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  1. Rendy says

    We recently moved from the U.S. to the UK. My 18 month does great up until its time to lay her in bed. We aren’t sure if she’s afraid or if its just some bad habits we’ve developed during the move. Is 19 months too young for a toddler to be afraid of the dark or unfamiliarity?

  2. Dr Kaylene Henderson says

    Hi everyone, thanks for the lovely comments.
    I’m really glad that you enjoyed the article and especially happy that my stories have been able to help your daughter with her bedtime fears Jane.
    Please feel free to have a look at the other articles I’ve written on the Little Children Big Dreams website – all topics have been suggested by readers and I’d love to hear your future topic suggestions.
    You’re also invited to join Little Children Big Dreams as a Facebook ‘liker’ for regular parenting tips and child psychiatry information (the link’s below – and don’t worry, with 3 young children I don’t have enough time to fill up your news feed!).
    I wish you and your little ones all the best, Dr Kaylene Henderson, Little Children Big Dreams

  3. Karen says

    I haven’t had to deal with this yet (knock on wood), but I find the information in this article to be practical and worth trying. Because this is uncharted territory, just the thought of my daughter waking up screaming in fear is unnerving, but the practical tips above help it seem less so. I will def bookmark this “just in case”!

  4. Kelly says

    Thank you! My little guy is an expert staller so these tips are helpful.

  5. shel says

    Thank you for the helpful insight! My son (2.5) is very verbal and although he is not having nightmares, he does state very often that he’s “scared of the dark” or “scared of monsters/dragons/sea robots/sea dragons, etc…” at bedtime. He’s also a staller. His imagination is starting to fire on all cylinders and we’re trying to help distinguish real from imaginary from the get go! I love having a lot of tools int he bag and pulling out whatever is necessary dependent on each individual situation.

  6. Jessica says

    Our daughter just turned two and while putting her to sleep has ALWAYS been challenging, in the past month or so, she’s been telling us that she’s “scared of the monkey” evey night. We have no idea where this is coming from, but I would love to read this book for some insight.

  7. Tracy Spackman says

    I am a sleep coach and I love articles like this. I totally do # 8 with my 5 children. I tell them exciting stories at bedtime where usually they are walking to school or playing outside and they see some kind of monster seeming to threaten some small child they know and so they don their super powers to save the person from the monster. Super Nathan to the rescue! Involving flying and super strength they best the monster who explains that they were just looking for a friend to play with and as realization dons on my super hero child, they all go off to play together ending up eating some assortment of yummy food I describe in detail. They love it.

  8. cressida buckberry says

    Haven’t had to deal with fears yet but great article to prepare me for it!

  9. Jane says

    We used one of the Little Children Big Dreams stories for our 3 year old when she was waking up screaming at night (the fear of monsters one). Worked brilliantly, even though her ‘illustrations’ weren’t too good!
    I’d heard before that stories and art are great at helping kids overcome their fears, as this article mentions. I just hadn’t realised that it could be so good in this age group but it certainly worked well for our little girl.
    Thank you!

  10. Anne Greenhill says

    My Little Girl wakes up screaming and jumping up every night. Her speach is not advanced enough to tell me what is bothering her (apart from the fact that I’m not allowed to have a ponytail when I try to console her. LOL!).

    I thought 2 was too young to have such dreams! I’m mindful of not exposing her to monsters / aliens, etc., so my next conclusion was that it must be the dark.

    I like the advice in points #6 and #7!