Sample Baby Sleep & Feeding Schedules

Sample Baby Sleep & Feeding Schedules By Age

Here is a list of our sample baby sleep and feeding schedules, for your convenience. We strongly recommend you bookmark this page; both the sample schedules below, and the customized schedules you can generate using our simple sleep schedule maker (see next section for details) will grow with your child, and will be useful for a long time to come.

Newborn Schedule

3 Month Old Baby Schedule

4 Month Old Baby Schedule

5 Month Old Baby Schedule

6 Month Old Baby Schedule

7 Month Old Baby Schedule

8 Month Old Baby Schedule

9 Month Old Baby Schedule

10 Month Old Baby Schedule

11 Month Old Baby Schedule

Toddler Schedule

** NEW ** Custom Baby and Toddler Sleep Schedule Maker

Use our simple schedule maker to get a custom sleep schedule that’s based on your child’s age and usual morning wake-up time! Use this in combination with our sample schedules above to create the perfect schedule for your little one. With an age range that spans 4 months to 3+ years, this schedule maker is one you will want to come back to again and again as your child grows!

Click here to get your custom baby sleep schedule.


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