Ready to Begin Your Sleep Journey?   Yes! Show Me How
Ready to Begin Your Sleep Journey?   Yes! Show Me How

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  1. Kate says

    Thank you for this article. My little one is 16 months (just started sleeping through at 14 months) and I am experiencing horrible insomnia for the first time in my life. It started as middle of the night waking but now I have a lot of anxiety around just falling asleep which doesn’t help. It’s good to have a name for this and many possible solutions.

    • Janelle Reid says

      @Kate, Thank you for commenting and I apologize for the delay in our reply back to you. I am so sorry that now that your baby is sleeping through the night that you are now struggling! I hope you are able to find some of the tips in the article helpful, keep us posted! I hope you can get some sleep soon.

  2. Emily DeJeu says

    @ Christy — yes to the white noise machine! I still use mine religiously. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing, Christy!

    @ Monika — this sounds rough 🙁 I struggled big time with postnatal insomnia, but my husband never did; I can’t imagine how challenging it must be now that both of you are dealing with this! Have you tried any of the tips listed in the article, or here in the comments? Those might be good starting places.

    Keep us posted on how it goes, Monika! Wishing you a good night’s rest ASAP…

  3. Emily DeJeu says

    @ Tracey C. — wow! Sounds like you’re having to go to some great lengths to get the sleep you need. Worth it though, right? I’m with you; I’ve never slept well when my kids have slept in the same room with me. My boys, my husband and I once had to share a hotel room for a week, on a vacation; it did not go well. At all. I was so thankful to come home and send everyone back to their respective bedrooms!

    Thanks for sharing a bit about your experience, Tracy. Good luck finding a new place! 🙂

    @ Anni — I think you’re right. In some ways, it’s probably a blessing that our bodies train themselves to wake throughout the night, when we have a newborn at home. But then it doesn’t feel like such a blessing when the baby’s bigger, and is sleeping well!

    Thanks for commenting, Anni!

  4. Emily DeJeu says

    @ Keri — YES to “never being the same afterwards”! I’m so sorry to hear you’re still struggling; hopefully, this is something that will ease up over time. It has for me; sleep is, overall, much better for me now than it was a year ago (my youngest is two now.) Still not what it was before I became a mom, but I’ve had to let that dream die. 😉

    Thanks for commenting, Keri!

    @ Taylor — awesome tips! Love these. Sounds like you found just the right blend of things to help you, and I know these insights will be helpful to other moms who are struggling with (and based on the comments so far, it appears that plenty of moms are!)

    Thanks for sharing, Taylor! 🙂

  5. Monika says

    I felt fine for the first while after my son was born even though he woke up several times to nurse I could just fall back to sleep. This lasted for the first few weeks. After that I rarely slept more than 4 scattered hours per night until my son was 10 months. This is when he started sleeping through the night. For at least a month after that I still didn’t sleep – woke up several times a night and lay awake waiting for him to wake up. He is now 14 1/2 months and my sleep is better but still very light. I wake at the smallest peep, rustle of covers, dog shaking in the living room etc. My husband is now on parental leave and I am back at work. (Live in Sweden where we get 18 months paid parental leave available to both parents). Since he started taking over the responsibilities at home, he is now struggling big time with sleeplessness and is worse off than me at the moment. I really don’t know what to do to help him, since I’m still having trouble myself. He won’t go to the doc either :(.

  6. Christy says

    I think all of your suggestions are certainly worth a try. What ended up working best for us was a small amount of Melatonin and a white noise machine.

  7. Anni says

    Yes, this did happen to me. Eventually it just got better, so little by little I was waking up less and less times in the night. It might have taken a couple months. My husband also had trouble sleeping around 3-4 am, but he also is sleeping better now. I guess we just had to wait for our bodies to readjust.