stomach ache. he is asthmatic, one it attacks his then he has constipation and rash, temperature rising. please help me because I don’t know what is wrong with him. he sometime wakes up at night crying and says he feels some pains in his stomach. Jennifer

  5. Sara says

    I have two boys, and both have acid reflux, however our second also has multiple food intolerances including milk and soy protein intolerances. He would wake all night long sometimes less than once a sleep cycle. He isn’t a cryer, but would wriggle, grunt, squirm, whimper, pass wind and spit up.

    This is not normal behaviour, I fought for 8 months of his life to finally have him healthy once taken off almost all solids, on amnio acid formula and supplements to help heal his damaged gut. Within days of these changes his sleep would improve from 10 + night waking to 2 (one 6 hr + stretch) intolerances and digestion sensitivities are hard to diagnose, and often are mistaken for structural reflux, colic and/or constipation. Trust your gut mummas I’ve learnt it’s rarely wrong.

  6. Rebecca B says

    My son, now almost 14 months has cow dairy, wheat gluten and egg yolk sensitivities plus a few others. We fund this out at around 9 months. Before this he was waking every 1-2 hours at night screaming in pain. Our Dr said it was reflux or bad sleep habits etc but my husband and I were not convinced so we did our own research and tests. After changing his and my diet (i am still breastfeeding) he is sleeping much better. Still waking 1-2 times a night for some refreshments but does not scream in pain all night long anymore. Thank goodness! If only. more drs would look into this before just assuming reflux or sleep associations etc.

  7. Elizabeth Tapp says

    I’m a dietitian and my daughter broke out in bad eczema at 3 months. I removed so much from my diet and it was gone until a round of antibiotic for an ear infection. I found it fascinating that this article linked them to ear infections! I just ordered some bloodwork and plan to follow a very customized diet for food allergy/sensitivities and inflammation. Oh,,,it’s been so rough. This really is true, at least in our case, that she will wake often appearing for no reason. I know she can’t feel good although she acts as though she doesn’t notice the eczema at all.

  8. Susan says

    We also had difficulties with my daughter’s sleep, which got a lot worse after starting her on solids. It was a baby food blog that led me to the discovery that there is a condition called fructose malabsorbtion, which has similar symptoms as lactose intolerance. Her body lacks an enzyme to absorb fructose, a simple sugar found in fruits, but sucrose (regular granulated sugar) also breaks down into fructose and glucose. The symptoms are tummy aches, gas, and diarrhea. Since her intestines are irritated by the fermenting sugars, it also leads to vitamin deficiencies, in her case vitamin D and iron, which lead to delaying teething and slow hair growth. Although her doctor doubted that she had any serious problems, we got a refferal to test her, and she indeed turned out to have fructose malabsorption. We had to start her on a very restricted diet after the diagnosis, basically no fruits or sweets, but it paid off, she sleeps much better, has been steadily sleeping through the night for months now. Her teeth grew out rapidly after the new diet, and her once almost bold head is now full of gorgious hair.

  9. Erin says

    Oh your article just confirmed my suspicion! Everytime I had dairy on my diet, my baby would be very unsettled at night and have nappy rash the next morning. The worst offender was cooking cream! She could wake up every half an hour screaming and crying in pain.
    The same thing happened when I had fresh fruit juices and smoothies (even though I substituted the dairy with soy milk). Certain fruits trigger her reflux so badly that now I can only consume banana and pear.

    • Bee says

      It may not be the fruit that is a problem. Soy is not normally an appropriate substitute for cows milk if your little one has milk protein sensitivity as soy has a similar protein.

  10. jill says

    We have struggled with our daughter’s sleep since day one. By the time she was almost one, she was still waking up every 2 hours all night long. We got a sleep plan from Nicole, and implemented the strategies. Some of them seems to help as far as getting her to sleep, but she would still wake up throughout the night, some times staying awake for up to 4 hours at a time! We were all exhausted. We tried revamping our sleep plan, but it did not seem to help. It was at that point that my friend suggested that perhaps my daughter had a food sensitivity that was affecting her mental state, keeping her overly energized and awake. we did an elimination diet, and realized that my daughter is sensitive to gluten. she does not have an allergy, she just gets very hyperactive, and will not sleep, if she has any more than a tiny amount of gluten in her diet. after 2 weeks of being gluten free, she was sleeping through the night, and falling asleep easily. it was like a light switch went off. I’m so thankful that we figured this out, or we would probably still be getting zero sleep to this day!