Should You Wean From the Zipadee Zip Sleep Sack Before, During, or After Sleep Training?

Should you wean baby from sleep sack before, after or during sleep training

We’ve been recommending the Zipadee Zip sleep sack long before they were on Shark Tank and we have worked with many happy families who have used it. But, a common question is should you wean from the Zipadee Zip before, after, or during sleep training? Do you have to wean from this swaddle transition sleep sack at all?

Once you are ready to stop swaddling your baby, the most common sleep product parents use is a sleep sack. A sleep sack is also called a wearable blanket and it’s considered the safest way to make sure your baby is sleeping comfortably without being too warm or too cold. The sleep sack shouldn’t come off; thus, your baby can’t accidentally get his or her face covered up leading to accidental suffocation.

Do you have to wean from the Zipadee Zip?

The company that manufactures the Zipadee Zip has larger sizes of sleep sacks, so for that reason, as long as your baby or toddler is in the “right” size, it is not mandatory to wean from the sleep sack at all. After all, it’s designed to lengthen nighttime sleep in the first place. That’s what makes it a great swaddle transition sleep sack! But, there are some instances you may want to wean from it:

  • Your baby likes to suck on his or her hands – If your baby likes to suck her fingers or thumb for self-soothing, then sleeping in a zippy may actually hinder her sleep. Once the Moro reflex has gone away, the primary motivation for the covered hands on the Zipadee Zip, then she may not like her hands covered.
  • Your baby uses a pacifier – For similar reasons, if your baby has a pacifier, as he gets older you may want him to be able to find and replace his own pacifier. It may or may not be as easy with his hands covered.
  • Your baby is tactile – Tactile people like to touch things with their hands and some babies will soothe themselves by running their fingers across their mattress, their own skin, touching a blanket of some kind, etc. That’s why the blankets and toys with tags are so popular!
  • Holding on – Although not as likely, your baby may prefer his hands out when holding onto the crib rail and there are some sleep sacks that have feet out allowing older toddlers to run around in their sleep sack. That won’t be as welcome in the Zipadee Zip. But, if that is unimportant to you or your toddler, it’s not an overly compelling reason to wean from the Zipadee Zip.

Should You Wean From the Zipadee Zip Before Sleep Training?

If you decide to wean from the Zipadee Zip and you plan on sleep training, you might wonder which should come first? In general, if you are considering sleep training, then sleep likely isn’t all that great, with or without the Zipadee Zip, so you probably won’t lose anything by taking the Zippy off. Of course, sleep could always get worse! Try using a traditional sleep sack 2-3 days first before you start sleep training. Why? Well, it’s best to keep variables to a minimum. If you start sleep training and the night is extra rough, you will wonder whether it’s the sleep training or the lack of a Zippy. Take a day or two to see the impact of JUST changing sleep attire. If your baby does like sucking his fingers or thumb, you might avoid sleep training altogether. Stranger things have happened!

Should You Wean From the Zipadee Zip After Sleep Training?

If your baby is younger than 6 months old, this may be a reason to keep the Zipadee Zip on for about a week during sleep training, since he could still have his Moro reflex and the Zippy is great for that! Otherwise, though, if you sleep train your baby and sleep is good, then you can, but don’t have to, wean from the Zippy.

Should You Wean From the Zipadee Zip During Sleep Training?

Yes, possibly. If you have been sleep training for 1-2 weeks without much progress and you have kept the Zipadee Zip on, then you may see improvement by uncovering your baby’s hands for self-soothing and making moving around easier. You may find that your baby wants to entertain herself with her hands as she’s falling asleep or, as I mentioned above, she may prefer to suck on her fingers or thumb for self-soothing. Or, again, she may have an easier time maneuvering her own pacifier, if she has one and you haven’t taken it away as a part of your sleep training plan. My son loved to put his fingers through the loops of his Taggies blanket, which he would have been unable to do if he were sleeping with his hands covered.

Wishing you a smooth transition!

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4 thoughts on “Should You Wean From the Zipadee Zip Sleep Sack Before, During, or After Sleep Training?”

  1. My son is 8 months and soothes himself by sucking on the hand piece of the zippidee zip. Is that okay for his teeth development?

    • Hi @Krista, thanks for writing to us, and I apologize for my delay in getting back to you! I am not a dentist so I’d ask your dentist next time you go, or ask your pediatrician, but it would be my guess that sucking on the zipper would be his way of soothing like some babies may suck on their thumb or a paci. Of course over time this can cause issues for their teeth, but I will not pretend to know the science and details behind all of it or when it starts. Here is a link to read more about infants and pacifiers that may give you some more information if you are concerned: I hope this helps!

  2. My baby is 9.5 months old and still uses a zipadeezip – is there a certain age you recommend weaning from it? She isn’t crawling or pulling up yet – do you think using the ZZ has hindered these abilities in any way?

    • @Nicole – Thank you for reading and for sharing with us! Sleep sacks in themselves don’t usually hinder development when used properly. You generally want your baby’s limbs to be able to move around freely for a considerable part of the day to ensure development so we generally advise they not be in the sleep sack or swaddled up all day long. As long as your baby or toddler is in the “right” size, it is not mandatory to wean from the sleep sack at all really. If you’re concerned about her development, please reach out to her healthcare provider soon for reassurance or ideas. If you need assistance in weaning her from the sleep sack, please consider connecting with one of our sleep consultants. You can read more about them here: Hang in there, Nicole and best wishes to you!

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