Ready to Begin Your Sleep Journey?   Yes! Show Me How
Ready to Begin Your Sleep Journey?   Yes! Show Me How

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  1. sarah murphy says

    I had problems with both of my two and found using a reward chart really helped. I got some nice ones from but there are loads of free ones on the net that you can just ptin off and use too

  2. Lawanna Wolford says

    Normally I wouldn’t comment on posts but I felt that I had to as your writing style is definitely good. You’ve broken down a tough area so that it easy to understand. I believe that you would enjoy reading what another good blogger has to say on the topic.

  3. agmom says

    I have used a calendar that he gets to put stickers on for waking up witha dry pull up. This way he gets to see the progress each month. We started this at 3 and so far he is down about once a week wet now since Jan. I have found a kid calendar that he can draw his own picture for each month and on the 1st thats what we do and go over the events of that month. We also read the weather everyday in the newspaper for the week. Sticker charts are great!!!!!!! I have thousands of stickers and my son will do anything for a stricker.

    • Kimberly says

      What a great idea and solution! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Casey says

    I have been having a lot of trouble with my 2 year old daughter at bedtime lately and I was thinking of doing some type of sticker chart for her. I’m glad I found these tips, reading them has been helpful in figuring out how exactly we’re going to go about this. Thank you for these tips!

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    • Nicole says

      @Casey Good luck! Please share how the sticker chart works for you and if you have any tips to share that are different than this list.

  5. Nicole says

    @Aruni What a great idea on the dry erase board. Thanks for sharing! Amazing he had the self-control to be “good” for 30 days. You found a great incentive for him. 🙂

  6. Aruni says

    We did something like this with our son but it wasn’t a sticker chart, it was a mini dry erase calendar board. Everytime he slept well he got a smiley face and if he got so many smiley faces he would get a treat or we would take him some where fun.

    One time I told him that if he slept 30 days in a row without getting up, fighting, whining, etc. he would get to eat pizza for dinner for one week. Guess what it worked! I felt like a bad mom but that seemed to click with him. I think that was the turning point to better sleep but even after then he still had night terrors and other issues but it definitely helped us to incentivize him!

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