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Do you want more sleep?   Yes! I need more sleep.

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  1. Emily DeJeu says:

    @ italkenya — okay, I see – thanks for providing this info! Yes, I would definitely get his sleep apnea checked out. Your HCP will know best, of course, but that may be something that you can take steps to correct.

    And thanks for the info about how you and your husband balance shift work! So it sounds like there’s the option to have a more consistent daily schedule for your son — but the problem is that he fights it. That’s fine – lots of spirited little boys do!

    Yes, I do believe we could help you with this. We’ve helped families in all kinds of living situations around the world, so this wouldn’t be the first time we’ve worked with a family who had rotating shift schedules.

    As for what kind of package would be best — our Deluxe e-mail package tends to be our most popular, and most families find that the three follow-up e-mails meet their needs well. You can view that package (along with all of our other e-mail packages) here: https://www.babysleepsite.com/baby-toddler-sleep-consulting-services/

    Hope this helps! Do let us know if you move forward with a consultation plan – we’ll want to know how it’s working for you! 😉

    @ readysetgo — what kind feedback! Thanks! 🙂 So glad to hear that your plan worked well, and that it’s given you the confidence you need to meet these kinds of regressions and setbacks with confidence. You make a really good point here, and it’s one that I think is worth repeating — sleep training tends to be circular, in some ways. You get your little one sleeping through the night and taking long naps, but then a setback comes, and you circle right back to old (and unwanted!) sleeping habits. So you work on sleep again, and make progress, but then another setback comes, and the cycle repeats. I think lots of parents don’t realize that this is normal for babies and toddlers – so thanks for the reminder!

    And thanks for commenting! 🙂

  2. readysetgo says:

    I purchased and implemented my sleep plan with success about 5 weeks ago. My then 5 month old daughter was up every 2 hours, my husband and I were losing our minds. She learned to fall asleep on her own and most of the time slept about 10 hours then gently put back to sleep and slept another hour or so. To be honest, this has been a roller coaster – sleep training is worth it, but it is not easy. She was sleeping great for a while, then had some regression, then fine again – but we were just on the west coast and she came home with a cold, so sleeping is kind of a nightmare again!
    We are making sure she is comfortable at the expense of bad sleeping habits — I just hope we can get back on track as soon as she is better. At least this time I am confident, I know what to do and I know she can do it!
    Thank you Baby Sleep Site 🙂

  3. italkenya says:

    Hello again and thanks for your comments!
    I have mentioned the sleep apnoea to several health professionals when he was younger and they all said that it was normal and nothing to worry about… But I do worry and that s one of the reasons we are still cosleeping (his cot is attached to my bed and he sleeps there most of the time, although he does try his best to come onto the big bed…).
    I am planning to speak to our doctor again after the holidays. Maybe now that he s a little older and still has the same problem they ll take it seriously.
    As for the shifts. My husband (whom also does shift work) normally looks after our boy when i do the late and night shifts, but find it quite hard to stick to the routine, because the little one is very spirited and persistent, so he ll just keep himself awake till about 10/11pm… Therfore by the time those two weeks are over I pretty much have to start from scratch…
    Do you believe you guys could help? And if so which package should I choose?
    Thanks again!

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