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  1. Emily DeJeu says

    @ Jen — great tip! Thanks for sharing it. 🙂

  2. Jen says

    We have occasional periods of overnight leaks with our daughter (now 26 months), but the greatest problem was when she was about 4mths old and started to roll. As she likes to sleep on her tummy I found the nappies leaked out the top of the front. My solution? I changed her into Huggies Boy nappies (as they have more absorbancy in the front than the girls ones) for nighttime only and they worked a treat!

  3. Emily DeJeu says

    @ Ben — thanks for this input! We love it when dads chime in. 🙂 Agreed; babies can’t be expected to sleep through the night if they end up soaking wet halfway through it! My husband and I are big fans of the Huggies overnights, too. They were lifesavers with both of our boys, and we’re using them now with our 18 month old daughter. I’m a major cheapskate, but even I’m willing to pay the extra money for overnight diapers, since I’ve found that they work so well.

    Thanks again for commenting, Ben!

  4. Ben says

    My wife and I are a huge fan of the overnight diapers, one size larger than he wears during the day. We believe that was a key element in our son learning to sleep through the night when we started sleep training him.

  5. Emily DeJeu says

    @ Jamie — Probably, yes. You could either try buying booster pads and putting them in his regular diapers, or you could opt for overnight diapers (like Huggies) and see if those help. Let us know what ends up working for your little guy, Jamie!

    And thanks for commenting. 🙂

  6. Jamie says

    My son is 4 months old and his size 2 diapers don’t hold it all in for an overnight so he leaks so I went up to a size 3 and he leaks out the side of those almost everynight they are still 2 big(he likes to sleep on his side. Will these pads and all this stuff help with leaking out the sides of his diaper?

  7. Emily DeJeu says

    @ Sarah — agreed on the wool! Makes a nice (and natural) moisture barrier.

    Thanks for commenting!

  8. Emily DeJeu says

    @ Becky — fantastic insight about heavy bedwetting possibly being something developmental. I personally don’t have any knowledge about that, but as you say, it wouldn’t surprise me at all. The changes come so fast and furious in our babies’ and toddlers’ early years that it wouldn’t be surprising if that had some kind of impact on their bladders. 😉

    Thanks, too, for the tip about the Goodnight mattress liners! You’re definitely right — the wet diaper isn’t the only issue you have to deal with in the middle of the night!

    Thanks for commenting, Becky 🙂

  9. Emily DeJeu says

    @ michelle — we definitely don’t want to deprive our little ones of fluid if they’re thirsty, of course. No one’s suggesting that. But it is good to keep an eye on when they’re drinking lots of fluid. I know I’ve found that my kids will go through spells when they really won’t drink much during the day, but then later, between dinner and bedtime, they’re drinking 4 or 5 glasses of water. Not good — that doesn’t make for a dry bed! So I’ve learned to be proactive — I ask my kids to sit down throughout the day and drink small glasses of water/juice/milk. I’ve found that it they stay hydrated throughout the day, they’re less likely to load up on fluids before bed, or to wake during the night and ask for something to drink.

    Just my experience, though — different for every family, of course! Thanks for commenting, Michelle! 🙂

  10. Emily DeJeu says

    @ Dale — another vote for the booster pads! I feel like I’ve been living under a rock or something; so many parents are chiming in about how awesome diaper booster pads are, and I’d never heard of them until I started writing this article!

    Thanks for commenting, Dale 🙂

    @ Meg — thanks for sharing your experience with us! Glad to hear that hemp ended up working out well for your little one. 🙂