How Weaning Will Affect Your Baby’s Sleep

How Weaning Will Affect Your Baby's Sleep

If you’re considering weaning your baby or toddler, we’ll help you wean safely while creating/keeping good sleep habits!

Night Weaning vs. Sleep Training: Which Should Come First?

Which Comes First? Night Weaning Or Sleep Training?

For many of the families we work with, night weaning and sleep training are both high priorities. After all, constant night feeds can exhaust even the strongest parents! And a baby who can’t fall asleep independently is often one who will wake too early from a nap, or wake during the night due to sleep …

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Night Weaning Quiz: Is Your Baby Ready For Night Weaning?

Is Your Baby Ready For Night Weaning?

Night weaning. It’s a popular topic around The Baby Sleep Site®! Countless parents have contacted us over the years and asked, “Is my baby ready for night weaning?” The answer, of course, varies from baby to baby. So much depends on age, but we can’t offer a simple ‘if your baby is this age, then …

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Cry-it-Out to Wean from Breastfeeding?

Cry-it-Out to Wean from Breastfeeding?

Is crying it out to wean your baby from breastfeeding fair? To you? Your baby? How should you NOT use CIO to wean your baby? Take a peek for a few thoughts.

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