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  1. shannon says

    My. 11 month old dd is very spirited since I was pregnant and birth. We r still struggling w sleep and r at our wits end. We tried cio this week and she cried for two hours til I couldn’t take it anymore and gave in. It then took her two more hours to unwind talk and soothe herself to sleep in my arms. The whole night she was restless and jerky:( so I feel cio does not work for these lo’s.

    • Nicole says

      @shannon Persistent babies can be tough!! There are other things you can do besides cry-it-out you might want to try. Have you signed up for my nap sessions or entered the giveaway for free sleep consultations? I’d love to help you further! Good luck!

  2. Ash says

    Is there a link to the next page of the serieds?

    • Nicole says

      @Ash Thank you for pointing out my missing links! I’ll get that fixed ASAP!

  3. Mens sleep says

    I never realized by baby persistence could effect her sleep pattern.

    Thanks for the info.