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  1. Emily DeJeu says

    @ Jennifer — reading your comment is like reading about my own experience! Both of my boys have been a snap to potty train, but one still struggles with nighttime wetness. I’ve done a bit of reading on it, and I’m finding that it can be related to a variety of things, including genetics (more likely to happen if dad/uncle had the same problem), nightmares/night terrors (as you mentioned), having a small bladder, and even having enlarged tonsils!

    I’m hoping the problem resolves itself in time. We do the same thing you do; we use Underjams and call then nighttime undies.

  2. Jennifer says

    Daytime potty-training my son was a breeze. He decided at 28 months that he wanted to wear underwear instead of a diaper and took matters into his own hands.
    We did try night-time training for awhile at about 30 months but have since reverted to pull-ups which we call nighttime underwear. I think that the biggest problem that we were having is related to night terrors. I wonder if the anxiety about staying dry at night contributed to night terrors. Regardless, we’re still dealing with night terrors now, so pull-ups are easier for the time being – He just turned three in August.

  3. Emily DeJeu says

    @ Yung — thanks for sharing these tips! Sounds like potty training happened quickly for your son, which is awesome! Getting our toddlers out of diapers and into underwear is always a good thing. 🙂

  4. Yung says

    This is how I trained my first boy, who is 7 year old, and will do the same with my 2nd boy, 11 month old. I started with day time potty. First, put him in the potty every 2 hours and tell him to pee and poop once he pass his first birthday. He was in daycare at that time and the caregiver did that to him and followed the same at home. Then after a few months, around 18 months with my boy, i started with night time training by empty his bladder before bed and when I was up in the middle night, I would pick him up and let him stand with head on my shoulder, while he was sleeping, i pulled his pant down and put a cup in and tell him to pee. But you have to be careful when put the cup down cause you don’t want to spill the floor. I had no accident to spill at all. Then pull his pant up and lay him down to sleep. He will learn after a few times and will never fully awake. he was out of diaper around a little over 2 years completely, had about 3 accident without diaper after that. I got a waterproof bed after and no more accident and he is 7 year old now.

  5. Emily DeJeu says

    @ Monique — Thanks for sharing your experience so far! Sounds like your daughter is making good progress; being aware of her bodily functions is the first step towards her becoming independent when it comes to the potty.

    Hope your potty-training journey is a good one!

  6. Emily DeJeu says

    @ maggie gawelko — 7 months is definitely young. Most families don’t start until somewhere between 18 months and 3 years (quite the age range, isn’t it?) Sounds like your daughter is right where she should be at 22 months — gaining an awareness of her body, and figuring out what the potty chair is for and how it works. At this point, that’s perfect! In another few months, you may want to start actually having her try to pee in the potty chair; that’ll start the real potty training.

    In terms of potty training articles and resources, I’d suggest you google “potty training.” You’ll be amazed at how many articles crop up! We don’t really have a set of resources we recommend to parents, although Nicole used this method:

  7. Monique says

    My daughter (18 months this weekend) has been showing the signs of being aware of pee and poo coming out. We bought two potties (one for downstairs and one for upstairs) for her to play with and get comfortable with it. When we use the bathroom she follows us and sits on her potty. With a diaper change she is now sitting on it without her diaper on for a few minutes and we talk about pee and poo… I asked her if she needs to do more pee or poo, and when she shakes her head no, then I ask if she wants a clean diaper back on. Sometimes it’s a no (= not yet), and sometimes she stands up and turns around for me to put her diaper on (I change her standing up). It works well. Currently she is pointing at her diaper front or back after she has done something, says oh oh and walks to the bathroom. She is moving to the toddler class this week and there they have the facilities to potty train her (not in her infant class). I think once she is settled in to the toddler class, this can work because she is so aware and getting used to it already. Hope this experience will give some ideas to others. Cheers, Monique

  8. maggie gawelko says

    I am surprised to hear a seven month old is starting to potty train. My daughter is thinking about starting and he is 22months. He will say pee and poops and he is right. She boought a potty chair and he sits on it but with a daper on. Just to sit. We wondered if he is to young? He is still in his crib. Please suggest good potty training articles.

  9. Emily DeJeu says

    @ elu — Congratulations on having such potty training success at such a young age! Very exciting 🙂 There’s probably no harm in starting potty training early, although many experts are quick to point out that a toddler isn’t fully potty trained until they’re able to initiate their own trips to the bathroom (in other words, if the toddler needs to be taken to the potty every 20 minutes in order to not have accidents, then she’s not fully potty trained.)

    I’d say, though, that you’ve probably laid a good foundation here! Should be easy to make the transition to your daughter going potty all by herself, when she’s ready for that.

  10. elu says

    I started to train my baby girl as early as 7 months old. Now if we saw the sign when she wants to pee or poop when i am going to bring the potty, i said “potty, potty” she will hold it. And she uses after each nap or sleep very well if we follow her. Even if she is sleepy, she is OK with it. She doesn’t wet when she is fall a sleep. What i want to ask is, is that too early for my baby to use potty and does it have any effects on her? Because the pediatrician doesn’t like it. But my baby seemed to enjoy it. She is now 11 months & 2 weeks old. And doing well.