Baby’s Sleep and the Moon

Baby Sleep MoonA long time ago, a reader commented on one of our blog posts about the moon affecting her baby’s sleep. I thought this would make for an interesting article to research! There was a full moon just a few nights ago, and lo and behold both my sons woke up at night. You all know that one kid waking up is bad, but both, especially at different times, is downright brutal! (Bowing down to those of you with multiples right now!)

My youngest started crying at about midnight. I went in, cuddled him for a couple of minutes, and put him back down with his crib music on and left. No more peeps out of him!

Flash forward to about three in the morning, and to me almost back to sleep. My other son came running into my room saying he had a bad dream (See our series on nightmares and night terrors here). After I gave him a few minutes of cuddles, I took him back to his bed. He called out for me a little later to turn his fan on. Interestingly enough, I had also turned on my youngest’s ceiling fan a few hours earlier, too. I thought they were both hot (I was too)! But then, I remembered I wanted to do an article about the moon’s effect on our sleep – if there was any! So that night, at about 4 am, I looked it up, and what do you know? It was a full moon that night!

So, does the moon affect our baby’s sleep?

Mostly what I found was that the moon affecting human behavior and sleep, in general, is not proven and generally accepted as untrue among scientists.

In theory, the full moon affecting humans could be true – as it does have an effect on the oceans/tides. After all, the human body is made up of 60% water! However, the amount of water in the oceans is so much greater than our “tiny” human bodies. The water in the ocean is considered “unbounded”, and it’s also been said that a mosquito on our arm would have more of an effect than the moon.

It’s also been said that the term “lunatic” comes from our history that at one time we did believe the moon was to blame for strange behavior, but this has remained unproven by numerous scientific studies. I’m inspired to track my sons’ sleep for the next month and see what happens during the next full moon! For tonight, I’ll stick to reading Goodnight Moon to my boys.

I have subscribed to a website about the full moon where they send you an email reminding you it’s coming. They posted an article about the connection (or lack thereof) between sleep and the moon, here: Full Moon Info WebSite. Here is where you can find the remaining Full Moons for the current year.

A Study May Prove The Moon Impacts Sleep

Research finally caught up and there is now some evidence the moon impacts sleep, especially for children. However, other studies are showing no link. I think we know who’s right!

So, tell me, for my own informal research…

Does your baby wake up during a full moon?

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70 thoughts on “Baby’s Sleep and the Moon”

  1. I have to agree with the experiences of the Mom’s above and strongly disagree with the ‘scientific community’!!

    My son has always had issues during a full moon, leading up to and during. I always remember in the morning after I’ve been awake all night and trying to figure out what caused the night-long refusal to sleep. Not in his bed, not being rocked in the rocking chair, not with me, not rocking himself in the rocking chair.

    Coffee won’t be enough to get through the day today – he’s 2 1/2 and has already asked to go to the park, an indoor play place, science centre and skating.

    What I need to know now…when does this STOP?! Soon? Please?!

    • @Christina – Thank you for stopping by our sleepy little village and for your comment! Your little guy sounds like a ball of energy and fun! I’m sorry to hear about the sleep refusals, though they are a bit common at this age. Generally it’s just a phase that passes in time, and comes and goes, unless new habits are developed which lead to long-term issues. Working on sleep with toddlers can be a bit more challenging, overall. It’s all about setting limits and being consistent. Here are a couple of links to some articles that you may find helpful: and Hang in there, Christina, and please keep reading!

  2. My daughter (now almost 2 years old) has always–ALWAYS slept like crap the couple of days leading up to a full moon. Like clockwork, she always gets back to somewhat normal after the first day of the full moon. She takes forever to go to sleep and wakes at least once at night. I’ve learned to keep track of it and anticipate a few rough nights. Whether science backs it or not, it is definitely a hard truth in my home! Haha

    • @ Courtney – too funny! Isn’t it crazy how the moon can affect sleep? Thanks for sharing your story with us 🙂

  3. Ann hit it right on the head. That’s exactly what it is stupid Dr’s in the U.S. won’t acknowledge the fact that parasites are a big problem. I’m watching my little guy grunt and squirm right now but I bet if I took him to the E.R. they’d say something like it’s reflux or it’s normal. Our medical system sucks. In order to get a diagnosis I’d have to go to a private alternative Dr which I can’t afford. I’m going to save up but until then latenights for me on and around full and new moons.

  4. Just reading Amanda’s comment. My 19 mth old also wakes with the full moon around three times I the night. Last night we had a super moon and it was a crazy night . Up about 5 or six times. Unsettled and asking for bottles. She need up having 3 bottles in the night! It’s crazy, and the worse thing is apparently we have 2 more super moons due I the next couple of months………. I will have to mark it on the calendar and see how it goes.

    • @Julie (and @Amanda) – that moon can do some strange things, can’t it? At least you’ve been able to see a pattern and know that it’s coming. Nicole posted about this a while ago, and listed a site where you can sign up to get notifications about full moons coming soon. You can find it in this article: Thank you for taking the time to comment, Julie and Amanda!

  5. My daughter is 21 months old and ever since she was born she has always woken up all night long during a full moon. It took me 5 months before I figured it out. Now when there’s a full moon I dread it but at least I know it’s coming. She normally wakes around 5 times a night normally but with a full moon it’s every 45 mins for 3 days. I have not found anything that can help her sleep better when it’s a full moon. I know they say it’s not scientifically proven but I’ve had plenty of experience with it. It absolutely does affect us. For those of you who are going through the same thing. You are not alone.

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