Ferber or Weissbluth?

Ferber or Weissbluth?

Ferber & Weissbluth offer differing methods for sleep training. Here we look at similarities & differences & consider what might work best.

How Long to Cry It Out (CIO)

How Long to Try Cry It Out

This topic “How long to cry it out?” has come up a few times in the last few weeks in one way or another, so I thought I’d talk about it today. I always preface any discussion about cry it out by making sure that everyone understands that I’m not a “Cry It Out Pusher.” …

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Will Cry-It-Out Change Your Baby / Child’s Personality?

Will Cry-It-Out Change Your Baby / Child's Personality?

I happened upon an article where a woman and husband were against cry-it-out. Specifically, The Ferber Method. They ended up doing it anyway because it was what worked. In that article, Confessions of a Ferberizer, she said that, in the end, her son stopped wanting to be rocked or cuddle. She did not seem to …

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Sleep Training (From No Cry to Cry) Series – Part 5: Check and Console

Sleep Training Series part 5

This article will outline two sleep training methods, including “Check and Console,” which is what many people know as “The Ferber Method”. If you are just joining in, you may want to start from the beginning at Part 1 of my Baby Sleep Training (From No Cry to Cry) series. You may be interested in …

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