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  1. Emily DeJeu says

    @ Kendra — well, you’re certainly not alone in that! I think lots of new parents (myself included) fall into that trap. We impose our own sleeping habits on our kids — we figure that if staying awake and “getting good and tired” helps us sleep at night, it’ll help them, too.

    @ Maggie — thanks for sharing this! I know food sensitivities (particularly milk sensitivities) are sometimes a silent, hidden culprit of sleeplessness. Glad you were able to figure this out quickly and make a change!

  2. Maggie says

    My baby girl was fussy, fussy! Sleeping only 1.5-2 hours a night for the first 6 weeks. I walked laps around my house! Finally, after multiple appointments with a general practitioner and chiropractor, I took her to a pediatrician. (we live in a small town, an hour away from a city). She was diagnosed with Milk Soy Protein Intolerance (MSPI). I changed my diet to eliminate dairy AND soy and noticed a difference in 36 hours! Within a week, she was sleeping 5 hours at a time, was happy, and I felt like a new mommy!

  3. Kendra says

    Definitely the sleep deprivation for my little guy! I was mistakenly bent on getting him on a schedule and was following infamous advice to “keep him up” to help him sleep better at night. I didn’t realize this was wrong until he was about 4 months old, but I do hope to not make the same mistakes twice with future kids!

  4. Emily DeJeu says

    @ Erin — thanks for commenting, and for reassuring those moms who have newborns at home that it does indeed get better! Good recommendation about watching the clock and preventing overtiredness — it seems like newborns are extra sensitive to that, doesn’t it?

  5. Erin says

    This brings back memories! My gorgeous daughter would have her witching hours as soon as the sun went down each day… She would go from an angel to her now infamous nickname ‘the beast’ lol it stopped at around 3 months. We found white noise such a vacuum cleaner really helped her settle, using a sling and using a ‘love to dream’ swaddle. No she is 8.5 months old and surprisingly her best time of the day is now the late afternoon and earlybevening! Another thing I think contributed to her witching hours was keeping her up too long during the day. I admit, I was clueless when it came to wake times and napping and only switched on to it when she was around 3 months… So my advice is to really watch the clock, be aware of their current recommended wake time and start your sleep routine at the first sign of tiredness. And remember… This WILL pass!

  6. Emily DeJeu says

    @ Katie — amazing how quickly time passes, isn’t it? And you’re right — as soon as you conquer one challenge, you’re on to the next. And often, you look back at past challenges and think, “Why did I think that was so bad?” I try to remember that — that years from now, I’ll look back on the things the parenting things that feel hard now and think, “That wasn’t so bad.” Helps me keep perspective! 🙂

    @ Melinda — interesting recommendation! I’ve never done this with my own kids, but I know people who have, and they all had good results, too.

  7. Melinda says

    My son fussed because of colic. Someone suggested going to a chiropractor and that worked miracles! He started sleeping for 6-7 hours straight when he was about 2 1/2 months old. He was cluster feeding in the evenings though.

  8. Katie says

    Gosh I remember this, I’d almost forgotten it now as it was a year ago! But reading this brought memories flooding back of the cluster feeding, the only way to pacify her. She’d fuss from about 5pm and feed on and off til anywhere up to 11pm, id eat tea on the sofa with her feeding in the rugby hold! then at the end of the night it would magically pass!! Wierd. Still, I miss those times. To anyone going through this it’s true, it does pass and you do forget…probably coz you just move onto a different challenge!! 🙂 I still to this day think she had bad tummy pains, u could hear it gurgling and bubbling. I wish I’d tried swaddling with a SwaddleMe product rather than a blanket. That worked at 4 months but I discovered it too late! X

  9. Emily DeJeu says

    @ Lindsay — I had 2 under 2 for a season as well, so I know what you mean! Exhausting. 🙂

    Thanks for mentioning the milk sensitivity here — I’m coming to realize how common milk issues are for babies and young children. A good “fussiness culprit” to keep in mind, if nothing else seems to be working.

  10. Lindsay says

    I have had the misfortune of having 4 milk sensitive babies. I love yogurt, ice cream, a tall glass of milk with Ovaltine and even cottage cheese. But I can’t have those things while I’m breastfeeding. Cheese seems ok in small amounts. They were simply inconsolable well after the 4 month mark if I gave into temptation and had dairy other than butter or cheese. Oh and too much cheese seemed to do them in as well.

    I don’t remember this with my boys because its been over a decade, but my girls would get fussy from overstimulation and over tiredness. My eldest girl would get overtired very easily as she will ONLY sleep in her bed and has never slept more than 16 hours in a day. She’s 20 months and sleeps about 12 hours a day including nap. My 2 month old is a sleeper, so I know her issue is strictly overstimulation. She sleeps a good 18+ hours still and tends to be awake more in the evening. As a matter of fact, it’s 11 am and she’s zonked. I admit to taking advantage of her sleeping a lot. Having 2 under 2 will do that.