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  1. Claire says:

    My little boy (3 in 2 months time) is on his first 10 days of potty training which is going well during the day, he is however really overly emotional now, and still in pull-ups during the night. He’s waking very early every morning and not going back to bed, which is getting tough for us. Should we be implementing potty training through the night also as so far we have just been leaving him in the nappy, but should we be waking him in the night to go pee? He seems happy still peeing in his nappy and isn’t dry in the morning, he’s also showing no interest in using potty or big potty during the night.

    • Debbye @ The Baby Sleep Site says:

      Hi @Claire – Thanks for writing to us about your 3 year old! I hope that potty training continues to go well during the day! It is quite common to potty train in the daytime first, and master that, and wait until he’s waking up dry before working on nighttime training! Follow your own instincts and it will be fine! Good luck Claire!

  2. Jamee says:

    My son is doing great with potty training during the day, but he has become so anxious at naptime and bedtime. We have resorted to locking him into his room bc he keeps escaping. He sits at the door and cries l. He won’t nap (cries the whole time) and cries for two hours last night. He finally fell asleep in front of his door and woke up three times throughout the night. I think he’s so anxious about going in his pull up. I put a little potty in his room, but I don’t think he gets it. He’s so used to going on the big potty. He constany says he needs water and go potty. I’m going insane!! He’s been such a good sleeper at night (slept through the night at 7 weeks) and has always loved sleep. Help!!

    • Debbye @ The Baby Sleep Site says:

      Hi @Jamee – Thank you for writing and I am sorry that you are having potty training troubles with sleep! You are not alone! This can be a tough time, so please hang in there! Keep on being consistent, and this too will pass!! You can try limiting the water right before bedtime, and hopefully that will help a bit. I do not know how long these struggles have been going on, and if they are strictly potty related, but we wold love to help and take an in depth look and help with a plan to get you back on track! Please contact us if you would like more info about how we can help!
      And hang in there Jamee!!!

  3. Maya says:

    Babies are born with bladder control and communicate from birth the need to go. They have a strog instinct not to soil themselves. We bring our baby to the potty when he signals since he’s six weeks old and it has helped him a lot being more calm and happy, it’s just a way to meet another of his basic needs.

    • Neosha says:

      @Maya – Thank you for your comment – how wonderful that this early elimination communication is working so well for you all! We hope things keep going so well as your little guy continues to grow. Please keep reading and sharing!

  4. Kristen says:

    We potty trained my 27 month old daughter with the 3 day “oh crap potty training method” also. She caught on right away and also within a week or so decided to night train herself. She has been out of diapers completely since, which is great, however definitely affecting her sleep. She wakes 1-2 times a night (she is in a toddler bed) and we have the mini potty in her room. She calls for me still and I go in and sit with her, the problem is she has such trouble going back to sleep. After rubbing her back and trying to calm her, she then stays up for 1-2 hours after crying or yelling saying “mama I want you”. We are not sure what to do and nobody has slept in weeks! I am so incredibly proud of her and happy she is not wetting the bed and using her potty and I know we are lucky she is so aware of this. I just don’t know how to go about getting her back to sleep! The poor girl is exhausted the next day at day care/school. Maybe due to her age and seeing some of the comments there is a nightmare/night terror thing happening?

    • Debbye @ The Baby Sleep Site says:

      Hi @Kristen – Thank you for writing! I am sorry that sleep has taken a tough turn since potty training! Sudden night wakings are so tough! It sounds like you may need some help getting to the bottom of the waking – Is is potty related? Separation fears and/or nightmares/might terrors? If you would like help getting to the bottom of these new wakings, we would love to help, and one of our consultants will take a super in-depth look at your schedule, history, and details, and can get you a detailed plan of action to help you all through this! You can check out our one on one consulting options here:https://www.babysleepsite.com/services/
      Hang in there until then, and I hope that you are ALL sleeping better very soon!

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