Sleeping Through the Night – When Can You Expect It, and How to Help Your Baby Get There

When Can You Expect Your Baby to Sleep Through the Night

You finally get to hold your precious baby in your arms, your own little miracle and even if it’s your second, third, or sixth, there is nothing like it in the entire world. You spend the first few weeks bonding, but suddenly the exhaustion starts to take a toll and you wonder when you will …

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Why Downtime In The Crib MIGHT Be Bad For Sleep

Downtime In The Crib MIGHT Be Bad For Sleep

Is allowing your baby to have downtime or playtime in the crib good or bad? We explore pros and cons of crib downtime and playtime and how it affects sleep.

THIS Is What Good Baby Sleep Looks Like, According To Science.

It’s that time again: time for new sleep guidelines from the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM). Every so often, the AASM releases recommendations for healthy child sleep; now, we have their 2016 recommendations. Let’s take a look! How Much Sleep Do Babies and Toddlers Need? Our team looked at this area of the report …

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Baby and Toddler Bedtimes By Age – An Easy Reference Chart from The Baby Sleep Site®

Baby and Toddler Bedtimes By Age

As you may know, it is important to have a consistent bedtime for your baby or toddler. But, what are the best baby bedtimes by age? A good bedtime plus a good bedtime routine, is generally the first step in working toward baby sleeping through the night, and toward creating a predictable daily sleep and …

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Should You Keep Your Baby or Toddler Up Late For Special Events?

babies and holidays

Holiday merriment approaches, readers! However you celebrate the holidays, I hope you have lots of holiday fun in store in the coming weeks. Speaking of holiday fun — have you ever found yourself simultaneously blessing and cursing the holiday plans you’ve made? There’s lots to enjoy this time of year, between the parties and the dinners …

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2 Ways Illness Affects Your Baby or Toddler’s Sleep (And Sleep Training!)

How Illness Affects Your Baby or Toddler’s Sleep

I LOVE fall. Pretty leaves! Hot cider! Chilly temps! Pumpkin-flavored EVERYTHING!! But I have to admit, there’s one thing I definitely don’t like about fall — the start of cold and flu season. And guess what? As much as we parents will try our hardest to prevent it, our babies and toddlers are probably going to …

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How Your Baby’s Growth Spurts Affect Sleep And Feeding

How Your Baby’s Growth Spurts Affect Sleep And Feeding

You may already know that things like teething, illness, and sleep regressions can affect your baby’s sleeping and feeding schedule. But did you know that your baby will go through a series of growth spurts in the first year of life and that these can cause big disruptions in sleep and feeding? Baby Growth Spurts: …

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