Ready to Begin Your Sleep Journey?   Yes! Show Me How
Ready to Begin Your Sleep Journey?   Yes! Show Me How

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  1. Lisa says

    I have 6mo old twins who we have been working on sleep coaching since they were ~3 months. They go through periods where they sleep wonderfully, going down drowsy but awake and sleeping around 10hrs per night, waking once or twice to feed. Then suddenly they will go on a sleep strike, waking every 2 hours fussy or staying awake for 4 hours at night mostly happy. And of course they trade off which twin is having difficulty at the time. We have kept the same bedtime, nap and feeding routine throughout this time. What would cause them to still be so variable?

    • Janelle Reid says

      @Lisa, Thank you for writing to us! I am sorry to hear you’ve been struggling off and on with your twin’s sleep. My uncle (who has twins) once told me, “Never wake a sleeping baby… Unless it has a twin that’s awake.” A big round of applause to you – parents of twins are so special and I am always so impressed and amazed. So keep up the good work! Now to your question 😉
      It can be SO difficult during this time as there are SO MANY changing variables! Teething, milestones, regressions, reactions to food… you name it, it can affect their sleep. I, personally, have really found looking at “The Wonder Weeks” app in correlation with my own children. It takes you through different developmental milestones and lets you know when you might be approaching a “cloudy” time which often disrupts sleep. Here is a link to an article we have about the Wonder Weeks:
      The main thing when things get crazy, is to stay as consistent as you can through the hiccups. It sounds like you are doing an amazing job at that, so keep up the great work! Thank you for using the Baby Sleep Site as a resource!

  2. Jalene says

    I feel like I have failed my 7 week old twins, I stopped nursing recently cause I barely can produce anything, no matter how hard I tried, my milk supply never built up, I had a hard time nursing my last child as well, I just feel like I have failed my son and daughter and the pediatrician and lactating consultant at the office are going to reprimand me, I tried to feed them both and I just got so worn down and drained and they were so hungry afterward I had to give them a bottle after each feeding, I just don’t see how easy it is to nurse one baby let alone 2! I have a 14 year Old and a 9 year old, and didn’t nurse my oldest but did the 9 year Old, and I had a hard time nursing her as well, is it suppose to be easy to nurse babies, why do I feel that I just don’t have an adequate milk supply? It’s so overwhelming with 2 babies and 2 older kids, who I have to also get ready for school, help

    • Debbye @ The Baby Sleep Site says

      Hi @Jalene –
      Thank you for writing to us. We are glad that you did! Please, please, please do not feel bad about giving your twins bottles!! it is NO easy task to successfully breastfeed twins, and your babies will be fine! Know that you tried your best, and that is good! I really hope that your Dr office does not say anything that will make you feel any worse, and the bottom line is that you have made a smart and loving decision to ensure that they are getting proper nutrition!
      You may want to consider getting support from other mom’s of multiples, and this is a great non-profit organization:
      Congrats on your new arrivals – just keep loving and enjoying them… No guilt! Good luck!

  3. Lindsea says

    I have almost 3 yr old twins, who were born early and spent months in the hospital as infants. I was never actually able to sleep train them. There was a period of time when they both slept great and through the night (about 9 months ago) and now I have 1 who sleeps a good 12 hours and the other one screams as soon as she sees her bed and wakes up more then 3x a night. I’m exhausted and need help. When she comes into my bed she’s fine but mommy is tired and can’t sleep with her next to me anymore. It’s been 3 years of no sleep….. HELP!!!!!!! Please!!!

    • Emily DeJeu says

      @ Lindsea – Hmmm….this sounds like more of a toddler sleep issue than a twin issue to me. Sounds like your twins are pretty different in their sleep habits (which is normal), and that means that we can approach your “sleepless” twin’s problems as we would any other singleton toddler’s sleep problems. So, that said – have you tried downloading our toddler sleep guide yet? It’s free 🙂 You can find it here: I’d recommend starting there; it’ll outline how to identify sleep associations, and how to move forward w/ sleep coaching.

      Hope this helps, Lindsea! Best of luck to you.