5 Tips to Help Children Who Suffer from Obstructive Sleep Apnea

5 tips for children with sleep apnea

Sleep apnea is a sleeping disorder that affects 6.62% of American adults and approximately 3% of American children. People with sleep apnea stop breathing during their sleep due to obstruction or blockage to their upper airway. This condition decreases the oxygen level in your body and increases the level of carbon dioxide, which commonly interrupts …

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6 Benefits of Music For Your Baby’s Sleep

There’s nothing in the world parents wouldn’t do to make their babies sleep better. Mothers and fathers will try all sorts of tricks and techniques to help their babies fall asleep more easily, while taking some time for their own rest along the way. It turns out that music is one of the finest and …

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Your Baby Won’t Sleep and It’s Your Fault!

A common theme when I read the first e-mail in a one-on-one consultation or when I first talk on the phone with a new client is that the parent feels somehow responsible for the fact their baby won’t sleep and the sleep trouble they’re in. Either they were first time parents and didn’t know what …

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Handling The Sleep Training (Or Lack Of!) Guilt

A parent recently mentioned to me something about her mom making her feel guilty about the things she was doing to help her baby sleep and I thought that this “sleep training guilt” would be a good article topic to write about. There are co-sleeping parents whose loved ones believe in cry-it-out and don’t understand …

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