Ready to Begin Your Sleep Journey?   Yes! Show Me How
Ready to Begin Your Sleep Journey?   Yes! Show Me How

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  1. Jessica T. says

    My LO put himself on an eat, play, sleep schedule. He is 14 weeks and he will wake in the morning, eat, play for a little while, and then nap. This goes on every 2.5 hours until bedtime. There is a whole separate routine for bed that includes swaddling, white noise, and a final feeding. This head worked great for us so far! I personally don’t believe in crying it out. I also have not encountered a situation where it was necessary.

    • Neosha says

      @Jessica T – Thank you for sharing with us! Sounds like your little guy is doing great! Please keep reading!

    • Steelo says

      Our 10 month old thrives on an eat, play, sleep schedule…. We had to incorporate things our self as she got older and dyring growth spurts and incidents due to teething it doesn’t always work out as planned, but she always jumps right back on when it passes. The only REAL downfall for me as a first time parent is that it makes me feel semi-anxious if we get off schedule. So, we dont tend to go out much due to the nervousness of throwing her off schedule. She was born extremely alert and loves to know whats going on at all times and that can really mess up her sleep when were out. She’ll end up staying up hours and hours and has trouble sleeping once we get home. But, the schedule itself works like a charm at home!!

      • Danielle says

        Hi Steelo,
        Thank you so much for sharing your experience with other parents! It is very much appreciated 🙂

  2. Erika says

    I have twins who about 4 months now. They sleep 6 hour stints through the night and only wake up once to feed. We tried the feed, play, sleep schedule but i find that when we play my babies spit out a lot. We lay on the tummy time mat on our backs, sit in our bumbo seats. I think it is too much for right after eating.
    My babies eat after every nap but I put them in their bouncers so they are on an incline for a while before playing. We also play a lot after a nap before we eat again.

    Does anyone else find that playing roght after they eat, they tend to spit up a lot?

  3. Wanda S Levy says

    As a Grandmother of 13 and having 4 children whom I breastfed for a year, each one of them and after about 4 months they slept through the night of about 5 hours, I don’t understand the need of this schedule. My children and my grandchildren sleep well through the night. But having a newborn be woken up during the day to put them on YOUR schedule is not good for their bodies nor their digestive system. They will wake up when they need to eat and having them play before eating…then eating and going to sleep is a much better schedule. Where and who decided this program? Babies and children need schedules, but we have been raising children and setting schedules for many many years….what study showed that this site a great system? Parents who want to have everything on THEIR schedule. I find this very damaging to put an infant throughave. As I am watching my daughter in law follow this and then wonder why the newborn is so restless and uncomfortable and throws up…projectile throwing up. The baby is 6 weeks and they wake her up to eat every 3 hours and force her to eat 5 Oz and if they can keep her up long enough then she is so uncomfortable which is obvious and she is gasy and then throws up sometimes everything they just feed her. I believe this is truly not healthy as it is the bodies job to digest and heal the body during these sleeping moments. And if they sleep 5 hrs at night, even better!

    • Janelle Reid says

      Hi @Wanda S Levy, thank you for writing to us, and congratulations on having so many wonderful children and grand babies – your heart must be so full! I totally understand how the Babywise method can be very off-putting, if you scroll through the comments you’ll see it is definitely a hot button issue for some families. Our mission at Baby Sleep Site is to educate families on healthy sleep and to remind everyone that there’s not one solution for all babies. Because we want to educate, we do cover all popular sleep training methods out there, Babywise being a very popular one out there these days. I have heard of many families that it works like a charm for, others not so much. I never tried it with my kids because I also breastfed on demand, it was what worked best for us and I chose other methods to help them sleep longer and get on a good schedule.
      We also offer sleep consulting here and our consultants are well versed on many sleep training methods and they create plans for families based on the age and temperament of the child, as well as the family preferences to create plans that work well for that baby. We have also worked with families that need one thing for one child, and something totally different for their next! I know I can’t answer why this method came about, since we did not create it, we are just outlining the pros and cons of a very popular method that many parents let us know they’ve tried. I hope this helps and your granddaughter starts sleeping better soon. If your son and daughter-in-law need any help with her, please have them contact us and we would love to help. You can read more about our consulting online here: and they can contact us directly anytime at [email protected] as well!

  4. Nana says

    Has anyone done !ong term studies on the babywise method? I know of two children, ages 5 and 9 who have behavioral issues and wonder if it can be from the babywise system. I feel letting them cry it out too long can lead to temper tantrums in older years and find the system uncompassionate.

  5. Diana V. says

    Hi! Our daughter will be five weeks on Monday. We breastfeed, with the occasional bottle of expresses breastmilk, and even more rarely, we use a few ounces of formula. I’d like to get her more on a routine as she gets older. She typically falls asleep after a feed. If she isn’t asleep, she typically wants to be eating- she’s rarely alert without also wanting to eat, though it sometimes happens. Also, if we don’t hold her upright for at least 15 minutes after eating, she spits up and this wakes her up. So she is technically always falling asleep while being held. How would be able to train her to self soothe if we are technically required to hold her upright each time after she feeds, and each time she feeds, she falls asleep.

    • Debbye @ The Baby Sleep Site says

      Hi @Diana,
      Thank you for writing to us and congrats on your new arrival! Keeping baby awake after a feed can certainly be tough, especially at this young age! If you haven’t yet, you can sign up to receive our free guide written just for families with young babies, “15 Baby Sleep Facts New Parents Need to Know” here:
      This free guide should be really helpful right now, and as your baby continues to grow. : )
      We do offer a few more in-depth solutions for parents who need more help with young infants too. Our e-book, Essential Keys to Your Newborn’s Sleep, may be a good option for you. In it, we give you a complete tool-kit to help your baby establish healthy sleep habits today and throughout the first year.
      You can read more about our wonderful newborn options here:
      Hopefully as she grows, things will smooth out and she will be able to stay awake for a bit after a feed if that is how you schedule her day. And hopefully this information helps, if things do not go as smoothly as we’d like!
      Good luck Diana!

  6. Czechomom says

    Hi there,
    Love your website and advice!
    Like almost everyone I’ve heard of the Eat,Play, Nap schedule and it works a charm for me–once a day! We wake up in the morning, my two-months-old son eats, plays happily and then goes down for a nap. The rest of the day he gets very fussy after a feed and will only agree to be carried in his wrap. Bedtime also works for us with a bath, a feed and a lullaby. But I’d love to have the rest of the day sorted. He’s a big boy now (almost 12 pounds) and my back hurts from carrying him constantly.

    Any piece of advice would be sooo appreciated!!

    • Janelle Reid says

      Hi @Czechomom, thank you for writing to us! I am glad to hear that you are having some success with the eat, play, sleep schedule, but am sorry to hear your son isn’t always having it. At this age, it can be hard for some babies to get into a routine so just hang in there! We have a free guide available to download with tips to help your newborn that you can download here:
      If you need more in-depth information than the free guide provides, we also have an ebook available all about newborns which will help you learn how to establish good habits in your baby during their first year. To read more about the ebook you can check it out here:
      I hope this helps!