Ferber Method for Naps

Ferber Method for Naps

Can you use the Ferber method of sleep training for your baby or toddler’s naps? Find out if Ferber for naps is right for your family!

Sleep Training 6-7 Month Olds: Step-By-Step

Sleep Training 6-7 Month Olds: Step by Step

Sleep training your 6-7 month old can be confusing with the onset of separation anxiety. Learn essential tips for sleep training your baby!

Sleep Training Services: 7 Must-Know Tips for Hiring a Professional

7 tips for hiring a professional sleep consultant

Sleep training services have become more popular but how does it work and how do you find the right professional sleep consultant? Here are 7 must-know tips to find the right fit based on my 15 years of experience as a pediatric sleep consultant. Why Sleep Training Services? When your baby is not sleeping, it …

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Sleep Training Newborns: How To and When

How and When to Sleep Train a Newborn

When your newborn isn’t sleeping at night or napping during the day, the entire family is exhausted! You might be considering sleep training your newborn. But, how should you sleep train a newborn? Is it the same as an older baby? And, when can you start? This article will answer these questions based on my …

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Sleep Training a 6-Month Old – 5 Things You Need To Know

Sleep Training a 6-Month Old - 5 Things You Need To Know

When you are sleep training a 6-month old, there are a few specific things to consider before you start. This article discusses 5 things you should know before you begin sleep training your 6-month old. 1. 6-Month Old Schedules One of the most important things you should do before you start sleep training is to …

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Our Top 25 Sleep Resources

We know some loyal readers have been here for years (thank you!), but many of you reading right now have only been aware of The Baby Sleep Site® for a few months, weeks, or even days! To help out newer readers, we’ve tallied the numbers: here are our top 25 sleep resources you love most! …

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Should You Wean From the Zipadee Zip Sleep Sack Before, During, or After Sleep Training?

When Should You Wean From the Zipadee Zip?

We’ve been recommending the Zipadee Zip sleep sack long before they were on Shark Tank and we have worked with many happy families who have used it. But, a common question is should you wean from the Zipadee Zip before, after, or during sleep training? Do you have to wean from this swaddle transition sleep …

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